Story: The biggest mistake in my life.
2015-02-19, 03:14 PM,
So one user on skype added me 2 days ago and asked if i could hold his money and get a %. So i accepted it. His "Buyers" Kept sending money and then refunding for some weird reason or holding idk but that doesnt matter, he then went to websites to purchase coins cheaper then the normal price. But the people needed my ID and a bill of my house. So i'm so retarded to give it to him but they didnt accept it so i had to make a picture with my mom and her ID. Now you maybe think why my mom? Well the paypal account was on my mom her name .... So after i did that he promised me that we were done at 1:30AM (he was on my tv). Well it ended at 5:00 AMbecause we still had the problems with the ID verification. Then the next day the same shit they still didnt accept the ID. So i kept asking when are we done? Then out of nowhere he said "Ok im done with u im going to post all ur information (id,pics,adress) online. So i was scared and i didnt trust him anymore. But i kept going then at 9PM i said just go search someone else and then a few hours later i closed teamviewer because i didnt want to work with him anymore. He then said "If u close tv one more time i post all ur information online" so i was done and i closed tv and blocked him on skype. Idk what will happen now but my paypal is gone .

Anyways this was by far the biggest mistake in my life. Never trust strangers lol. I hope no bad things happen to me. Everyone have a nice day.

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2015-02-19, 03:19 PM,
LOL is that same guy what offered JV ?
2015-02-19, 03:20 PM,
(2015-02-19, 03:19 PM)★★★ BotMan ★★★ Wrote: LOL is that same guy what offered JV ?

No its not him haha. It was another guy.

2015-02-19, 03:21 PM,
Then I do not understand how he scammed you.
Your OP is not very explanatory :D
2015-02-19, 03:21 PM,
damn -1k balance i think you should call paypal and explain everything or else you might get some calls, in my country many people complained that they had a negative paypal balance and get calls from a company that works with paypal to recover the funds, i heard about 200-300$ but damn 1k.
Your best bet is to call paypal and explain everything(don't email, speak with them on phone/skype, this way they will trust you more than on the email) i am sure they will help you out somehow.
But yeah this things happens when you trust strangers.
You learned your lesson.

2015-02-19, 03:28 PM,
(2015-02-19, 03:21 PM)★★★ BotMan ★★★ Wrote: Then I do not understand how he scammed you.
Your OP is not very explanatory :D

Well he is posting all my shit online. + my paypal is dead.

2015-02-19, 03:34 PM,
what ? you give your Id info to someone you dont know ? I dont even trust FB when they ask for id.

[Image: Un9z55n.gif]
2015-02-19, 03:35 PM,
Did you tell your mom about this?

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.
2015-02-19, 03:38 PM,
(2015-02-19, 03:35 PM)davd01 Wrote: Did you tell your mom about this?

Yeah ofcourse i did.

2015-02-19, 03:42 PM,
If you think this guy might me on cpaelites, Resolve his IP and PM Hawk so he can search if the guy have an account in this forum.

And If he uses a proxy chances are he logged in with the proxy in Cpaelites also.

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