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Should I get a day job before going CPA full time?
2016-06-22, 11:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-06-22, 11:14 PM by Vrasquedrach.)
Hey y'all!

I'm new to CPA, only been at it for about a week. Anyway, do you recommend I get a full-time/part-time day job first to sustain my lifestyle before going full into CPA? And then once you're making some good money on CPA that's when you jump straight in?

I've been thinking about getting a full time job now so I'll have some funds saved for whatever investment purpose in CPA plus some money to live my life (drink with friends, party, goods, etc)

What do y'all think? Money
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2016-06-22, 11:40 PM,
full time work proposed by me
2016-06-22, 11:48 PM,
Hey dude!

Well for me and at the time where I discovered CPA, I was too young to get a job so I made a couple of grand (without investing) much and took off from there. If you don't have enough investment for lets say picking up a website host and a domain then try getting a job for the meantime.

All the best!
2016-06-22, 11:48 PM,
(2016-06-22, 11:40 PM)hejkujom Wrote: full time work proposed by me

2016-06-23, 01:44 AM,
I would say take a job and succeed and then there is a time when you thinn you can move it full time IM.
If you are going full time you will need some serious investments.
2016-06-23, 01:58 AM,
(2016-06-23, 01:44 AM)neverstop Wrote: I would say take a job and succeed and then there is a time when you thinn you can move it full time IM.
If you are going full time you will need some serious investments.

By serious investments around how much would you need for a "Serious IM start pack" (lol) and how much would the upkeep per month be.
2016-06-23, 02:14 AM,
There is no guaranteed specific amount you need to invest in order to start earning money. Many people are making 5 digits monthly earning without spending 2 digits whereas some are struggling to make even a mere 3 digit profit with greater investments. The thing is, this field is extremely risky and beside hard work, luck is essentially one of the most vital factor for success here. This is why, unless you have a fat bank account, I will strongly advise you to get a job, and spend your free time on IM, learning and gaining experience. After a few months/years, once you become experienced and confident, you can resign from your job and start doing IM full time.

Best Regards,
2016-06-23, 01:13 PM,
I will say do both in parallel ie search for a job and do CPA side by side like 2 hours a day. It will be win win situation and you will be secure if you get a job plus decent CPA earnings.
2016-06-23, 02:40 PM,
As eion said there is no definite amount. People saying they earn huge without investing dont believe because they invested their time which is way more valuable.
The amount depends on what are you planning. As said sooner or later you will need to have your own domain and hosting and it does not stop there as your site grows you will need to have a VPS SSL certificate and hence goes on.
To fully rely on something is not good so you may want a back up.

Secure your daily needs with a day job and you can extract four to five hours and do IM daily.
Posting a blog post takes a maximum of two hours for a quality post and that is enough if you know what you are doing. This is long term and dont expect your pockets get fat overnight.

Note: I am in my mobile there may be many errors please correct yourselves thanks.
2016-06-25, 08:04 PM,
I earn like $500-$600 monthly from my IM ventures which includes different earning streams Still I work offline where I earn like $250 per month,
But that offline work is a passive earning to me and I wont skip that unless I start something on my own.
Coz I feel these IM empire can fall down anytime I could be wrong.

My suggestion for a job as that will also help you in growing your circle and exploring more things besides sitting alone with a mac and pizza.


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