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Snapchat Adult Traffic [split]
2020-04-29, 02:24 PM,
(2020-02-15, 03:37 AM)SmaiTawi Wrote:
(2020-01-21, 01:45 PM)CharlieHarper Wrote: Snapchat "Friend Adder" bot limits

During the first 3 weeks of the year 2020 people asked me constantly: "How many friends can I add per day wity a Snapchat Friend Adder bot like Let's Snap it!?"

Until the middle of December 2019 it was possible to add tens of thousands friends per day. So you were able to import a freshly created Snapchat account with 0 friends into the bot, upload a bulk file with 5.000 to 6.000 usernames, start the "Friend Adder" process and watch this Snapchat account growing from 0 to almost 6.000 friends during 10 to 12 hours. Until mid of December 2019!

Due to the massive Snapchat spam attacks, caused by the known thread at another forum, Snapchat had to raise their security limitations. People tried to add 15 users manually by using their physical smartphone, and they experienced Snapchat account "locks" or even total account "bans". If people tried to repeat this process with too many Snapchat accounts and the same smartphone, they even experienced complete "device bans". So they were unable to use this smartphone for any Snapchat activity.

As of the 21st of January 2020 I can confirm that it's still possible to add thousands of friends per Snapchat account per day. The actual amount of friends is something between 1.500 and 3.000 friends per day and Snapchat account, to stay on the safe side.

Notice: I don't talk about the manual friend adding process with a physical smartphone, but instead about a classic "Friend Adder" module running 24/7 on autopilot for you in the background of a Snapchat SaaS bot, e. g. Let's Snap it!

But you have to follow certain guidelines to achieve this ...

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I'd love to be able to do this. I have been struggling with traffic to my offers. My current focus is on adult. How is this possible? Thank you.

Please tell me which snapchat bot is good i want to buy moneyisinthebot , suggest me & check your pm.
2020-04-29, 09:20 PM,
(2020-04-29, 02:24 PM)bulbul62 Wrote: Please tell me which snapchat bot is good i want to buy moneyisinthebot , suggest me & check your pm.


You sent us your email today at 10:18 (UTC+2). We replied you immediately at 10:40 (UTC+2), so 22 minutes later.

Please check your ticket ID 202004290039 and also your email spam folder.

Please add us at Discord: MoneyIsInTheBot#3310
2020-05-18, 10:18 PM,
(2020-04-26, 08:31 PM)MoneyIsInTheBot Wrote:
(2020-04-26, 01:30 AM)justhanging Wrote:
(2020-02-15, 09:40 AM)CharlieHarper Wrote: What works best as of February 2020:

Use a Snapchat SaaS bot and the combination of a "Friend Adder" module (bulk add friends), "Auto-Accept" module (accept users that added your accounts) and "Welcome Snaps" (send Snaps incl. links to recently added friends automatically).

How the 'Friend Adder' feature works? I mean can we target spesific location or spesific gender? Cuz as i know moneyisinthebot hasn't feature like that


I guess somebody from our team already explained to you at Discord 6 days ago that it's nearly impossible to target Snapchat users by their gender and the reasons why.

We wrote this at our official PDF document:

Why don’t you offer a sort of Snapchat username scraper?

The official Snapchat apps for iOS and Android don’t allow the request of friends of 3rd party Snapchat accounts. There is also no API function to request them directly at the Snapchat servers. So unlike other platforms like TikTok we can’t offer a friend scraper module for Snapchat at the moment. But this may change later in 2020. We suggest you to scrape other platforms (profiles of their users) regarding mentioned Snapchat usernames instead. We also may consider the offer to obtain lists with valid Snapchat users at some point.

Written at:

But you could scrape Snapchat users and let some virtual assistants select female/male users for you manually.

Users could theoretically be scraped depending on their country and city. We already ran some tests about this feature. But it's a little too early to release this module.

To the moderators: There is a pending sales thread about our limited 170,00 Euro (instead of 299,00 Euro) product at CPAElites. We're waiting for the approval.

yeah we talked about that but i i thought maybe there is another ways to do that. Seems there is no method for what i want. I asked these questions cuz i have only problem with getting traffic to my landing page. If i cant use the bot for getting traffic, there is no reason to buy it I hope your scraper released soon and we can buy the bot for that feature

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