[TIPS] How to get adwords CPC as low as $0.02 in 2 weeks
2015-02-11, 09:05 AM,
Hello, i am not here to explain from a-z on how to advertise using google adwords. i am just sharing my tips how to get cheap CPC. so my tutorial here will be not 1-2-3-4 step. but i will focus on the important point to be set.

I know that this is CPA forum, but i think when you create a good landing page that dont break adwords terms, you can use adwords, that i know is the best ads network traffic quality for me to deliver traffic to my site.
This method will cost effectively in 1-3 weeks depend on competition

Here is my recent CPC, you can see that the cost rate is on Indonesia local currency (297 IDR -> $0.02)
*** $0.01 CPC is not impossible, its normal when the ads is very optimize

Ok, so what we need to set if we want to get the best rate of CPC?

Firstly, create new campaign. Please create one campaign main domain, that will help us to manage our ads, because we need to create many ads, that are very optimize so we can get low CPC

You can fill all the targeting field as you wish, Geo targeting, mobile or desktop etc. but on the bid strategy please follow this:
1. Click the advance options, then choose the "Adwords will set my bids to help maximize clicks within my target budget"
2. Do not check the CPC bid limit, leave it unlimited at first, we will fill the limit later.
3. Fill the daily budget, i will recommend about $5 per day (field not capture on the screenshot)


This is important, and will help us to get better Quality score, higher CTR, higher CPC
1. Put the headline field similar with our landing page title tag. If you need to A/B test the headline, please create some landing page with different title tag each landing page
2. Please put your target kw on the description, so if you are targeting "free iphone" keyword, you can fill the description like "Get the FREE iPhone easily"
3. CTA or click to action on the description line is also affect our CTR and conversion. make sure you test this and use the best performance CTA on the description. Always test
4. You can create sub-domain per keyword that you want to target. Example: "free iphone" keyword, so you need to create sub-domain freeiphone.yourdomain[dot]com
We are not running only one keyword per campaign, usually we will target above 5 keyword per campaign. So please make different subdomain if the target keyword is different.
example :
KW "free iphone" -> freeiphone.yourdomain[dot]com
KW "get iphone" -> getiphone.yourdomain[dot]com

DO NOT FORGET STEP 1&2 (make the different title tag per subdomain page, and put the different description line adapting the keyword we are target for.
if the ads were ready, you can run the ads.

We can run the ads about 3-7 days at first, no budget limit per click
at this step, we will get high cost of click, no problem because google is adapting the best position with the best CPC.

This screenshot sample is one of my campaign that i run about 1,5 week
(IDR 710 = $0.06)

This last step will be done repeatly until we get the best lowest CPC
After 3-7 days running the ads, open the campaign tab, we can see the overview of the ads report.
1. Click the AvgCPC, to sort the average CPC from the highest to the lowest CPC.
2. We will use the highest average CPC as the click bid limit. (IDR 710)
3. So after you put the bid limit (BID LIMIT IS NOT DAILY BUDGET) from the highest average cost of click, Run again the ads for about some days, repeat this step again, do not do it quickly because if you are doing this step (lowering the CPC bid limit) aggressively, your average position will extremely drop. We must adapt with google.

After some weeks doing this method, you WILL optimize your CPC.

You can see at my last screenshot, my quality score of the ads are only at 5/10 and 6/10
its because i was too lazy to create sub-domain with different title tag and different description line.
If you are doing all the step i suggest, ofcourse the average CPC will get better because the quality score will be higher, i think about 7/10 or above.

I am not a google adwords expert, just learn this from some adwords training at my country.
I like to discuss this further, or if there is another method to lower the CPC, post here.
if you do not understand, post here :)

2 years to learn, 30 minutes to write, i am not rejecting the "THANKS" button LOL
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2015-02-15, 10:55 PM,
Thanks for the tips man!
2015-02-16, 04:02 AM,
This i will try :-) thx dude ;-)
2015-02-16, 04:20 AM,
Thanks, i will try too :)
2015-02-16, 05:56 AM,
This is a very wonderful share from you. Thank you soo much for taking time to write it.

just curious about something. i heard a lot that Adwords ban affiliates and cpa marketers .. is this true? from your experience.
2015-02-17, 10:57 PM,
(2015-02-16, 05:56 AM)ZeroDos Wrote: This is a very wonderful share from you. Thank you soo much for taking time to write it.

just curious about something. i heard a lot that Adwords ban affiliates and cpa marketers .. is this true? from your experience.

hello zerodos, i dont use adwords for affiliate, i have my own product for sale on ecommerce concept.
if you are monetize using affiliates or cpa, i think more wisely you blend the offer on contextual content on the landing page (that optimize for the keyword you are targeting)
please feel free to discuss further for the concept on promoting at adwords
2015-02-17, 11:03 PM,
I Work in A Multi national company as ADWORDS EXPERT and I Dont know this lol.

Should test this strategy. THANKS.

I'll remove your negative reputation if you behave when you come back, I'm banning you for 1 month though. Come back after a month and start again. Stop trolling please.
2015-02-17, 11:35 PM,
(2015-02-17, 11:03 PM)bullshitman Wrote: I Work in A Multi national company as ADWORDS EXPERT and I Dont know this lol.

Should test this strategy. THANKS.

hello, this is basic of adwords, there are much more for optimize this campaign, like using ad rotator, dynamic keyword ad, etc
2015-02-18, 12:24 AM,
thanks for sharing i will try!
2015-02-20, 08:33 AM,
(2015-02-18, 12:24 AM)Avantii Wrote: thanks for sharing i will try!

yes sure
post here if you are have any question

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