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Self-driving cars will kill people
2018-06-03, 07:46 PM,
Recently, headlines have been circulating speculation about what we need to do about the risks of self-driving vehicles. After one of its self-driving vehicles was responsible for a fatal crash, Uber has temporarily paused all autonomous vehicle testing in the state of Arizona. In its wake, Arizona Governor Douglas Ducey has reiterated his position to prioritize public safety as a top priority and has described the Uber accident as an “unquestionable failure” in preserving this priority.

Also recently, Tesla confirmed that a recent highway crash (which killed the driver of the vehicle) happened while the Tesla Autopilot system (a semi-autonomous feature) was controlling the car. This is the second accident in which the Tesla Autopilot system was at least partially at fault.

To many consumers, these incidents are a confirmation of something they suspected all along; trusting an AI system to handle driving is a mistake and one that’s destined to kill people. Self-driving cars, they therefore conclude, need to be heavily regulated and scrutinized, and potentially delayed indefinitely, until we can be sure that they’ll bring no harm to their drivers and passengers.

This is an inherently flawed view. It’s not a good thing that self-driving cars have killed people, but testing them in real-world situations is a necessary thing if we want to keep moving forward toward a safer, brighter future. And unless we want to jeopardize that future, we need to get over our fears.

What's your opinion regarding self driving cars?

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2018-06-03, 08:30 PM,
I wonder if they said the same when the first cars came out
2018-06-03, 08:42 PM,
I will bet if you compare hours on the road versus an average human that self driving cars are already mathematically better :/
2018-06-03, 08:48 PM,
I think Tesla should be held responsible for their faulty system. Make more tests on that product before even launching it. That's how they're gonna minimize the population? lol
2018-06-03, 08:59 PM,
Even I believe that it is very risky and will be faulty at times
2018-06-03, 09:29 PM,
Not introducing self-driving cars will kill many many more people.
2018-06-03, 09:36 PM,
Well sh*t happens...
Thinking about it, we should ban all cars.
And guns.
And stupid people.
2018-06-03, 10:07 PM,
I am actually afraid that cyclists might be the big losers in all this..
2018-06-04, 12:24 AM,
Self driving cars. Taking drunk people home to put taxi services out of business :/
2018-06-04, 12:52 AM,
But how many people are killed in car accidents everyday when a human is driving? These are pretty isolated incidents and because it's such a new topic people freak the fuck out. Personally I wouldn't trust a self-driving car but at the same time how much do you trust random people driving cars?

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