Shadow* Reborn - 2014 heading to 20$/day
2013-08-08, 10:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-18, 01:00 PM by Shadow*.)
[Image: BRvuUto.png]

Hello! At first, if you want to know something about me you can read this thread -

If you are lazy like me, here you have- I am 19 years old boy from middle of Europe, I ended school 2 months ago and in this month i will look for a job. Now Im earning some money with YT+CPA+PPD and I to move this higher. Im in IM since March 2013, i've got my first first lean on 6. April 2013 - I earned 0,80$ !!! (really good feeling). Now I'am making about 10$/day and I want to move this to stable 30$+. But im lazy as a bitch, I have 12 videos online at the moment, one big multi-niche site (hacks, generators,...) and 14 niches on site (YT keep deleting my 2 niches, but they are shitty so i dont care). And when im decided to start working, i just tell my self: "I will just play one Dota game" and I will never end with only one...

[Image: ech4cNI.png]

Total earnings:
[X] 100$ Total
[X] 1000$ Total
[ ] 5000$ Total
[ ] 10000$ Total

Daily earnings:
[X] 10$ in one day
[ ] 100$ in one day
[ ] 500$ in one day

Month earnings:
[X] 100$ in one month
[X] 500$ in one month
[ ] 1000$ in one month
[ ] 5000$ in one month

[ ] Buy watches for my girlfriend (I told her I will buy her watches when I will earn 1000$/month, she did not asked for it, but i promised her it because she gave me Casio Edifice 527)
[ ] Buy new notebook for my monther (she have her business, she is not earning well and she is working on 8 years old notebook)
[ ] Buy Ford Mustang (1967 fastback or 2010-2013)
[ ] Move to Dubai

[Image: 3m2UcWV.png]

Highest day:
43,43$ 19. August 2013

Current networks:

Month earnings:

February 2014 - 85,68$
March 2014

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2013-08-08, 10:30 PM,
Goodluck with your earnings
[Image: good-luck42.jpg]
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Shadow*(2013-08-09 03:57 AM) 

[Image: 30l2a7s.png]
2013-08-09, 03:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-09, 03:43 PM by Shadow*.)

Clicks 91
Leads 12
Earnings $27.63
EPC $0.30
CR 13.19%

Luckily got 1 french lead, but not from my only french niche -.-
Clicks was really bad because AWM was down for couple hours...


Clicks 96
Leads 9
Earnings $8.30
EPC $0.09
CR $9.38

Uploaded 1 video which was deleted few days ago, made YT SEO, sended some likes and views, will boost it with other thigs tommorow, again HOT and lazy day today...AWM was down again so stats will be probably again shitty...
2013-08-09, 03:59 AM,
I don't see why people are still using sharecash, but there are things that never change :)
I don't work with sharecash for more than a year, a lot may have changed. But if u have good earnings :D keep it up
2013-08-09, 04:02 AM,
I was with for all my time, but when they deleted PP payments i decided to switch, and i hear a lot of good thing in few days back about SC... But my visitors need to complete 2 surveys on AWM until they will be able to download file from SC, so only few ppl will complete 3 surveys in row.
2013-08-10, 02:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-11, 02:23 AM by Shadow*.)

Clicks 144
Leads 14
Earnings $11.60
EPC $0.08
CR 09.72%

Today is funny day, ive ordered 10k for my video which i uploaded yesterday and ive got 855k HR views... I was instatnly on YT frontpage but ive earned only 0,95$... I made that video unlisted, atm im boosting it with comments, subs and likes, i want to have here about 2000 likes 200 comments and some subs... after week i will make it listed and i will see what happend. And dont know why my niches which are on page 1 on last spots at page had 3 click/day everytime and today bom today more thank 20 click... Also my one video deleted, niche was Office 2010 Keygen, im not going to do this nice again, i was on 2 place on youtube but i was not earning good money and Microsoft Corporation asked to delete my video so i deleted it from youtube and my site, i dont want to have a troble.
2013-08-11, 02:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-11, 03:36 PM by Shadow*.)

Clicks 73
Leads 13
Earnings $31.00
EPC $0.42
CR 17.81%

Today i was whole day in Hungary, so i did nothing. But got one french lead, its my frist french lead from only-french niche. Anyway ive got really low clicks, dunno why...
2013-08-11, 02:30 AM,
Good luck with your journey! I hope you will achieve all of your goals! BTW, I got $0,80 from my first download too!
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Shadow*(2013-08-11 02:33 AM) 

[Image: siggy.png]

I will teach you how to make money! Check out my Ultimate Referral Training Program!
2013-08-11, 05:24 AM,
Good luck with this, I will follow you and wish you good earnings :)
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Shadow*(2013-08-11 03:36 PM) 
2013-08-11, 06:42 AM,
Im following this one thing is on my mind what will u do with video that got 900k views :D Will u earn big with it.
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Shadow*(2013-08-11 03:36 PM) 

I am not going to be outworked. Period. You might have a lot more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me. You might be all of those things...but if we get on the treadmill together-there are two points: you're acquiring off first or I'm gonna die. It's seriously that simple.

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