Spy like a pro. Create your own spy-tool
2017-03-09, 05:12 PM,
Spy like a pro. Create your own sonar.

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Being informed means being armed. Who owns data – has a power. To succeed in the Affiliate Marketing you are to be informed. Using spy tools is quite an ordinary practice. As today most of the affiliates turned to facebook ads, facebook spy tools are needed most of all. But most of such software is either expensive or doesn’t work well.

I supposed that most newbies cannot afford purchasing different spy tools costing $500 or so, but they need data to succeed anyway. So, as they say, the best solution is the most evident one.

To spy your competitors in FB you need to have enough spies. As some of you know, the spy tools work exactly as follows: there are plenty of accounts with different gender, geographical and demographical settings. They work like sonar – if any of account is displayed ads – then these ads are gathered in a database. The idea is like a piece of cake – just build a network of your own sonars and enjoy your personal exclusive spy tool.

Let me explain how it works in the example. Let us agree I need to gather data about the ads given for a weight loss COD offer EcoSlim in, for instance, Poland and Hungary. What should I do?

First of all you need to discover your targeted audience which you are going to run ads for. You do not need the ads displayed for other niches, so your sonars should gather the data about diets and weight-loss; you do not need the information about finance or whatever, so first of all, discover the audience. If I am going to target a wide-range audience, perhaps it should be female 21-60 in Poland and Hungary.I would suggest to use Audience Insight to find people who click the ads most of all.

The second step is to create the sonars. Most affiliates who run Facebook ads always lose their accounts because of bans. That is why almost every experienced affiliate have multiple accounts (in fact – dozens of them). So, create a lot of accounts (the more – the better, lol) using a virtual machine and a proxy (proxy should be of a high quality) of a given country (in our case it should be proxies from PL and HU). So, you have a lot of little spies to gather the information. Your accounts should be females of 21-60, as you already understood. Go on.

[Image: 0092115974.jpg]
This guy was the first to use a spy-tool in Westeros.

Now, imitate! Your account should imitate the behavior of a real person interested in weight loss, health, and diets and so on. I do like this: add some friends, and subscribe every page about diets in my country. Of course, I would like every page of EcoSlim (my affiliate product) that I find. You should be imitating for some days. Usually it is 2 days or more. But if Facebook recognize your poor proxy – you will never start seeing ads, so be careful. One day your account starts seeing ads with a relation to your niche and product. Isn’t it sweet?

Since this very moment, the only thing you need to be doing is – analysis. Just remember that the ad at a first spot – is a champion in a competition. Guys, who pay most, always win the first spot. Just scroll your facebook news feed – you will be seeing ads from time to time. The ads at high spots are your competitors. Every spy account is your data gatherer. Feel free to look through them and gain data for inspiration.

There is one prettier thing that you can do, BUT I WILL NEVER ADORE THIS. Once you found your competitor – you can abuse his ads. Did you remember Facebook is crazy about the abuses? So if you don’t like a fair play – just use this trick.

I suppose that’s it for now. If everything is done well, you will create your own spy network for free. If you have troubles creating trustful ads accounts - read this.
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2017-03-09, 06:08 PM,
As long as people don't flag each others ads for fake/fraud shit its okay. But this entire thread is something like that. Even tho its not what you saying we need to use it for. This can be used to destroys others business. Which is not allowed on CPAElites.
2017-03-09, 08:58 PM,
Just read it one more time and just point out that is stated: "I WILL NEVER ADORE THIS" . The thread is about spying, not killing other affiliates' campaigns. I'm totally against bad guyz' schemes of abusing competitors.
2017-03-10, 02:42 AM,
useless post, spying others is not a cool task. -_-
2017-03-10, 05:05 AM,
Spying is one of THE most valuable recourses for internet marketers. This thread points out how to do it at low costs, wich is a great share if you ask me...

Spying tools cost a fortune and often dont even deliver the results you want, follow the steps Tim pointed out, and you can spy on the campaigns you really need for a few bucks.

Saying spying is useless and shouldnt be done is like being against innovation. The biggest companies in the world "Spy" on eachother, maybe not in the way you might imagine now, but like buying competitors products and disecting them.See what works and what not, give it a own twist, rebrand and launch. Spying is like, getting a feel of the market. If a FB post has 10k natural shares in a short period of time, and you can verify that the all those users are real people and not bots. Theres def something that ad is doing right.

In my experience, directly copying a campaign you found by spying also isnt the way to go. Find whats working and tweak it to your own preference is the way to go. You'd be amazed how much you can learn from this.

IMO, this is a great post. Allot of people just can't afford the better spying tools on the market, and i have to admit, they are damn expensive for what they offer... A simple dummy account in a set country can do wonders.
2017-03-20, 10:23 PM,
I agree with
PONG. Spy tools is not only for spying other affiliates. It's only 1/10 of it function. Such tools help to create white/black lists, to choose offer and network etc
2017-03-21, 01:37 AM,
good one, thanks it is very useful to me.

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