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20 Content Locking Ideas + CPA Gateway + Methods with AdWorkMedia.

Content locking is a very effective way of earning money via a "CPA gateway". As a publisher you can create multiple types of content locking gateways by signing up for a incentivized affiliate network like "AdworkMedia Network".

The CPA gateway methods are endless, and new ways to content lock are emerging every month. The idea is that you offer a user some sort of exclusive content, which they can only obtain by filling out an incentive CPA offer on a pop out blocker called a gateway.

With the best CPA gateways you can fully customise and monetize the look and feel to suit your website or content. By adding custom background images, copy and text you can increase "CPA conversions" easily. You will be blown away by how many people within the internet marketing industry are unaware of content locking. Therefore you can easily pick up websites already receiving traffic on sites like Flippa and monetize them for CPA.

One of my personal favourite CPA networks to work with for content locking is AdworkMedia network. My AdWorkMedia review is that these guys offer some of the best "content locking solutions" and their team can help you turn into a content locking pro. Sign up to Adwork Media now as CPAFix members get special approvals.

Content Locking Ideas

Entertainment and Video Sites

Everybody wants to see the latest videos and viral clips online. Throw up a nice video hosting website with a unique template and find some exclusive legal content. Gain traffic via social media or SEO and lock the videos with your gateway.

Instructional Videos

Play the guitar? Good at computer games? Make some instructional videos on "how to" and post them on YouTube. Only post the first video and then link back to the rest of the video on your site. Content lock the follow up videos.

Software Downloads

Either acquire or create some software that user will want to download. Make a site explaining all the benefits etc but lock the download link with a CPA gateway.


If you can make templates for Wordpress etc then make some nice ones. List them on template sites but lock the download file with a content lock. Also you can include the content lock within the code of the template so when the downloaded installs it, it will have your lock on the page.

File Conversions

If you can program or have someone who can, why not make a site that will offer users conversions from file to file. They input the file and click the convert button where they are taken to another screen to fill out a CPA gateway to download their converted file.

Free Trials

Say for example you own a gaming website or a product that users will sign up for. Offer them a free trial and then in return for the full version they must fill out some incentive offers. Maybe make them do one a month in return for the full product.

Help and Advice

Have an expert field? For example can you program? Make a support ticket system or forum where by you offer free support but they must first complete a gateway to submit the ticket or thread.


I was the first ever to do this, but if you have a website or forum whereby you can offer an exclusive membership package for example VIP with extra features. You will get far much more activity and earnings if you offer it to them for free in exchange for filling out some offers on a gateway styled like your website/forum.

URL Shortener

If you can acquire a URL shortener or a similar script, offer it for free but on the point of the user getting the result they want, lock it with a gateway.

Write an eBook

It doesn't matter what the niche is but you can also build a list of it. Write a book about something you enjoy for example gaming. Post it on a website with a opt in page and then set a password for the book that a user will have to complete a content locking gateway to see. You can choose which offers to show depending on your books niche.

Hot Trends

Find out whats trending and write your own variation of the news or get the video etc everyone wants to see. Place it on a unique website and lock the "View Video" link.

Cheats and Codes

There is a huge audience and big traffic in gaming online. Make a site dedicated to game cheats and codes and describe them as much as possible. Make the user want the cheat that bad that they will be willing to convert an offer on your gateway.

Guides and Tutorials

Write some guides or tutorials and place them on a website. Place each chapter on a separate page. Now give the user a few chapters free until they are hooked in and then lock the next chapters with your gateway.


People search for EVERYTHING on YouTube, so if it's something that people want, it's something you can lock. Create a video with keywords related to the search subject and then place a link in the footer to the answer, locked!


Get Paid To sites are great for earning with content locking. Users are rewarded with points/prizes in exchange for filling out incentive gateways.


Download the latest videos and music and convert them into torrents. Then zip them but add a password to the file. Then zip the two files with another file explaining you can get the password at this URL. Place the password on the URL but with a content locker on top.


If you have a site with regular members, offer free support to them via your support tab. In order for them to see the support reply they must first fill out a CPA gateway.

Graphics and Stock images

Do you graphic design? Offer free graphics on forums in exchange for customers filling out incentive CPA offers on your gateway. Alternatively throw up a site with some icon sets or free stock graphics etc, give them a few free but content lock the download button for the full sets on your site.


Always check that the offers can be used for adult traffic. Build or buy a porn site with traffic and lock some of the more exclusive videos with a gateway. Also you can offer full membership in return for them filling out offers.


A lot of sites have donation tabs on their pages to ask users to donate for their work. Although i think its tacky, instead why not have a donations tab where by a user can donate by filling out and incentive offer. This way they don't even need to spend money!

Buy Websites

One of the best ways to get started in content locking is to buy bargain websites that aren't being monetized for content locking. You can easily find sites on Flippa and other popular forums etc that are already receiving traffic and haven't been using CPA gateways. Just because another person is selling a site it doesn't mean you can't earn from it. Most people don't even think about gateways. Be on the look out for sites you can add a gateway to at some point in the users transactions and bank!
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