[TUT] How to make HQ Videos that will Increase you Conversion Rates!!
2014-06-30, 11:37 AM,
In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make HQ videos that you can use to skyrocket your conversion rates. These are a few of the tips/secrets I use for my own HQ videos.

[hide]How to make a HQ Video:
1. Get camtasia software to video capture your screen. Camtasia, to me, is the best software out there.
2. Find and download a HQ image of your niche on google.
- Search Niche name in google images. Then go to search tools -> Size -> and press large or exactly.
- I search for images exactly my screen resolution 1920 x 1080.
3. Set the image you have just downloaded as your desktop background (wallpaper).
-The reason for this is because it will be a great thumbnail for your video once you upload it.
4. Clear all of your desktop icons. Put them on the bottom panel and delete the ones you don’t use. The less clutter the more HQ it will look. Place the recycle bin icon on one of the corners.
5. Copy your Hack application to your desktop so that it’s ready to be used in the video.
6. Open up a browser with no customization (don’t show bookmarks and plugins). Just make sure the browser is blank and looks simple/clean.
7. In the browser, go to the url where one can download your hack.
8. Minimize the browser
9. Get your microphone ready. I use a professional external microphone, but you can use a headset microphone or anything that works. This will be used for the voice over so make sure it is as HQ as possible.
10. Now, open up Camtasia video recorder.
-right now you should be showing your desktop and your hack application should be located somewhere on the desktop.
11. Set up the capture screen so that it captures the top left to the top right and goes down, but does not capture the lower panel where the Windows Start button and other icons are located.
12. Make sure your microphone is on and recording or ready to be recorded on.
13. Press “record” on Camtasia. Wait for the countdown.

Voice Over Tutorial:
-Important: Develop your own personality, and maintain it throughout the video. Ex: Be a fellow gamer who is so excited to share how he gets unlimited stuff with the hack.
14. Introduce yourself. Make up a person, and be that Person. Ex: “Hey guys how’s it going, Justin here”. Something like that
15. Now say the purpose of the video. It’s important is to come off as merely a reviewer of the hack, NOT as the creator.
-Say, for example, “A lot of you have been asking me how I get unlimited blah1, blah2, and blah3, So I decided to create a tutorial to show you how”.
16. Now…Show them! Open your browser with the website already loaded. “ok to get the same hack I use, come to this website called: yourwebsite . com”
-It is important to show them your website so they get familiar with it.
17. Explain your landing page! Ex: If you have facebook likes, tell them that the hackers that made this hack have a big community, so they are trustworthy. Explain a little about the hacking team, but not too much.
18. Tell them to scroll down to the download button, and press that to get the application.
19. Minimize the website.
20. Now open the hack VB application and demonstrate it to them. Give them instructions. Sound believable; pretend as much as you can that the hack actually works.
21. (Optional) Once you press the hack button, you can bring up your website on one side, with the hack running on the other (so they can still see it). Go to the about us page or show them something important (this would be done as the hack progress bar goes to completion)
22. Once the hack is complete, exaggerate that it was that simple to make the hack work.
-It’s really important to sound believable here!
-Gold (just one of my secrets): Give a shoutout to the developers of the hack for making it. Ex: “Also, I want to give a shoutout to the developers of this hack for making it! Thank you so much!”
23. End the video with personality, “Later guys, take care” “Now you can dominate in “game”!
24. Press stop recording on camtasia and on your microphone.

I edit in professional software, but I know some of you edit in camtasia, so I will make this part universal.
25. Press “save” on your camtasia recording, and the camtasia editor will open up.
26. Match your audio with the video capture. Ex. When you say to the viewers, “press hack now” you actually press hack in the video.
-skip this step if you recorded sound with the camtasia video recording.
27. Optional: use the camtaisa zoom-in feature to focus on anything you want in the video
-use the cursor hightlight effect or rings effect that shows when you left click.
28. Add background music. Make sure it’s calm and quiet (just loud enough to hear it so it does not mask your voice). Don’t use copyrighted music because that can haunt you later in YT.
-I would not recommend rap, rock, metal, country, etc. Try to stay away from songs with words. Focus on music like film scores that are not copyrighted, or just atmosphere music.
29. Make an elegant watermark on the video to protect it. Trust me! It is going to be so HQ that people are going to get it like crazy! But if they get it, your website will be displayed over so you will generate traffic from their videos as well.
30. Render the video. DONE


It took me some time before I was making super HQ videos, so don't get discouraged if your videos are not as HQ as you want them to be. But just practice, and you will get there. Good luck with your HQ videos. If you follow this method you can be earning more money in no time!

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2014-06-30, 06:25 PM,
Great share man, keep it up!
2014-06-30, 10:22 PM,
Excellent step by step instructions. Thanks for the contribution!
2014-07-01, 11:58 AM,
Thanks sir for sharing keep it up
2014-07-11, 06:56 PM,
Just 3 posts? this topic is ultra HQ! Thanks a lot!
2014-07-26, 03:45 AM,
Thanks for sharing bro. It's awesome!

Thanks LB'Decoy for the free VIP
2014-08-14, 12:53 AM,
License and rights ownership:Creative Commons...yes or no? and why... Thanks!
2014-08-14, 01:32 AM,
(2014-08-14, 12:53 AM)krajacic Wrote: License and rights ownership:Creative Commons...yes or no? and why... Thanks!

You talking about the background music? Only use music you have the right to use... If not, youtube may give you punishment, such as muting your video, or not allowing syndication.
2014-08-14, 01:44 AM,
Wow Cooper, thanks for info on making HQ Videos. Really helpful. Do you use any intro for your videos?

Stay hungry, stay foolish. ~ Steve Jobs
2014-08-14, 02:17 AM,
(2014-08-14, 01:44 AM)polaskx Wrote: Wow Cooper, thanks for info on making HQ Videos. Really helpful. Do you use any intro for your videos?

I do not because when I make my videos, I act as a solely a reviewer, and I find it not necessary to spend time making intros. However, you want to make one, get after effects and find templates online for free.

I use this channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AkvilonAnd/videos

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