[SHARE] Instagram Undiscovered Competition Tricks And Traffic Method
2017-09-08, 12:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-09-08, 01:08 AM by RaeRed.)
Hey Elites,

In this share I will be explaining this Instagram Traffic Method And Undiscovered Competition Tricks.

Undiscovered Competition Trick

First, all you will need here is a working Instagram account. It could be fake or it could be your personal one.

Head over to https://www.instagram.com/clashroyale/
And click it's followers, your screen should now look like this:

[Image: B7qIryrHSnaRurPAPAF1eA.png]

In this example, I clicked on that green joker image because it looked cool. :D Once you click on someone's page from their followers, then you click on their followers. Your screen should now look like this:

[Image: l-cX2cRgQrmQJhV36cy3EQ.png]

And immediately we have 2 accounts that are advertising 1) Free Followers and 2) Free Gems In Clash Royale

You can kind of get the point from how that works. You can go to any popular or famous Instagram account, click on their followers, click on one of the accounts in the list and go to their followers and see how many accounts are following them to get traffic to their CPA locker. You can discover everybody in your competition and literally copy, paste and even do it better than them.

I also noticed there's some clever people not targeting these kind of niche's on Instagram because how saturated it became the last couple of months as it was exploited on the internet. If you really dig deep and do a lot of research trying to find new accounts or niche's to target, you definitely will find the gold as I have. Think of popular stores, for example, stores that you will find in the Mall. Stores that you buy your favorite shoes from, stores that you shop for expensive clothes for, etc. There's a lot of opportunity here and maybe you won't have any competition for a "new store" that's possibly in your area. Think gift cards, free (enter product here).

This Undiscovered Competition Trick is there if you do your research correctly and it does work wonders if you find new famous accounts and check them.

Instagram Traffic Method

Getting traffic on Instagram is simple if you know how to bot and target your audience correctly. In this method, I use FollowLiker on my $16 per moth VPS from GreenCloudVPS. It's pretty decent.

First, you will need to either create your accounts (10 is the minimum if you want to see some traffic) otherwise I'd recommend over that. I bought aged Instagram accounts from sellers here, that works fine. Now I'd recommend getting semi-dedicated proxies which is $10 per month (not that much) it's just $1 per proxy which is good.

After you have received all of those, now you have to add your accounts to FollowLiker and start warming them up with the lowest settings possible. I might share my warm up strategy later if I get some feedback here. However, you should not follow more than 50 per day if it's a new account. Have the settings on the extreme low in that case.

After a day or two, you can higher your settings and follow more people. I don't think I mentioned this previously but I would normally write down 5-15 accounts that I want to target and target 3 of them per account. That's what I do for now as I'm still warming up some of my accounts.

Here's My Current Setup:

10 Aged Accounts (You Can Find In The Marketplace Here)
10 Dedicated Proxies (I Use BuyProxies.org)
Unlimited FollowLiker Version (You Can Use This Or Find A Free Solution)
2GB RAM VPS From GreenCloudVPS

That's really all you need to start going, otherwise you will have to take some time and do dig deep and research some accounts with potential for your niche's.
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2017-09-08, 12:48 AM,
Good stuff mate. Btw how do you phone verify accounts? Thanks for the method!
2017-09-08, 01:28 AM,
Great stuff mate, thanks.
2017-09-08, 01:46 AM,
Elites, I forgot to add certain things here so I will be updating the thread later tonight.
I will be adding how to phone verify accounts for free, how to get your own accounts, how to work without proxies if you're on a budget and how to target more accounts (with certain and or limited niches concluded). Stay tuned!

(2017-09-08, 12:48 AM)bratt01 Wrote: Good stuff mate. Btw how do you phone verify accounts? Thanks for the method!

I bought aged accounts that were already phone verified but if I need to phone verify them again, I use any text free app. Some don't work and since I don't have that memorized I'll try to update the thread on that request. And you're welcome!

(2017-09-08, 01:28 AM)reshamanair Wrote: Great stuff mate, thanks.

No problem mate. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. :)
2017-09-08, 02:29 AM,
I'm not IG active or familiar with, but I do appreciate your contribution mate.

Keep sharing mate.

Thank you.

[Image: hu63sdf.gif]
2017-09-08, 02:40 AM,
Thanks for the method, I guess everybody is using it now, btw can you share the warmup method, there are plenty out there but want to know yours, and your earnings? thanks
2017-09-08, 11:13 PM,
Awesome share bro, +8 for this long thread which obviously took you a ton of time!
Much respect!
2017-09-12, 08:07 PM,
(2017-09-08, 12:43 AM)Aicec Wrote: I might share my warm up strategy later if I get some feedback here.
Yes, please :D
And thanks for the thread :)
2017-09-12, 11:56 PM,
What are you current earnings?=)
2017-09-15, 11:25 AM,
Good share brother, thanks.

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