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2018-03-24, 01:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 2018-05-08, 10:02 AM by SwiffJustus.)
UPDATE: 5-02-2088

OK Guys,
I feel kinda bad about starting the Udemy free coupon threads only for the coupons to expire in a day or so..
So, since I personally still have access to most of them as I get time
I'll download the courses and add them to my Google drive server...
Just so you know if I get a request from the Instructor to remove this I will Comply.
If you like his stuff you can always check out some of his other stuff and show some support..
There, there's a PLUG..  so now he should leave us alone with this one lol  Tongue

[Image: unavail.jpg]


Evening My Fellow ELITES ! Cool

Found this in my travels, had a quick look at it looks like something some may find useful .
It's a FREE Udemy course, and I know there are many but this is a bit different and it shows
you how to utilize a specific tool, which there is a FREE VERSION That last 1 year then you'll
need to update the License. I didn't personally try the tool, nor do I endorse it,  But I plan to have a look.

What will U learn in this course?

    The basics to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    How to perform an SEO Audit
    How to analyze broken backlinks
    How to identify duplicate content
    How to fix site errors
    How to issue a report
    How to crawl a website
    How to examine the .htaccess for issues & compatability
    How to analyse page data like titles, meta & descriptions
    How to generate XML sitemaps
    How to meta robots text
    How to audit hreflang attributes
    How to how to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider *(THERE'S A FREE VERSION)

What is the target audience?

    Online Marketers
    Everyone with a Website
    SEO Marketers & Engineers
    Brick & Mortar Businesses
    Everyone with a Product
    Video Producers who want to rank their videos higher in Google
    Link Builders
    Content Creators who want to get more traffic from their work

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2018-03-24, 01:33 PM,
That is seems to be a useful share, Thank you buddy.
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SwiffJustus(2018-03-24 09:53 PM) 
2018-03-24, 01:38 PM,
The contents in the video is very informative, Thank you for sharing it for freee!
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SwiffJustus(2018-03-24 09:53 PM) 
2018-03-24, 11:15 PM,
(2018-03-24, 07:41 PM)affmarketer101 Wrote: The coupon is working perfectly. The course has very good structure, easy to follow.

Thanks for the words of appreciation Guys, really means a lot that you guys find some of this stuff useful and
I really appreciate the Interest and FEEDBACK. I really Do Grin
2018-03-29, 09:41 PM,
Seems to be a very useful course, Thank you for the share buddy.
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SwiffJustus(2018-03-30 01:21 AM) 
2018-03-30, 08:32 PM,
Good share mate, Thank you!
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SwiffJustus(2018-03-31 12:39 PM) 
2018-03-31, 12:15 PM,
Thanks mate, Looks like it is worth to read about it.
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SwiffJustus(2018-03-31 12:39 PM) 
2018-04-02, 11:54 PM,
Interesting, I will check it in my spare time.

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SwiffJustus(2018-04-07 12:38 AM) 
2018-04-07, 12:14 AM,
Good stuff mate, Thank you for the share.
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SwiffJustus(2018-04-07 12:38 AM) 
2018-04-09, 12:59 PM,
Thank you for the share, Will read about it.

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