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[TUTORIAL] How To Make Money By REUPLOADING Adults Movies
2018-11-21, 09:17 AM,
The following Tutorial is used for learning purposes only.

1.) Introduction
2.) Monetizing
    a.) Pay per View Advertising
    b.) Pay per Click Advertising
    c.) Pay per Install (the dark side)
3.) The history of Streaming and Hosting Affiliation
4.) Conclusion
5.) Tutorial to financial income without financial investment

1.) Introduction
Did you know that piracy is about making money? Most people don’t seem to be aware of that. Piracy is about money. It’s serious business.
It doesn’t have to be though. When you share your favorite content to your friend over a USB key, you don’t benefit from it. When you share a torrent, you don’t benefit from it.
We won’t talk about being a good friend today. Today, we’ll talk about running a business. Specifically, a site that distributes links to streaming.
Have you ever noticed how many ads are thrown at you when you’re looking for a movie?
Let him who never googled “<new movie> streaming” throw the first stone
These things are paying the site to attack your mind and your computer.

2.) Monetizing
The basic currency of the internet is visitors and views. That can be converted back to dollars through a simple process.
When in doubt, remember that the two biggest tech companies are Google and Facebook. What they do all day is sell receptive brain time. They have a combined market cap over a trillion dollar for doing just that.
Advertising and marketing rule the world. (Why am I in tech???)

a.) Pay per View Advertising
The pay per view is the most classic form of advertising. It pays a fee to the site every time an ad is displayed. Typically $1-2 per one thousand views (Cost per Thousand).
Let’s say that we take $1 CPM, also known as $2 CPM with 50% of users having an ad blocker.
Each movie can earn a few hundreds dollars. A bit more or less depending how popular it is.
Oh wait. That’s only for one ad. You can put multiple ads per page and triple that number easily.
Ever wondered why websites are filled with garbage ads? Now, you know.

b.) Pay per Click Advertising
The pay per click is the second most common form of advertising. It pays a fee to the site very time an ad is clicked. Typically one to a few dollars.
These are more tricky because the user have to click them. The normal click rate can be as low as 1% or 0.1%, so it doesn’t necessarily bring more money than pay per view ads even though they appear more “expensive”.
Oh wait. What if ads are masqueraded as the normal buttons that the user is looking to click? That’d be great to send the click rate (and the revenues) through the roof.
Ever wondered why websites and apps on your phone are full of misleading ads covering your whole screen with a fake button that opens the ad instead of closing it? Now you know.

c.) Pay per Install (the dark side)
Let’s get into the dark side. One can get paid for helping to install software onto people’s computers. The vast majority of it is malware and it’s really crossing a line.
Ever wondered why ads are trying to attack your computer, it’s because being evil has higher income. Now, you know.
The most popular example of pay per install is certainly Google Chrome and the antivirus that came with your computer. Did you know that Google pay cash for every new installation of Google Chrome? Yes, they do.
The history of Streaming and Hosting Affiliation
Hosting platforms come and go: rapidshare, megaupload, megavideo, filefactory, sendspace, mediafire, 1fichier, youshare, openload, mega, google drive,…
They tend to close down because they are not always profitable (high infrastructure and bandwidth costs, historically) and not always legal.
If you remember rapidshare and megaupload a decade ago. They used to pay the owner of the file when the file is downloaded. I recall $8 per one thousand downloads, may vary with the size of the file. Once upon a time, 700MB movie had to be split into 10 files of 70MB, so the counters got higher.
This form of retribution was deemed outright illegal. It’s paying money directly to encourage piracy, couldn’t fly forever. Most of the file hosting died along the business model.
Next, there was the commission for sending new subscribers. Get people to register to the service and get a commission. (Remember megavideo that cut the video after 72 minutes if you didn’t have a gold account?).
Good hosting can be found for free nowadays, without need for the users to register or pay anything. That changed the landscape.
Some streaming sites might pay back a percentage of their ad revenues, not sure. (Either way, that’s the same incentive as paying for downloads, so won’t fly for long).

