SteelHard's Journey to Long Term Earnings.
2016-03-02, 06:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-03-02, 06:31 AM by SteelHard.)
I've been here for years, used to be pretty well known back in the day, not only here but in CPAGrip / ShareCash / AWM and some other private networks, I've always been a very open minded person, towards the end of 2014 I reached$ with Internet Marketing alone and still kept testing new stuff, youtube at the time because it was still a market which wasn't being used in my projects.

I was hired half way / early 2015 by a very popular Insurance company known worldwide and completely disregarded my websites because I was extremely busy and the pay was far better. (I also thought my websites wouldn't die).

I used to make authority websites and niche websites, the authority sites were alright however they never managed to grow a lot most of my money was with niche websites, however In this journey I want Long term earnings, so I will focus ONLY on authority websites.

I will probably be using adsense or a similar network and amazon (will also be doing some reviews, they're nice to know new products for myself aswell as new content that can still be related to my subject.)

I expect not to earn a single thing for the first 2 months.

Having gathered knowledge throught the years and experience I have the following expectations:
- 1500$/Month per authority site by the start of 2017.
- Little to no investment needed.

I will invest only in what I deem absolutely necessary, I also don't trust anyone else with the content, unlike what many people think while content is indeed king you don't need news worthy articles to succeed, in fact, most of my old long term websites are still alive and kicking with articles written by myself and I wasn't even that great at writing articles due to lack of experience.

Update 1

Planning Phase:

Vision Breakdown
- General Subject
- 20-30 Broken Down Subjects related to the previously planned general subject.

Time / Effort & Interest Breakdown
- Give each broken down subject an effort value and rank accordingly.

- Based on CPC & Effort Value given before, choose the priority order for each broken down subject.

Stepping Stones
- Define a stepping stone for every 2 weeks.
- Every 2 weeks look at the project and see what has gone wrong, what needs changing and how to improve for the following 2 weeks.

After the Planning Phase is over I will start by doing research on the SEO & Hosting market because I have been out of business for quite a while and Google is Bipolar so a lot of things may have changed, I intend to be fully prepared before starting, mistakes are not tollerated.

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2016-03-02, 08:10 AM,
Goodluck with your journey mate. Wish you all the best and success.

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2016-03-04, 08:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-03-04, 08:02 AM by SteelHard.)
Couldn't post yesterday so I'll do it today.

Update 1

Got ~10 main keywords and ~30 related keywords to use in my articles as long tails.

Vision Breakdown Completed.

Successfully gave them an effort value & Prioritized them.

Priority / Effort ranking Completed.

Stepping Stone defined aswell.

First 2 weeks:
- Finish planning phase
- Research Domain
- Buy Domain
- Choose & buy hosting
- Set up the website
- Configure plugins & other settings for SEO
- Silo the website
- Add at least 5 articles
- Get at least 5 authority links to mainpage
- Setup social accounts

Update 2

Found a good domain name
Purchased domain name
Purchased Shared Hosting
Installed Wordpress + a few plugins
Customized the site and did all the settings.
Siloed the site.
Wrote 2 articles for 2 different sections, 750 words and 550 words.
Tweaked both articles for SEO purposes.

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2016-03-04, 02:28 PM,
It's a pretty broad plan but you seem to have it worked out.

Good luck on your Journey and keep us updated with your results.

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2016-03-04, 08:41 PM,
(2016-03-04, 02:28 PM)elitestatus Wrote: It's a pretty broad plan but you seem to have it worked out.

Good luck on your Journey and keep us updated with your results.

Broad plan is what makes it so good, I have so much freedom of choice :)

With proper research & planning it becomes quite easy to manage
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elitestatus(2016-03-05 04:08 AM) 

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2016-03-05, 11:01 AM,
Update 3

Did some more tweaks regarding the website theme & onsite SEO stuff.
Added some more plugins for performance + social shares
Made Facebook, Twitter,, Linkedin and Reddit Subreddit for the website.
Will be posting all my content on facebook and twitter and try to get a following base although I'm unsure how i'll tackle this beast since it's outside my area of expertise.
Wrote +2 articles (350 words & 580 words)
Created the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Contact Us page.

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2016-03-05, 01:15 PM,
Amazing journey mate, what's kind of niches do you promote? Never give up seo is long but profitable!
2016-03-05, 01:54 PM,
Nice journey mate! Do not worry, Definitely you will reach your goals :)

I WANT TO BANK HARD $$$$$$$$$$$
2016-03-05, 08:30 PM,
(2016-03-05, 01:15 PM)SimonCheersFile Wrote: Amazing journey mate, what's kind of niches do you promote? Never give up seo is long but profitable!

I don't promote any specific niches my "niche" are very very broad terms.

(2016-03-05, 01:54 PM)mshajid Wrote: Nice journey mate! Do not worry, Definitely you will reach your goals :)

Thanks :)

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2016-03-05, 09:00 PM,
Nice Journey! Best of luck!

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