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[SUPER HQ] How To Get Up To 50 Times Your Leads VERY Easily! 1K Thanks Special!
2016-05-04, 12:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-05-04, 08:33 AM by HexaTech.)
Hey, guys and thank you SO much for one thousand thanks! I have been planning for this unique tutorial/method to give something back to this amazing community!

I hope you enjoy this very detailed tutorial!

Hello, and thank you for thanking me for viewing this method!
Please reply with thanks to help others earn BIG just like you!
Thank you, once again, for replying to my thread!
By imnotleecher from CPAELITES, don't post this anywhere else except by my permission, send me a PM first.
So, let us get into the method. Now, you can use this method on blackhat or whitehat; you'll have to change the way you use the method.

We're going to start with the blackhat method, let's get into it!

Method 1:
This method works for people working with PPD; you just have to have a fake program that you got the source code to, of course.

Let's begin!

So go to your Visual Basic 2016/ whatever version you use, I use Visual Basic 2008 Express because my laptop is extremely slow, and I've made an incredibly ugly fake program, but it's just for demonstration.

[Image: fOG6vqa.png]

Now let's get to the next step.

You will need to do the following steps:
right click WindowsApplication1 or whatever you called your project, hover over Add, and then New

[Image: lPjTAke.png]

Then choose Windows application

[Image: FXU078p.png]

Place a web browser, textbox, and a button in a similar fashion:

[Image: S7kWN9O.png]

Now double click on your form itself, the window, you should see this:

[Image: 6ocqVUy.png]

Now insert this:

Now, Double click on the button, and insert this:

If WebBrowser1.Url = New Uri("") Then
            If TextBox1.Text = "ComplexPassword" Then
                MessageBox.Show("Please enter the password into the textbox!")
            End If
            MessageBox.Show("Please fill in the offer!")
        End If

Okay okay, I know you're most likely wondering what the hell this is.
Let's break this down.

If WebBrowser1.Url = New URI("") Then

This is an IF statement. It's checking if the web browser is currently at the website you specified, in this case, (
The link in this line should be a website with something like <p>Password: ComplexPassword</p> or you can try just autofill the textbox with textbox1.text = ComplexPassword.


The first line, tells the web browser to navigate to the link you specify, which is , should be a link with offers.

The first and second line: Me.Hide() - Me declares form2; you can replace it with form2.Hide() but I prefer to use this. It hides the form.

Form1.Show() - The exact opposite of the line before this one, It shows the first form, which is your original fake program. You probably

should make the second form with the same theme as the first one.

For messagebox.Show("Whatever"), It show's a message box with the string you put inside.

Now I forgot to add this, But go to Form1 from the solution explorer, double click the button and add this:

You should end up with this:

[Image: ffNhVth.png]

This is optimized so if they attempt to click continue again they have to go through the whole process again, and you get more $$$

Now I'm really tired, if I miss anything, please tell me by reply or PM, or if I have any grammatical mistakes.

I think that's it for the first method!

Great, elites, Thank you for reading this far!


Method 2:

This one is really easy. Just require a survey to download a zip file containing your content and put a password with your survey link in the comments or make a txt file which is not password protected named PASSWORD.txt and put your survey link in there.



Okay, guys so we got through so much, I hope you're enjoying this so far, but let's go on to the whitehat method! Which is the one that works best with this! You can bank HARD with this, so let's go ON!

Whitehat Method (50x leads):

Now let's suppose your niche is weight loss niche. The first​ step, you need a legit ebook that will actually get very good results with no hunger. Second step, you need one with custom recipes, so you can profit from it most. So here's the heart of the method: Just put every recipe behind a content locker, and leave it spread with a viral facebook script, I recommend daSocializer by dvlDen (I can't really remember his name and I'm tired so forgive me if it's incorrect), It's cheap and has very good security + layout and options. Now even if you dont use a viral script you'll still get it kinda viral, here's an example story of a person that got your ebook:

This is the end guys, I'm very tired and might have missed details or whatever, just send me a PM or a reply saying what I've missed and once I see it I'll fix it right away! Thank you guys a LOT! Happy earnings <3
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2016-05-04, 07:14 AM,
There is a very big problem of leechers on this forum, this needs to be solved.
2016-05-04, 08:26 AM,
can you explain the method for whitehat? I couldn't understand it.
and how to get traffic? Or where will I post the story?
2016-05-04, 08:32 AM,
Sorry for the misconception, The story shouldn't be written anywhere, it's an example story of someone who found your ebook and this is how he got you 75 leads, Will edit this right away.

Thank you!
2016-05-04, 02:08 PM,
I see you sharing and staying active on here, so let me flip this around and let us say thanks to you.

Enjoy the free VIP Legends.
2016-05-04, 03:22 PM,
Enjoy you free VIP legends, Thanks for contributing to the forum.
2016-05-04, 03:49 PM,
Congratulations for Free VIP Legends. That was pretty HQ share mate. Keep it up.
2016-05-04, 04:57 PM,
Thanks mate for contributing.. and Congrats for the Free VIP legends.

[Image: oMf1PAv.gif]

2016-05-04, 06:27 PM,
Thanks mate....reading it now
2016-05-04, 06:42 PM,
(2016-05-04, 02:08 PM)ϟ★ --- The previous Admin --- Eye★ϟ Wrote: I see you sharing and staying active on here, so let me flip this around and let us say thanks to you.

Enjoy the free VIP Legends.

(2016-05-04, 03:22 PM)WarAffiliate Wrote: Enjoy you free VIP legends, Thanks for contributing to the forum.

(2016-05-04, 03:49 PM)weblycos Wrote: Congratulations for Free VIP Legends. That was pretty HQ share mate. Keep it up.

(2016-05-04, 04:57 PM)CallmeReaz Wrote: Thanks mate for contributing.. and Congrats for the Free VIP legends.

Thank you ALL, and most thanks to --- The previous Admin --- for making this amazing forum, more contributions coming in soon!

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