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Thank you everyone from CPA Elites [Please Read]
2013-05-17, 12:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-17, 06:28 PM by CPAElites Team.)
Thank You

We would like to thank all of you for joining up on this forum, including the VIP's that decided to join our awesome private section as well.

CPA Elites is growing fast and because of that we have as mentioned before, decided to use paid for Staff, we have one already and one or two more will follow. This is to make sure our community "you" is looked after.

We want this forum to be known for helping people learn, helping them grow into internet marketers. I don't want anything to do with hacking, this forum is about making money and helping others along the road to earning as well.

With that being said lets just help each other out, lets grow into one of the biggest CPA/PPD marketing forums on the internet.


As some of you know we have been targeted this week, by someone that we trusted and placed into Staff, this was a big mistake on our behalf so we are very sorry for that, you can rest assured it will NOT happen again I can promise you that!

Now I would like to say a big thank you to anyone that was sent these spam messages, that have stuck by us it does mean a lot.

I would also like to clear one thing up as well, the person we added to Staff was there for "ONE" day <- and was under a months probational, we have heard down the grapevine that this person has announced how much he helped this forum with amazing ideas?

I can tell you know that the ideas he did suggest, were already being discussed and not one of them was actually implemented in the "ONE" day that he was Staff.

He decided to then spam our forum upon hearing were to be using paid for Staff, without actually speaking with us about it, had he of done that he would of realized that there was indeed a spot for him depending on how well he did for the month.

However we are glad that it went the way it did, because he showed us his true colors and would just screwed us over anyway, at some point or another anyway.

But to be honest we don't hold any grudges, it's not nice that he is still trying to spam our forum, we only hope that he decides to be fair and business like and stops it. Not much we can do about it now, other than with the word filter "which has worked" also to ban any of his member spamming us.


Guys, CPA Elites does not want any type of revenge/flaming/mention of the person(s) or forum on here.
We will be the bigger people by not even doing anything back.

This forum speaks for itself!

Final Note

On topic, thank you to everyone for their suggestions/feedback about the forum and it's content, we once again do really appreciate you help.

CPA Elites
2013-05-17, 01:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-17, 01:06 PM by Ignore.)
You're welcome^^
I love this forum, gonna spam this forums some more ^^

Pmed you some extra info ^^
2013-05-17, 01:19 PM,
(2013-05-17, 01:03 PM)Ignore Wrote: You're welcome^^
I love this forum, gonna spam this forums some more ^^

Pmed you some extra info ^^

Thanks, please don't spam his forum on our behalf, we do not want to get into that type of stuff. We are not going to play games with anyone. This forum was developed for fun, now we have an awesome community and just want to be left to do our thing. If people start spamming that forum, it will only cause us issues.
2013-05-17, 01:26 PM,
I join for one reason to learn how to get more from ppd/cpa :) and it is amazing how much did i learned in last week, i can just imaging how much useful information is in the VIP section but can't buy it now :(
2013-05-17, 02:02 PM,
You're welcome bro.
Its awesome community and i would like to say thanks for making this awesome forums.
2013-05-17, 02:42 PM,
yay friendship! (and pie) :3
2013-05-17, 02:53 PM,
Thank you --- The previous admin/owner of CPAElites --- and Bok1ca for creating this place and getting a platform where we all could learn. It should be us thanking you. Keep up the good work guys and if I could ever be if any help then I am right here just a PM away :)

2013-05-17, 02:59 PM,
Np, this forum is awesome.
Hope to see it grow even more.

[Image: kPc49Jx.png]
2013-05-17, 03:24 PM,
You're welcome. Lol
2013-05-17, 03:38 PM,
I love this forum and the Staff, Glad that he is gone :)

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