Snapchat PPD - My First Earning Attempt - What Do You Think?
2016-02-24, 04:59 AM,

Hey Elites,

So you probably don’t know me and rightly so, I’m new to the site and new to CPA and PPD... In fact this little experiment will be my first ever dip into the market.

My little plan is to combine PPD with Snapchat and hopefully make a little money along the way and I am going to document it in this thread along the way.

So what I plan to do is create a Snapchat account with a sexy girl as my profile... Generate a couple of thousand real sleazy pervert male followers then send them to my mobile website where they can download naughty photo packs after completing a survey.


So there are a number of things that I will need for this little system to work so I’ll post a little check list of these items below so you can see where I am upto.

Domain and Hosting - I have already got these, hostgator baby plan and a .club domain.

Pictures Of Girl - I have already got these 900 naughty pictures of the same girl.

Snapchat Account - Haven’t got it yet waiting for a full set up before I start on Snapchat.

Snapchat Followers - Obviously I have no Snapchat therefore I have no followers.

PPD network - I have an account with 3 of the top content locking networks.

Website Design - I have already created my own simple mobile design with Serif WebPlus.

Basically that is all I really need for this system and it shouldn’t take very long to set up. In fact most of it is ready there and waiting to go I just need to finish my website and set up some photo packs and link lockers and then I can start on Snapchat.


Thanks for reading, I will be updating this thread along the way with updates, please feel free to chime in with any tips or hints or even advice you can give me to help me on this little journey.

If you’ve got any questions for me please feel free to ask and I will get back to you!
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axslan(2017-01-19 08:58 PM) 
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2016-02-24, 06:17 AM,
Good luck on your journey mate :D
2016-02-24, 06:31 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-24, 06:41 AM by Beta Blocker.)
My advice is be safe with your process.

Make sure you have offshore pictures of girls who's permission you don't have is illegal.

Hostgator is not a good place to host naughty pictures of women. They will close you down if they find out that you are using there web hosting to content lock naughty pictures of women.

My advice would be to not even host any pictures at all and just trick the users into completing the PPD Url and give them nothing. That way you arn't actually doing anything illegal, you would just be tricking a bunch of horny men into completing a survey. But once you get into distributing photographs of women who you don't have the right to, you are getting yourself in hot water.

Not saying anything will ever happen....but it could....and if you don't cover your tracks well, you will be easy bait.

Just my 2 cents.

If you are intent on actually giving the users real photos of women....make sure you come up with a better delivery system then using hosting gator.

Also....most PPD networks will probably frown upon what you are doing once they find out you are content locking naughty photos using there systems to get people to complete surveys.

Your method is good in "theory" but has many flaws.

You might even be better off building up a snapchat account and e-whoring using it. Convince the guys via text messages to send you gift's via paypal and amazon giftcards in exchange for the photographs.

Also I see you had a thread on "hiding referrers".... Hiding referrers works 90% of the time, but various plugins and different browsers can leak the destination, so unless you have a real good setup its pointless to use hiding the referrer because chances are several users will end up leaking it anyways, making the whole process pointless.
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Anonymously(2016-02-25 02:51 AM) 
2016-02-24, 01:29 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-24, 01:30 PM by єχσ∂υѕ.)

I already test something like this before 1 year, only with a hot Facebook account.
With no good results. :(

What i would do is add Flirt offers like " Fun Chat " in germany you get 3$ per free signup. I never test it but i think it will convert better than PPD and you earn more per lead.

This is only a suggestion, do some thoughts and i´m sure you earn good money :)

Good Luck
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Anonymously(2016-02-25 02:51 AM) 
2016-02-25, 02:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-25, 02:44 AM by ๖ۣۜMateusz.)
I think you're really smart for trying to advertise on snapchat. It's the newest and one of the most trusted social media platforms out right now. I was thinking about this the other day, and was kicking myself in the arse when I realized the huge marketing mistakes I made by not using snapchat as a traffic method earlier.

With snapchat you used to be able to see who viewed other people's stories. With this feature, you could easily build a massive database of snapchat accounts, and they could even be highly targeted accounts!

For example, if you followed a bodybuilder, you could see who looked at their snapstory, add all these people by username, then post a snapstory yourself directly advertising either a link or product to your highly targeted audience. (For bodybuilders / gym rats you could advertise protein powders or if you don't want to sell a physical product you could get them to add their email and subscribe to some bodybuilding website and get some CPA $ that way.)

It's very smart to try to market platforms that many people are not marketing, because real treasure lies in uncharted territory.

Good luck Anonymously.
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1MShark(2016-03-11 09:20 PM) Anonymously(2016-02-25 02:52 AM) 

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2016-02-25, 02:55 AM,
Thanks for all the advice guys, I have now got doubts in my mind whether to do this or not.

I really could do without going to jail haha.

I might have to brainstorm another way to use snapchat.

Going to have to search the forum for a method to follow now. If you have a good starting place please feel free to point me in the direction.
2016-02-25, 02:59 AM,
Good luck man with your journey. Go for it :)
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Anonymously(2016-02-25 03:12 AM) 
2016-02-25, 03:16 AM,
(2016-02-25, 02:59 AM)TheDutchLegend Wrote: Good luck man with your journey. Go for it :)

I'm thinking about it, just a little worried about the points raised in the first two posts.

Personally think it could be quite profitable but have some doubts now.

Almost finished my mobile site too now
2016-02-25, 03:25 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-25, 03:26 AM by ๖ۣۜMateusz.)
I think people are exaggerating a bit. You won't go to jail just for posting some pictures you don't have the rights too. Do you think people really spend all day looking online to see if someone posted a picture of them somewhere?

The only case where this is true is celebrity pictures, and their lawyers send out a cease and desist letter (C&D) first. Then if you don't comply they might take legal action.

It's not "good" to use pictures you don't own on your website, but the wide majority of websites do it.

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2016-02-25, 06:18 AM,
I never once mentioned jail and I'm not exaggerating about anything. What I said was simple to understand and its fact.

In life you can choose to do many things that are right or wrong. Some people get in trouble, some people don't. Its ultimately your choice to decide what you want to do. I just simply gave accurate and real information to help inform the OP that content locking and hosting images of random women on HostGator hosting is a very bad idea. I then gave him tips to help out his situation.

Real advice....PPD and content locking naughty pictures will not be as effective as e-whoring for paypal gift payments. Guys can get pictures anywhere for free and they won't bother with completing a survey to unlock photos of a women they have not personally communicated with.

Its when you build up a dialogue with the guys and then ask them for money that you earn. Simply just making a profile of a hot chick and content locking her pictures wont get very good results. You need to engage the guys in conversation if you plan to make any income.

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