Should prostitution be legalized? :P
2013-04-02, 07:19 PM,
I have been to Amsterdam, I'll say no more on that matter.

Should prostitution be legalized?
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2013-04-03, 01:45 AM,
Yeah because it's just like every job, except it's un-human...
2013-04-03, 02:03 AM,
(2013-04-03, 01:45 AM)Blackhat Wrote: Yeah because it's just like every job, except it's un-human...

I mean if they are not offering sexual services, they will clearly just be dealing drugs or worst. If it's in a controlled safe space, I personally don't see anything wrong with it.
2013-05-04, 01:46 PM,
Yes, some people want to make money that way. If they like to do it, why not?
2013-05-04, 09:10 PM,
Prostitution is already legalized. Maybe some people have just hard time seing it.
2013-05-06, 03:15 AM,
Yep. Ugly cunts like me need em HUEHUHEUHEUEHU
2013-05-10, 02:15 AM,
Organized prostituion shouldn't i mean the one that was kidnapped or forced into beeing a prostitude. But the ones that choose it them self should be legallized.

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2013-05-10, 02:20 AM,
They are offering a service for money, you only do it if you want it.

Yeah, it should be legal.

I'm not vip because I didn't earn a single penny with CPA/PPD, but yet, I never really tried.
My first 20$ will be spent on this forum for VIP :P
2013-05-10, 04:43 AM,
Yes, if it was legalized & regulated it could drop a huge percentage of the violent crimes that are associated with it having too be on the street such as rapes, etc. It would also reduce the amount of Please, keep it clean this type of discussion does not belong on CPA Elites. in general as a desperate man could just go too a regulated facility too have paid sex instead of having too Please, keep it clean this type of discussion does not belong on CPA Elites. an innocent girl out of desperaity; Of course it would also reduce the chance of contracting any STD's from the girl, or from the man since it would be done in a regulated fashion; Also if it was all regulated and taxed by the government it would also decrease our deficit and increase the country's profits in various different ways.

You could go on for days about the benefits, there really is alot more ' Pro's than Con's '
2013-05-10, 05:03 AM,
I agree with Stacks. In my opinion it should be legalized.

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