[TUT] To Much Competition? [DOX RELATED]
2015-09-05, 07:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-09-05, 07:16 PM by dox.)
Hello there.

As you can see in the title i started this with the sentence "To much competition", if you feel like you got way to much competition on even unsaturated keyword, there might be people doxing you for your information, niches and emails etc.

So i ask you?

Are you like me tired of people doxing you to find information about you online and in real life?

The fact is, i know some people who try to dox me and other users from cpaelites, and they had success with me, thats why i implemented my own little rule set, you can find below.

It's actually pretty easy to "bypass", here's some rules i use online so people have a "harder" time doxing me, i'm not saying its impossible, as everybody got tons of information on the internet about them self, even if they dont know about it.

I hope this is usefull for some.

P.S i will keep add more when i find them, if you got anything that works related to anti-doxing feel free to pm or type it in the thread so i can add it.

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2015-09-05, 07:18 PM,
True, I would never use my real name and emails on websites that may give my info or those that look shady.
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honeydew(2016-04-07 07:00 PM) 

Manga <3 best. thing. ever
2015-09-05, 07:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-09-05, 07:21 PM by dox.)
(2015-09-05, 07:18 PM)molabee Wrote: True, I would never use my real name and emails on websites that may give my info or those that look shady.

Exactly, and by a fact doxing is becoming a "big method" to get niches etc online, so we better secure all the people who dont know these things. :)
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honeydew(2016-04-07 07:03 PM) 
2015-09-06, 12:21 AM,
This can help with whitehat too, some years ago someone copy my cooking keywords because I use same email with 4 sites :(.
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honeydew(2016-04-08 05:35 AM) 
2015-09-06, 12:56 AM,
(2015-09-06, 12:21 AM)esmeralda Wrote: This can help with whitehat too, some years ago someone copy my cooking keywords because I use same email with 4 sites :(.

Yeaa, it really depends in what whitehat situation tho, i wouldnt mean its necessary to hide own email and real name on your whitehat stuff if you never used it on blackhat, another name another brand :p
2015-09-06, 03:32 AM,
I don't understand how people can get my niches?
can you get my niches?
2015-09-06, 06:56 AM,
(2015-09-06, 03:32 AM)guest888 Wrote: I don't understand how people can get my niches?
can you get my niches?

If people find you intresting online, they might start a bigger research about you, where they by your footprints in your online history can find nearly everything about you online, dont go in panic theres no reason people should target you if you dont showoff your money.
2015-09-08, 12:29 AM,
Okay, so i stumpled upon this article:

This would help people who struggle with DOXING etc alot.

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