4.) Conclusion
Lesson learned. One can earn thousands of dollars for sharing a video.
A site with 100 million views a year could approach a million dollars of revenues with fairly moderate non-intrusive advertising. Considering the site is far into the “intrusive” spectrum, the reality could be a multiple of that.
It’s hard to estimate side revenues from affiliation and malware, there might be another sizable sum made there too, or not.
To conclude this. There appear to be a multi million dollar piracy operations, possibly run by a teenager.
At the speed at which the latest domains have been taken down, he might not be on the run for much longer.

5.) Tutorial to financial income without financial investment
I'm going to show you how you could make money using a website called OpenLoad

Openload Pay per Downloads/Streams Programm
Earn money by uploading and sharing your files on openload
they pay a fixed amount per 10,000 downloads/streams. Each payment amount per download/stream depends on the country the actions comes from.
• The minimum payout amount is $20 USD.
• Requested payouts are processed within 24 hours. Heaped Takedown notices for your files will lead to suspension.
• Downloads/Streams are counted up to 3 times every 24 hours per IP.
• Attempting to gain revenue using misleading/unethical methods, such as spamming, will result in an immediate ban.
• When advertising is blocked, rewards are counted by factor 0.1
• For automated downloads there is no reward
• All affiliates must agree to and abide by the openload General Terms and Conditions, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.
Failure to do so may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of an account.

Below you can see the different tiers that countries are apportioned in and how much openload pays for download/streams from these countries (per 10.000 downloads/streams).
[Image: nyzwiw3tzokl.jpg]

Sign up to OpenLoad (It seems to me that they have several domains but it's the same site)

You can make a lot of money uploading Adults Movies
[Image: oemnztyc0tzy.jpg]
Now here's the trick!
Downloading and uploading takes a lot time, it's annoying.
There's a way to insantly add files to your account without actually having to upload.

Here's a video showing you how (This is not my video, I just found it on YouTube, search and do research on your own. I'm sure there are more videos and explanations on the subject)

Transfer files to Openload without upload and download.

It's very easy because you can search forums/websites for links and instantly add them onto your account!

But where do you share the links/files?
you can share links at:
This is not my site, I just found it on Google, search and do research on your own. I'm sure there are more sites and forums that allow videos to be published.

The URL is given as an example so you have an idea of how to filter out the best sites from sites that do not have traffic and you just waste time.

Just remember that it's important to find a website with lots of quality traffic.
How do you know if a site has quality traffic?
The answer is very simple
Find Website Traffic info at: (Just type the URL in the search bar)
[Image: jdjjm5niiw2z.jpg]
You can also create blogspot/tumblr blogs and embed/share your videos there. There's also twitter and facebook.

The most important tips I can add on the subject:
  • Add an accurate title.
  • Do not be lazy and add enough tags (Available from the film producer's website).
  • Do not be lazy and add a movie description (Available from the film producer's website).
  • Set the movie to the correct movie categories.

These little tips will increase the chance of your movie appearing in the search results.

An example of how to update a movie so that it gets maximum exposure
[Image: zozfawimzdyt.jpg]
2018-11-21, 10:31 AM,
HQ share mate, thank you so much for sharing.
2018-11-21, 11:00 AM,
the Screen shoots are taken from quora and redone on photoshop . Well if you want to share a quality method at least don't try to fool us ;)

2018-11-21, 11:37 AM,
Awesome share.. thank broo
2018-11-21, 11:58 AM,
I did not invent the wheel, I took an idea that I saw elsewhere and simply explained it in more detail (I just explained how the wheel rolls).
All I did was give the right direction how the line of thought should be.
It's not about Bragging this is an educational Tutorial.

I also did not hide the guide, because I do not want to force people to click on thanks (those who the Tutorial helped them and wants to thank me will do so).
2018-11-21, 07:30 PM,
great post, really good details for those interested in this idea.
2018-11-21, 07:32 PM,
(2018-11-21, 11:58 AM)Angelos Wrote: I did not invent the wheel, I took an idea that I saw elsewhere and simply explained it in more detail (I just explained how the wheel rolls).

The next time please clearly write the source of the method and the pictures you modified.


You should better deliver the things you have guaranteed and signed for, Mr. Ex Admin!

Or do you want the situation to escalate totally?

"Money is not everything in life!" (famous quote)

[Image: giphy.gif]

Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2018-11-25, 04:31 AM,
Thank you so much for the HQ tutorial.
2018-11-28, 02:52 AM,
Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial :)

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