2019-03-08, 10:17 AM,

If you've been using paid traffic then I'm sure that you've heard of the Facebook Pixel. If you haven't, no offense, you suck. (just kidding)

If not, let me break it down real quick.

Imagine you're in the grocery store, and you're on the candy/cookie isle. You look right at those delicious chips ahoy cookies, pick them up, and then you look at the calories on the back and put them down because today you're watching your diet.

You walk away from the Isle and now you're in the healthy foods isle. Except that every so often you're seeing packages of chips ahoy cookies in different places that you haven't seen before...So you convince yourself that you've been doing great on your diet.. You might as well get some cookies as a reward.

The Facebook Pixel is a lot like that. If someone visits your site and leaves, then the facebook pixel retargets them with your ads.


SO MANY OF YOU have horrible retargeting ad campaigns.

But listen, this isn't your fault, and that's actually not the REAL PROBLEM...

The real problem is the Facebook Pixel...

Let me explain it like this...

In the cookie analogy above, the person being retargeted was someone that stayed on your site for awhile... They read what you were offering, maybe looked at different products or watched a video you have on your landing page..

The problem is, this ISNT the only time the Pixel fires..

The pixel also fires whenever someone is in your store and doesn't even stay for half a second.. Maybe they accidentally clicked your link and exited out immedieately, or they just have no interest at all.

Which means, that instead of ONLY targeting the people that stay on the site for awhile, you're also retargeting people that have NO INTEREST in what you're selling.


Wrap your Facebook Pixel in this code:

setTimeout(function(){ *insert Facebook pixel code here* }, 3000);

This code sets a timer that on your Facebook Pixel so that it won't fire for 3 seconds. Which means you'll be weeding out ALL the people that accidentally land on your page, all the people that click and immedieately leave, and a ton of people that aren't interested at all.

This allows your retargeting campaigns to actually put in work, and have a much lower cost then what you're paying for them right now..

Keep grinding everybody, this year is going to be amazing!
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2019-03-08, 02:50 PM,
Sounds good, will try it!
2019-03-11, 07:18 AM,
(2019-03-08, 02:50 PM)georgeh Wrote: Sounds good, will try it!

Great give it a try
6 hours ago,
I run a Shopify store and for my retargeting campaigns I am taking help with (...) and it works incredibly best for me for retargeting, very helpful and requires no coding.

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6 hours ago,
(6 hours ago)AustinPeterson Wrote: I run a Shopify store and for my retargeting campaigns I am taking help with (...) and it works incredibly best for me for retargeting, very helpful and requires no coding.

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Please check my latest thread: https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Snapchat-Q-A

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Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)

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