SlayerX187 $257,000+ earned in total - Updated Feb 26 2016
2013-11-02, 11:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-27, 01:23 AM by SlayerX.)
Updated : Feb 26 2016

Ok decide to update this thread since i took my recent earning screenshots after the recent shit show with AWM and for David from AWM calling my earnings fake. Never will i use AWM in the future nor recommend them.

My earnings over the last 1 year have been purely auto pilot. I had many rl commitments and personal projects to take care of. I have now though found time and am making a comeback. Hopefully my earnings will rise in the coming days and i will keep you guys updated :)

If anyone wants live proof of my earnings, you can add me on skype and i can show you via teamviewer or screen share. Pleas don't add me for help at the moment. I do not have time to help people now :(

Skype: slayerx187

Total earnings : $257,000+

ShareCash (Was with them recently)
[Image: ypWiyAc.png]

CPA(Lead) (Going to be sticking with them again. Peter is very helpful as always)
[Image: aOQIPll.png]

FileIce (My first major network)
[Image: Nm4KZcU.png]

Updated : Feb 12 2015

Here's a quick update on my current earnings.

Total earnings : ~ 215,000 $

ShareCash (Currently with)
[Image: nZdQ0QC.png]

FileIce (Stopped using completely)
[Image: FoasWyO.png]

CPA(Lead) (Stopped using, reason below)
[Image: LAUTg2d.png]

I had a really good time with CPA(Lead) at the start and they had the best french offers with amazing conversions and offers for few countries which no other networks had, but after 4-5 months it all went down the drain. The offers had to be checked on a daily basis and then being enabled or disabled. Conversions weren't up to the mark and the worse thing that happened was the bad leads were getting ridiculous. My traffic has been the same for years and all organic and usually i get around 50-150$ worth bad leads at the end of the month for a total earning of 8-10K. But one month the bad leads piled upto 1200$ all of a sudden and this was removed from balance in a single day. This was really shocking on top of the average conversion i was getting. This is what made me think twice about sticking with them.

And the other reason probably would be their reward system. I have till date not received any of their trophies or t-shirts or other items for over 8 months now, except the initial 25$ amazon gift card and the 300$ account balance in exchange for the iPad. After 5 months of waiting for the iPad i had to message them over and again, 2 weeks i got 300$ in account balance in exchange for the iPad.


Updated : September 4th 2014

Well guys i had been on a short break for few months earlier this year due to personal reasons, but i'm back now. Here's a little update on my earnings :) I'll try to be active on the forums again.

Total earnings : ~161,000 $

FileIce (Not much change since i don't use it anymore)
[Image: 2Mxshpm.png]

[Image: TN92tzh.png]

CPA(Lead) (Current Main Network)
[Image: 45WZQt3.png]


Well guys i've gotten into PPD a year back as a total newbie and now i earn a steady income everyday. I have earned a total of ~109,000$ from PPD alone. I had switched networks in between and then back. Posting my main earning screenshots here.

[Image: Ulqczyp.png]

[Image: HHqIY28.png]

CPA(Lead) (Just started using them)
[Image: PNKRbQr.png]

Hope this will be an inspiration to many. I started as someone who had no idea what PPD was and now i can proudly say that i'm one of the top earners on many networks. Never give up mates ;)
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2013-11-02, 11:44 PM,
Wow, Congrats dude that's a lot of money to earn your first year

[Image: CZqWQay.png?1?7286]
2013-11-02, 11:47 PM,
Wow this is really a great inspiration for people who are not able to make decent amount of money and thinking of quiting :) SlayerX you give a perfect example of what patience determination and hard work can do.

Thanks and yeah Happy earning Good Luck.

Need Awesome Conversions Join This Network
2013-11-02, 11:48 PM,
Wow man, I remember seeing your name almost every day on fileice leaderboard until you start censoring it, you are an inspiration for people like me. Thanks for sharing your stats with us, and I think you will be granted an award for earning 100k+. Good luck
2013-11-02, 11:49 PM,
What methods YT/FB/SEO?

[Image: fcs-networker-468x601.gif]
2013-11-02, 11:52 PM,
Thanks for the wishes guys ;)

(2013-11-02, 11:48 PM)IndeXer Wrote: Wow man, I remember seeing your name almost every day on fileice leaderboard until you start censoring it, you are an inspiration for people like me. Thanks for sharing your stats with us, and I think you will be granted an award for earning 100k+. Good luck

Oh i didn't know they had an award for that. I'll check it out and try contacting the staff. Thanks for letting me know :)

(2013-11-02, 11:49 PM)mihai1497 Wrote: Congratulation!
What methods YT/FB/SEO?

2013-11-02, 11:58 PM,
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=65521&d=1377691686]

Impressed man. Well done!
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Bozzie(2016-02-27 01:14 AM) Dragoner(2014-09-16 08:24 PM) alexparris(2014-09-12 12:16 PM) 
2013-11-03, 12:11 AM,
Fantastic earnings, huge inspiration ;)

[Image: dYDFISG.png]
2013-11-03, 12:16 AM,
That's some insane earning, congrats for this Huge achievement :D
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mizzitdk(2013-11-03 08:08 PM) 
2013-11-03, 12:17 AM,
Congratz this is Excellent :)

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