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2016-03-24, 11:14 PM,
Hai there!
My name is Cloaked (not real name), I'm 21 years old and I'm from Romania.
I first started in this industry on a PPD network back in January 2013 and had little success for almost the whole year. After that, I came across a gold mine and jumped quite a bit in earnings until about 6 months ago when my main method started declining and dying out. Now, it's completely dead and well, here I am Grin
This is probably my third journey thread but I know it will also be my last.
Things have been working bad lately since my main method died about a month and so ago, I also had some minor health problems that I had to deal with,
spilled wine on my laptop and killed it (it wasn't even a good wine) and other things lol.
Now however, I'm back on track and I'm ready to go into deep waters. I need to start over, new methods, new advertising tactics and so on.

This journey will consist of several methods over time.
I will try to explain the methods I will use as best as I can. You have to understand however that if somehow I come across a gold mine,
I may not be able to reveal the method for saturation reasons. I will try to answer questions as best as possible and reveal as much as I can :)
Anyways, here are the methods I'm currently using:

Method #1
As of now, I'm doing a regular YouTube video uploading method with some twists of mine added. I'm still trying to figure out what ticks the ranking process so until then,
I'll target low / medium searched niches that are ranked fast and upload tons of videos.
Here's are some quick tips for this first method I'm using:

Method #2

This method will be about Facebook Ads.
As of now I'm still researching about them, learning what I can to see what I'm allowed to do and not. I'll be trying to focus on white hat niches for this one.
I'm a fast learner so I'll adapt fast and hopefully not lose a lot of money in the process.
I'll update this part after I have a working way of doing them.

With that being said, that's all for now. I'll update this thread tomorrow morning with what I've done today, statistics of what I have and so on. Each update post will be made daily if possible and will contain visitor stats on both the website and my network and also a log of what I've done in that day.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here and I'll try to answer them if I can! :)
With this journey I hope not only to motivate myself into not being lazy but also help you guys with motivation, tips and ideas hopefully! :)
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2016-03-25, 12:26 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-03-25, 12:27 AM by Before5am.)
Yo dude, I don't know how many journeys I read from you but that's awesome that you're trying to get back in the game. I remember you a lot from C-F& back in the good days haha, but today I don't think anybody earns that much with YouTube. I remember DEREKTROTTER had a journey just doing YT but that was years ago, seems like yesterday for me though. Anyway, method #2 sounds better.

Good luck dude, I know you can make it big again! Cheers :)
2016-03-25, 12:33 AM,
Ohh man, DEREKTROTTER, I remember that guy. The good old CF days, too bad things changed a lot there lol.
Thanks for the positive reply! :)
I'm trying not to focus on Method #1 as my main which is why I'll try to get #2 up and running as fast as possible.
I'll also look into other methods. I've been seeing a lot of people using Instagram but for some reason I don't want to go near it. I don't know why haha.
Oh and, I should probably upgrade my profile. I can't send private messages back xD. So if you guys have any questions, it'd be best if you'd put them here since I can't reply back.
2016-03-25, 12:37 AM,
Awesome journey! Keep up the hard work and stay focused.
Good luck!
2016-03-25, 01:17 AM,
Subcribed i hope you will reach ur goals :) so i wish you good luck :)
2016-03-25, 01:34 AM,
Will definitely follow this one :) Just be careful with YT in terms of investing. All in all, I do only suggest using WH YT and investing wisely
2016-03-25, 01:38 AM,
I'll be following this one for sure! I'm also starting a "journey", I'm pretty new to CPA but I used to read on the subject once in a while in the past, trying to make the website myself so it will take a while. good luck!
2016-03-25, 03:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-03-25, 03:20 PM by Cloaked.)
Thanks everyone for the kind words! :)
Dipsy - I'm not planning to invest that much at all in YouTube, maybe a few dollars here and there per video. I've never done WH in all my PPD/CPA years. I'm trying to do it now but with Facebook, hopefully I'll get a website up and running for a campaign today :)
Anyways, yesterday was the first day of my journey. I did not do much. I only read some more things about Facebook and also about YouTube.
I did create a website and a video for a niche, uploaded it and also added 1k views from a website which should be rolling on today. When I uploaded the video, about 2 hours later, it was ranked on the second page. Today, it's not even in the first 10 pages. I'll add the likes and comments today, some social shares if I can and see how it is.
Here are the website stats for yesterday:
[Image: Qw2ucpz.png]
And CPAGrip stats:
[Image: 7dKzR1Q.png]
Note: There are extra clicks and views because that's "leftover" traffic from my previous method which I'm still trying to resuscitate somehow xD
Also, I currently have 3 videos uploaded for 3 niches on YouTube. One of them is ranked on the first page, the other one is nowhere to be found but still brings 2 - 3 clicks per day somehow and this last one I uploaded today, is in the process of ranking.
Today, I'll try to get at least 3 more niches done for YouTube and also, hopefully, get a website up and running for a white hat niche I plan to use on Facebook ads. Since I couldn't get a straight answer on my question about content locking on ads, I guess I'll have to test things myself.
Well, see you guys tomorrow! :) I'll try to keep my posts to a minimum so I won't spam this thread.
2016-03-25, 04:19 PM,
I wish you luck and I hope that you won't stop updating after a few days. I remember you from CLINFILE (had to spell it like that lol) and I remember Derek as well. That guy was a fucking legend back in a day. Good luck man.
2016-03-25, 05:06 PM,
I remember you from cloudfare i wasn't that active on the forums but yeah i banked hard and lurked around now and then good times, after things went downhill there and youtube fucked up i haven't been able to get back on my feet and been way too lazy so we're kinda on the same boat, i subscribed to this thread good luck mate hope you don't stop updating if things go south.

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