[TUT]Setup GEO redirect and send traffic to two (or more) networks.
2013-09-29, 04:45 PM,
I'm working with MGCash and that network is really good, but few my friends told me that AdWorkMedia have much better conversion at FR offer, so i'm figure out how to divide my traffic and send FR to AWM and other to MGCash.

You need two landing pages, for FR traffic and for rest of world. FR landing page should be on French, for better conversion. Upload it in two different folders at your hosting like:


Also you will need blank HTML page named index.html with redirect code and you can add it to giveaway folder, then you will send traffic to


And script will redirect that traffic to FR or to other landing page for other countries. Also you can add few different countries in different folders like GB, AU, DE etc.

Most important thing in adding different countries is to have proper country code, it's Alpha 2 - ISO 3166-1 and you can find it here, just look at Alpha 2 column.

Now check out script:

<script src="//j.maxmind.com/app/country.js" charset="ISO-8859-1" type="text/javascript"></script>
    var target = new Array(); // Target Array, Don't remove this.
    // Here's an example which redirects visitors to your specified URL for your targeted country code:

    target['All'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landing/"; // Redirects non-targeted/other visitors to this URL.
    target['FR'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landingFR/"; // Redirects' "FR" (France) Visitors to this URL.
    target['GB'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landingGB/"; // Redirects' "GB" (United Kingdom) Visitors to this URL.
    target['CA'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landingCA/"; // Redirects' "CA" (Canada) Visitors to this URL.

    /* =============== DON'T EDIT THE BELOW CODE =============== */
        var visitorCountryCode = geoip_country_code();
        var redirectURL = target[visitorCountryCode];
        if(redirectURL == null) redirectURL = target['All'];
        if(redirectURL) window.top.location.href = redirectURL;
    /* =============== DON'T EDIT THE ABOVE CODE =============== */

So, you can see it code part for ALL countries, and there you will put default landing page URL

target['All'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landing/"; // Redirects non-targeted/other visitors to this URL.

And below that you can see lines for other countries, I need only FR so in my code I have only one line for FR and one for all countires but you can use this for DE, NL, CH etc.

target['FR'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landingFR/"; // Redirects' "FR" (France) Visitors to this URL.
    target['GB'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landingGB/"; // Redirects' "GB" (United Kingdom) Visitors to this URL.
    target['CA'] = "http://www.mydomain.com/giveaway/landingCA/"; // Redirects' "CA" (Canada) Visitors to this URL.

If you need just one country, then delete lines with others. This code is tested in FF, Chrome and Opera, with my normal ip and FR IP and work like a charm. You can test it again and I suppose that code must work at your websites.

That's it. :)
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honeydew(2016-04-08 02:57 AM) kpideola09(2014-02-12 11:54 AM) cpvast(2013-12-16 10:10 PM) Marinearner(2013-10-29 12:23 AM) lanzye(2013-09-30 02:48 PM) TheVBScripter(2013-09-30 02:00 PM) Calisthenics(2013-09-29 08:50 PM) djkrmak02(2013-09-29 05:03 PM) 
2013-09-29, 05:03 PM,
thanks for sharing tutorial, however i am still at making blogs but when will have hosting and domain will use it

Looking for way to rank on youtube
2013-09-29, 05:40 PM,
Really nice share man, would work great with direct link offers. +rep

[Image: OVOYx3R.png]
2013-09-29, 06:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-29, 06:50 PM by anatho.)
Thanks for the great share. At first it did not work for me, but found the error now.

Will use this script for all my landing pages now.
2013-09-29, 06:24 PM,
Useful share mate, thank you for it
2013-09-29, 08:50 PM,
This is something that everybody should do, otherwise you're just leaving money on the table!
2013-09-30, 12:10 PM,
Thanks guys. I just checked my AWM account and there is some good FR leads. Script work really good!
2013-09-30, 02:00 PM,
You are getting way to little thanks for this.
So enjoy your +6 :)
2013-09-30, 04:06 PM,
Thanks for rep. I don't want to force people. :D
2013-09-30, 04:27 PM,
Thanks man great share!

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