Spam commenting in YouTube
2013-11-23, 06:09 AM,
Hey guys,

Just tried to put in some spam comment in YouTube and for some reason my comment only showed up for me, not for other YT users, this is ofcourse because it was spam... Is there any way to bypass the spam detection or something?

Hope there is!
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rubelpangsa(2014-10-03 06:23 PM) 
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2013-11-23, 06:10 AM,
It's called being ghosted.
Try to use longer comments with trusted links and no shorteners.
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prashantborda13(2017-04-04 02:57 PM) 
2013-11-23, 06:23 AM,
(2013-11-23, 06:09 AM)PPDavid Wrote: Hey guys,

Just tried to put in some spam comment in YouTube and for some reason my comment only showed up for me, not for other YT users, this is ofcourse because it was spam... Is there any way to bypass the spam detection or something?

Hope there is!

Nah there's no way to bypass this filters anymore. If you have old yt account with videos and subscribers in it.. you can get the top comment. We've been closely monitoring this on Forum discussions are not allowed here..
2013-11-23, 06:24 AM,
Same happens to me, if you using "" remove the "www." I guess this happens when the comments are too similar/short, but I only get this if I comments with the same account (when switching pages with G+)
2013-11-23, 06:44 AM,
I believe that the new filters that has yt. Now finds more quickly the spam. I think.

In full working order
2013-11-23, 10:05 AM,
This was posted at Forum discussions are not allowed here. by some mysterious guy.

Hi guys, as you know YouTube changed their commenting system a while back (16th Nov 2013) so I thought you might want to know how the new Google+ powered comments work.

Here are the main points: (Courtesy of a leaked 2013 White paper by Dobromir Montauk, Google+ Infrastructure Engineer)

Using Google Search Engine, YouTube is currently indexing more and more websites and pages to their allowed links list. These 'safe links' have been specifically approved by YouTube and as such are the ONLY links that can be added to users comments and still be visible to others. This is being done in an effort to curb 'bad links' such as those involving spam, scams, adult and illegal content. The allowed links mainly comprise, but are not limited to, educational and informative sites such as wikipedia, harvard, cnn, amazon, bbc etc. More and more links from general sites such as xkcd, blackhatworld, soundcloud continue to be added to the allowed list, so if you have a website with good content, high traffic and good reputation it will eventually be added to the allowed links list. However, some links such as url shorteners (bitly, owly, tinyurl), links to YouTube videos (except the one being commented on), social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and adult or illegal websites are NOT permitted in the YouTube comments irrespective of their popularity.

NOTE: If a YouTube user posts a comment containing a link that is not in the allowed list, the comment is automatically ghosted, that is, it is made invisible to every YouTube user except for the commenter.

HOWEVER: The commenter ONLY, is permitted to leave a url shortener link e.g. a link, and links to general websites that have not been added to the allowed links list by posting it in the REPLIES section of his or her OWN comment. (Adult and illegal sites do not apply)

1. Thumbs up and replies to users comments, whether genuine or artificial, SHALL NOT in any way affect a user's comment ranking. This was implemented in an effort to prevent the significant amount spamming of Top Comments by automated bots, manual spammers, scammers, self-advertisers and so on. (So DON'T waste your time trying to get your comment into Top Comments by using bots, manual replying or using thumbs up using proxies etc., etc.)

2. The ranking of YouTube top comments IS NOT affected by any of the following factors:
> How old your YouTube channel is
> How many views your YouTube channel has
> How many subscribers/subscriptions your YouTube channel has
> How many videos you have uploaded to your YouTube channel
> How many people you have or have you in Google+ circles
> How many +1s your Google+ profile/page has

3. The ranking of the Top Comments IS AFFECTED by the following factors: (so pay attention)
> Google+ Quality Factor: The MAIN criteria used to determine which comments should go top on YouTube comments is the quality factor of
the commenter's Google+ account, which is determined by how often or how many times the user posts/ has posted on his/her Google+
profile/page, specifically those posts which contain links to YouTube videos. This excludes flagged Google+ accounts that have an irregular or
unusually large number of posts which indicates the account is being used for spamming activity. YouTube comments from Google+
accounts with a better quality factor are ranked higher in the Top Comments compared to others with a lower quality factor.

(You can post indirectly to Google+ by commenting on videos on YouTube and enabling the 'Also share on Google+' option before posting
the comment or directly to Google+ by adding a link to a YouTube video before posting your status, in which case it will still appear on
YouTube comment with the label 'Via Google+' now that YouTube and Google+ are connected.)

> Recency: On YouTube videos that are very popular and hence commented on frequently, the Top Comments are inevitably going to be
replaced by newer and fresher Top Comments. This usually happens after every 500 new comments. However, if a video rarely gets any
comments and the Top Comment was made by a Google+ account with a high quality factor, the top comment will remain relatively
unchanged for a long time
> Good standing: Comments from YouTube accounts that are not in a good standing for copyright infringement, community guidelines
strikes, and accounts whose comments are frequently flagged as spam automatically become ineligible for Top Comments for a period
of up to 6 months.

The former YouTube comments were a hotbed for spam and idiocy, something Google was painfully aware of. The new comment system will hopefully clean up the comments thanks to the stringent commenting rules YouTube has put in place:
1. Users can post a maximum of 10-50 comments on videos per day depending on the quality factor of the commenter's Google+ account. Any exceeding comments will be hidden from public view and cause the associated YouTube/Google+ account to be flagged.
2. Once an account is flagged by YouTube it is banned from commenting for up to 24 hours, during which any comments posted will be hidden from view (i.e. ghosted). The quality factor of an account is diminished significantly every time it gets flagged.
3. Once detected, any unoriginal or repetitive comments made by a YouTube/Google+ account will be hidden from public view and cause that account to be banned from posting visible comments for up to 24 hours. (This is why thousands of Bob comments disappeared from YouTube overnight)
4. Comments containing unapproved links will be hidden from public view (i.e. ghosted)

Before the new commenting system was rolled out on 16th November 2013, an analysis of all Google+ accounts was carried out to determine their quality factor. The next analysis will be carried out in phases between 3-6 months from now. This means that if you have a Google+ account, there is little you can do now to improve your quality factor until the next analysis is done. Worse still, if you created a new Google+ account after the change, your account automatically receives a quality factor of 0, meaning that its comments cannot be placed in the top comments section. However, you can try to improve your Google+ account’s quality factor by gradually commenting (relevant comments not spam) on videos (maximum 9-10 comments per day) and hopefully when the new the Google+ accounts are reassessed you ranking will be much better.

The one thing that I’ve observed to IMMEDIATELY boost your comment ranking is VERYFYING your YouTube account. This will help make your comments surface among the Top Comments more regularly. To do this, you need to log on to Your YouTube channel, click ‘YouTube settings ’ and then click on ‘View additional features ’ where you will see a Verify option that prompts you to enter your phone number so that your channel can be verified.
2015-04-10, 11:02 PM,
well its still working for me at 1st, but now its not working. too bad. im havin hardtime looking for a good traffic. pifff

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