[Share] HQ VB project for gaming niche (modified keygen)
2014-11-05, 01:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-11-05, 01:22 PM by kcah3.)
Hey, guys!

My username is kcah3. I'm actually not very new to this forums, but I wasn't active, so I guess non of you have heard of me.

Well I really like this forum, it gave me a lot of good ideas and I want to thank all of you and share my own, private Visual Studio project for gaming niche.

About project:
Well this is simple keygen for Diablo 3(not real of caurse). But it has some feautures, like to start generating keys it needs to be activated. To get it activated people will need to enter the key and to get the key they will need to do certain tasks: like your fb fan page, share your page, click g+ button and only then they will be able to download key which will be uploaded to some PPD website. So You will get the double income if someone will download your file and then download the activation key.

How it works?
After you open the program and press generate button, program checks if there is file "Activated.txt" in your C:/GameKeys.in/Diablo3/. If there is no file with such name in that directory program asks you to activate it by entering the right key. To get the key, as I mentioned above, firstly it will ask you to like your fb fan page(another options are locked at that moment), after you will press like button - facebook fan page will be opened and then feauture share it on facebook will be unlocked, then press g+ button will be unclocked and finally download link for key will be unlocked. Well functionality of this part is questionable, because program can't really see if people have liked your fb fan page, share it and pressed g+ button, but either way some percent of people will make all of these steps. So after they will download a key and enter it in activation box, program will create "Activated.txt" in C:/GameKeys.in/Diablo3/ and it will be activated. And then people will be able to press generate button, but after they will press it, they will get an error with .NET FrameWork.

Demonstration of my project:

Project is made with Visual Studio Ultimate 2013.


Download link:
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Hope I will help someone and feel free to ask any question :)

Sorry for my bad English :/
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2014-11-05, 01:23 PM,
Very high quality share, this is what i am looking for! Hope to see more share from you mate. :)
2014-11-05, 01:27 PM,
(2014-11-05, 01:23 PM)KillBizz Wrote: Very high quality share, this is what i am looking for! Hope to see more share from you mate. :)
You're welcome, mate. Glad you liked it :)
2014-11-05, 04:19 PM,
Looks good, i will check this, it's full editable?
2014-11-05, 04:25 PM,
Good share, never knew such features could be added to a visual basic application. XD Thanks for the HQ share man! :)

[Image: u90z4i6.png]
2014-11-05, 04:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-11-05, 04:35 PM by kcah3.)
(2014-11-05, 04:19 PM)DGR Wrote: Looks good, i will check this, it's full editable?
Yep, it's full editable, if you know a little bit of photoshop and programming you will be able to remake it in to whatever pops in your head easily :)
Anyway, if you will have any questions feel free to ask here, or write me PM :)

(2014-11-05, 04:25 PM)Twisted Fate Wrote: Good share, never knew such features could be added to a visual basic application. XD Thanks for the HQ share man! :)
You're welcome :)
Well it's not that hard, just need a little bit of imagination and coding knowledge which comes from tutorials and documentations :)
2014-11-05, 05:33 PM,
Good share. That like to continue idea was very smart. Thanks for sharing with us

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[Image: jqE21u3.gif]
2014-11-05, 05:41 PM,
(2014-11-05, 05:33 PM)Superhero99 Wrote: Good share. That like to continue idea was very smart. Thanks for sharing with us
Glad you liked it!! ^^ Let's hope it will be useful for someone :)
2014-11-05, 05:42 PM,
Great project buddy, thank you!

Make sure to read the forum rules: here

Please leave a reply and keep my threads alive for others to find and benefit from. Don't just leave a thanks because others need help too.
2014-11-05, 07:35 PM,
Amazing share! Thanks for sharing! I will check this

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