[TUT] How to make your own Streaming site using Google Drive
2017-04-12, 03:16 PM,
Hello everyone, I have a nice tutorial to share with you guys.

Streaming website is kind of a trending method now when a lot of people have started their journey with their own movies/TVshow/anime websites. Most of them chose Openload, Streamin, Rapidvideo and other hosting services as the monetizing way. But the thing is they show a lot of ads and you only receive small share of the revenue (most of the revenue is paid to hosting services to cover their hosting cost). Another big issue is the loading speed which is pretty slow and a lot of them does not support mobile users.
If you choose to buy your own server to host your videos, that will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollar each month with all the massive number of storage space and bandwidth.
So there is a way to solve this problem: use Google Drive as a CDN.

Step 1: Go to http://drive.google.com sign in with your google account.

Step 2: Upload your video to G Drive.

[Image: cNjw88Kl.jpg]

- right click to your video > Share
- click Advance > Change
- Tick Anyone with the link or Public on the web
- Copy the link to share.

Step 3: Go to: http://drivehost.us/embed-video

Copy the drive link and paste on the site and hit Get link, the tool will give you an embed code. Embed it on your site, your video is so ready right now.

[Image: E9JEUlK.png]

- The new player is JW Player with option for users to download.

- Your video will have different resolutions to play 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. It's cool, right? And the loading speed is like playing Youtube videos, fast af... But when you upload to Drive, it takes google server some time to process your video if your video has huge size. So wait for awhile.

- You can use it method for mainstream movies, anime, TV Show and even porn. I've run my adult site for 6 months and it works fine. Drive is not like Youtube. Youtube is a public place where people share videos to the community. Anyone can access your videos so it is so easy to detect porn on Youtube. Drive, on the other hand, is somewhere you store your personal files, you have the right to privacy. I don't think Google can detect your content legally as long as you keep your files secret.
Your videos are encoded via Drivehost site, so your users don't know where the files are located as well => NO REPORT.
My Drive screenshot (NSFW): https://i.imgur.com/f0CxfFc.jpg

- I just bought offshore VPS with DMCA-ignore feature to host my site and I don't care about anything anymore LOL.

- Monetizing ways: Banner and popups from big networks like: Popads, Popcash, Propeller Ads, Adsterra, exoClick or revenuehits. They're all highly trusted networks and have daily and weekly payment. You receive 100% of your revenue and got payment fast.

One last thing, free Google drive account give you 15 gb of storage space.
Premium plan give you 1 Tb for $10/month and 100 Tb for $100/month
You can create many free google accounts with ease but If you have plan to use only one account *** REMOVED ***
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2017-04-12, 03:48 PM,
Your link has been removed. Advertising is done inside the marketplace.
2017-04-12, 04:09 PM,
(2017-04-12, 03:48 PM)HawkEye Wrote: Your link has been removed. Advertising is done inside the marketplace.

Sorry, I think that is an issue if someone want to manage all the files in one account so I offer a solution.
I tried to Edit but couldn't.
I don't have intention to break any rules. Sorry again.
2017-04-13, 01:54 AM,
thank you for the tut! i appreciate it.
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dhihi(2017-04-13 03:09 PM) 
2017-04-13, 08:45 AM,
send you pm dhihi
2017-04-13, 03:07 PM,
(2017-04-13, 08:45 AM)immart247 Wrote: send you pm dhihi

Sorry I don't have skype and I can't send PM as well. I can help you build streaming site if you want, please contact me via email: ntd.salem@gmail.com
2017-04-14, 01:39 AM,
Very nice tutorial mate, thank you very much!
2018-03-19, 06:10 PM,
bookmarked thanks mate

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