Sooo..Blogger banned your Website?.
2013-11-19, 10:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-19, 10:37 PM by SwiffJustus.)
Wanted to Reply to this without Hijacking the Original Post
that this Kinda pertains to..It can be found Right Here:
Though the post is a bit dated it has be resurrected as of late.

Now This post is a bit long and confusing, Intentionally so,
Call it a weening process, and many will stop reading
after reading these first lines right here- lol
GOOD the Fewer the Diners the Bigger the Feast .

Without going into great detail I have Manually created about
50 blogger accounts this year for next year...
All about Radars and Maturation especially
when rocking the Ruff Stuff With BloGoogle.
I have Units from Ahhh.. from 5 years ago up until last year that are
up this year and are monetized in every conceivable Manner and banking
and been doing so for some time now.
Yes monetized with Those and THAT.

Or as someone suggested above to keep from getting your Blog deleted ..

"flesh it out with some original content that actually adds value to your visitors."

This will mostly trump all other Tricks and Gadgets
Because your satisfied Visitors/return Visitors
are more Importantly(to them anyway) THEIR satisfied return visitors.
and trust me they don't have those Google search bars across
the top of all blogspot Blogs to be aesthetically pleasing.
Yeah I know you can chop it off -lol
If you do better have your Own traffic source because you have
just disconnected from the in house traffic source but hey gotta
do what you gotta do sometimes.
If this Posting is confusing to you, again
better off that way...
Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.- Wink

P.S. Some of these Hosters will ban your ass even quicker
when pressured from some of the biggies to shut you off.
Happens everyday!..Twitter is notorious for this...
if you are shut down By blogspot it is mostly because of
Triggers and alerts because... No one is Bullying the Bully!
Well maybe Sir DMCA....Maybe?
So with these types of things you just have to be kinda
smart and have patience and not try to rush for the Gold
only to be met By the Shovel....Smack dab to the Face!
then wonder why your stuff was Taken down?

Mostly because you were
1. Inconsiderate of a particular sites TOS... Probably in a blatant Manner.


2. Not being considerate enough to Give a little something before
trying to take everything..

and what I mean is you Build a Blog Today and content Lock it TODAY.
Goddam Let your Customers have a little something for free'
no strings attached, for a week or 2 and bring a little traffic
to the Site you're probably exploiting in most cases- lol
...And Hell No you're not doing it for the Site Owners and NO I don't
Mean YOU the Site RENTER...Don't get that twisted..
Anyway If you haven't figured this one out well...
you'll be Re-building Torn down bridges your whole marketing career.
Now we're always talking about giving back to something,
this or that or the other which I mean in theory is really
fantastic but in reality we know how and where some
of that giving can end up, but again we shouldn't let that deter
us from giving... THAT SAID...
FUTURE...AND No I'm not talking about positive Aura
and getting you blessings for giving which again is
all good if that's what you're seeking.
But I think we can agree most of us are here to Earn
for ourselves and our Families so gotta stop always only looking
for that Instant gratification and payout and start focusing

NEXT UP: Youtube Respected and Dissected
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ouzzy91(2013-11-19 10:48 PM) 
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2013-11-19, 10:48 PM,
Now that's quality! Thanks for quoting me in your awesome post here. A feast you promised, and feast I did! :D
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SwiffJustus(2013-11-19 10:51 PM) 
2013-11-19, 10:55 PM,
Glad you took the time to read and enjoy it.
Your statement sparked me to post as a lot
of people forget that what you said is the original
intent of posting and sharing...To Add value to
your or someone else's site.

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