Rookie's Journey to 200$ a day
2015-07-06, 12:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-08-14, 08:21 PM by Chilly.)
Hi there everyone

My name's Georgi, been member of this forum for a year now. I've gotten into IM earlier although I didn't earn from it up until this April, so far I've made $438.72. Now to keep it short, I started with 0 investment by uploading youtube videos, and then when I saved up I bought a SEO service that made autopilot earnings ( which is still doing so.) However the earnings are nothing special, I would like to scale it up and I thought I should make a journey about it. Let new people see my mistakes and stuff. Also I'm making this to force myself to be more initiative and since my college is over I'll have lots of time to mess around with IM.

Here are 2 weeks of my earnings

[Image: wzUJtN7_zpspv2nqpzg.png]

The highest earning in a day that I've had is 25$ , which was pure luck

So without further are my plans.

I've made blogger sites because I was too stingy to actually pay for hosting ( lol) I've put up a few adsense banners here and there to just cover up the domain expenses ( yes I integraded a blogger site with a domain. ) And I've bought a VPN yesterday which will make things such as ranking easier.

I've been looking to get into PPC however bing and facebook thought otherwise lol I got banned from there but no biggie, currently looking for another PPC network.

PPI has also been something I'm looking to try but just haven't integraded it quite well with my website. I've gotten 2 installs worth of 0.06$ and my CPA grip's URL locker has been giving me trouble ( can't find the save button and so on) but it's mainly because I've put lots of HTML code stuff in there. So basically I wanted to make people download PPI then try to download the PPD file. I'll probably have to test this out with another niche.

I also submitted a direct offer link with a free domain to a few websites which do get conversions from time to time.

As I said in my introduction I'm good with After Effects. Animations did have an impact on my downloads because, well, it made them look more
professional, however I'm focusing on animating with Photoshop because the file is lower and easier to upload.

As of today I'll be trying to just rank my sites. perhaps I'll even go back to uploading videos at one point. still thinking of how to scale up. Reading up on some methods as well, Will update you guys later on.

I'll also be posting videos for motivation

Mistakes I've learned:
1.Never make one content locker for 2 niches -_-
2.ALWAYS make sure your mirrors aren't outdated
3. Testing does not always result in increased profit
4. Tease time = BAD
5. Rank does not matter when your content is shit
6. Never give out your niches, even to ''GURUS''
7. Do pages instead of posts on blogger ( easier to redirect domain )
8. Use offshore hosting.
9. Never lose hope. :)
10.You can't think that one idea and the way you think is suppose to happen is the only way it can happen.
[Image: 19_zpsh1t2to06.gif]
Niche Number 1

[Image: Niche1_zpswu57ttnl.png]

This is my main niche, I must say I've seen better days in views, traffic is mostly USA.
[Image: run-wbm_zpsbojvnpxa.gif]
Niche Number 2

[Image: Niche2_zps2ebvsgpy.png]

Second niche, gets more pin submits than niche 1. I must say I'm surprised because I would've never expected that this niche would work.
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2015-07-06, 12:29 AM,
good luck bro :) :) :) :) :)

We're in a time where all enterprises fall
We should beware of the wolves that haunt us
They are not all the same, cannot take the blame
Await the time to unchain utopia
2015-07-06, 03:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-07-06, 04:07 PM by Chilly.)

[Image: stats_zps27awe0fo.png]

Not bad, My SEO software that I'm using started acting up and isn't working with my proxies at all..need to look into that when I'm back home today. And I'm also going to be making a better website for both niches in order to get a better conversion.

Here's a song to celebrate the earnings :P

2015-07-06, 03:56 PM,
108 clicks and just 5 leads, try to update your niches and add "proof" maybe your CR will be better
2015-07-07, 05:19 PM,

[Image: Screenshot_1_zpscshralyq.png]

Well, I finished designing the new website for Niche 1, it'll take a few days to get it up since I'm paying someone to do it for me and hopefully it will improve my CTR. Niche one is pretty much in page 1 in google. Niche 2 is dancing which is annoying me. I really need to fix my SEO software issue so I can rank another niche. That's all folks
2015-07-08, 07:37 PM,

[Image: Screenshot_1_zps9uscmnr5.png]

Dude.....I don't know what the hell happened, ranking is the same and traffic hasn't been low, I'm really expecting my new website to change this. I still use my regular blogger one at the moment.
2015-07-09, 01:10 PM,
(2015-07-08, 07:37 PM)soulstatyk Wrote:


Dude.....I don't know what the hell happened, ranking is the same and traffic hasn't been low, I'm really expecting my new website to change this. I still use my regular blogger one at the moment.

Subscribed, will follow your thread now.
2015-07-09, 06:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-07-19, 10:51 PM by Chilly.)

[Image: Screenshot_1_zpsgtk5caye.png]

I think I just got lucky, got my first NL lead.
[Image: cd7c494834c8911dbdc49236b901c5cf_zpsspem2nob.gif]

Well, so far so good. Those two niches will keep some earnings going as long as they're ranked so it's time to come up with more. Will spend time researching today.
I really need to start organizing my time properly. Need to cut on gaming and start working. My next payment will be on the 17th so I can't really invest anything until then. Which also means my new website won't be done until then unfortunately. But hey, good earnings deserve a good song Grin

EDIT: I also forgot to add, due to my stupid mistake of adding the same content lock on both Niche 1 and 2 I don't even know which was responsible for the pin submit. Although I'm leanin more towards Niche 2 because not too long ago I got a UK and Spain pin submit from it.
2015-07-10, 09:07 AM,
Can you please tell which software do you use for SEO???

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-07-10, 09:32 AM,
Good luck on your journey!

Blogger properties are great because google owns them and like to rank them... just try to keep your content unique and fresh.

Also being good in After Effects is an awesome asset to have. I bet you can get your YouTube vids to really stand out from the crowd.... now, if only you could integrate some cool AE animations to enhance your CTA :)

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