[TEMPLATE] Something like the known "Facebook H@ck".
2014-05-04, 06:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-08, 12:48 PM by X00.)
Hello guys,
(this is my first share here! :-P)

someone here asked me to create a website like the "Facebook H@ck" which is already known here, guess.

I did it within some minutes - no copy 'n paste! So i dont care about a clean result. I did it just from scratch watching the example someone has given me. :-P

I havnt tested it as a real project, just on my local web server. :-)

* I wont do some changes.
* I havnt done some changes on the survey iframe.
* I havnt tested the cross-browser compatibility (in FF and Chrome it works fine).

Feel free to change anything you want.

After the survey completion: nothing happens. :-P If you want to have something after the survey completion: code it. ;-)

You can edit this template as simple as possible. At the top of the index.php-file you will find something like this:

$Website_Title = 'Engine'; // Will appear like xxx - Engine.
$Website_Background_Image = './images/background.jpg'; // Will be the website background.
$Header_Image = './images/header-image-example.png'; // Will be the header image.
$Header_Image_Alternative = 'yourkeyword-header-image'; // Will be the alternative, if image dont exists.
$Color_Main = '#9acd32'; // Will be your main color. Change and test it.
$Color_Text = '#ffffff;'; // Will be your text color. Change and test it.
$Content_Title = 'Example'; // Will be the content title.
$Content_Background_Image = './images/image-example.png'; // Will be the centered image. Change and test it.
$Input_Min_Length = 2; // Minimum characters the visitor have to input.
$Input_Icon = './images/icon-user.png'; // Will be the icon for the first text box.
$Input_Placeholder = 'Username'; // Will be the placeholder for the first text box.
$Input_Button_Text = 'Connect'; // Will be the text for the first button.
$Input_Button_Text_2 = 'Generate';  // Will be the text for the second button.
$Status_Text_2 = 'Generating...'; // Will be the status text if the visitor clicks on the second button.
$Activate_Icon = './images/icon-locked.png'; // Will be the icon for the last text box.
$Activate_Placeholder = 'Activation Code'; // Will be the placeholder for the last text box.
$Activate_Button_Text = 'Activate'; // Will be the text for the last button.
$Second_Content_File = 'second-content-example.php'; // Will be the content for the second step.
$Info_File = 'info-example.php'; // Will be the file with content for the infobox appearing after the second step.
$Description_File = 'description-example.php'; // Will be the file for the "description" content on the website.
$Progress_Delay = 3; // Will be the delay (in seconds) a progress takes.
$IFrame_File = 'iframe-example.php'; // Will be the file containing the iframe of your survey.

Edit it as you wish. :-)

How to use:
1. Download the *.rar-file.
2. Extract the *.rar-file somewhere.
3. Edit the index.php-file.
3.1 Edit the description-example.php-file or create a new one. The content of this file will be display all the time at the bottom of the website. Change and test it.
3.2 Edit the second-content-example.php-file or create a new one. The content of this file will be display in the second step (for e. g.) some fake input boxes. Change and test it.
3.3 Edit the info-example.php-file or create a new one. This is the content which will appear as a seperate box (for e. g. as an alert) after clicking the button in step 2. Change and test it.
3.4 Edit the iframe-example.php-file or create a new one. In this file you need to place the iframe source (<iframe></iframe>. I took a iframe from an example - dont use it. :-)
4. Upload all the files extracted in Step 2.
5. Done.

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Additional Infos:
I tried to code this as easy as possible. Feel free to message me (if you got some problems). Here (PM) or in Skype (Skype: x00srch). :-)


I should have taken another example background image. It looks wired. :-D
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2014-05-04, 07:21 PM,
Thank you so much for the share bro!
you are Genius

[Image: banner1.gif]
2014-05-04, 07:22 PM,

Nice ! Very good work, thanks for this share mate !
2014-05-04, 07:23 PM,
Thanks for the reply LilBrown and WorldConnect! :-)
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LB'Decoy(2014-05-04 08:07 PM) TotalTrue(2014-05-04 07:27 PM) 
2014-05-04, 07:36 PM,
Thank you for this! It is great. I have some questions about it.
Can you slow down progress bar so it wont load so fast and next to those text boxes can i put some pictures so people know what they are adding :D
For example there is 4 text boxes i want to add to each of them some little picutres. For first to be picture of gems, coins and so on. I hope you understand.

Skype/Mail me for approving and join us on link below! SKYPE: nem.mgcash MAIL: nemanja@mgcash.com

[Image: Il4ZQYz.png]
2014-05-04, 07:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-04, 07:44 PM by X00.)
(2014-05-04, 07:36 PM)Hypnotick Wrote: Thank you for this! It is great. I have some questions about it.
Can you slow down progress bar so it wont load so fast and next to those text boxes can i put some pictures so people know what they are adding :D
For example there is 4 text boxes i want to add to each of them some little picutres. For first to be picture of gems, coins and so on. I hope you understand.

Progress delay:
$Progress_Delay = 3; // Will be the delay (in seconds) a progress takes.

Redownload the survey.rar-file. Did a mistake and i had to updated it. :-) Progress should now work.

Read the documentation carefully! :-D

Well.. if you want to have some pictures in there edit the second-content-example.php-file like that:
<td><img src="image1.jpg" alt="" /></td>
<td><input type="text" /></td>
<td><img src="image2.jpg" alt="" /></td>
<td><input type="text" /></td>

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AnfieldRed(2014-05-04 11:42 PM) LB'Decoy(2014-05-04 08:07 PM) Quobi(2014-05-04 08:05 PM) - NiNSHUU -(2014-05-04 07:59 PM) lokabr(2014-05-04 07:49 PM) Nem(2014-05-04 07:41 PM) 
2014-05-04, 08:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-04, 08:06 PM by Quobi.)
Thanks, I really love this share! Thanks a lot my friend! :)
2014-05-04, 08:06 PM,
You are the master, hit me up with pm if it is possible to order some things from you.
2014-05-04, 08:07 PM,
(2014-05-04, 08:06 PM)Jaggernout Wrote: You are the master, hit me up with pm if it is possible to order some things from you.

Watch my posting count. ;-) I cant send privat messages. :-)
2014-05-04, 09:01 PM,
very nice work. i was looking for this share ages ago. thanks

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