Return to CPA (Has Money to Invest )
2014-01-24, 04:58 AM,
Well I am returning to PPD/CPA for the 3rd time. My first time doing PPD was with FileIce. I made around $12 then gave up. =[
My second time was when I had registered for this site in its early stages with very few members. I had made about $50 total from about 3 different PPD/CPA sites then i quit again because I didnt have the funds to keep up with the things I wanted.
But now, I have recently had an "Internet Marketing" Break through if you will. I get a good amount of money auto pilot monthly now ( not from CPA or PPD). But moral of the story is that I now have money to invest, but I just need to figure out what are the best things to invest in.

So i have some questions below

I have heard as far as advertising goes that Facebook is the best if done correctly. What programs would you suggest I use or purchase in terms of facebook advertising and spreading?

What are the current best SEO tools on the market right now?

Any reccomendations for which CPA/PPD sites to use? ( im accepted to most already)

Tips on finding Niches?

Should I purchase Google or Bing Ads?

What do you feel is required to make at least $50 daily?
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2014-01-24, 05:58 AM,
good luck but if ppd didnt work for you before it might not work for you now. just keep that in mind and stick to something you know how to make money with.
2014-01-24, 06:00 AM,
(2014-01-24, 05:58 AM)samatarh Wrote: good luck but if ppd didnt work for you before it might not work for you now. just keep that in mind and stick to something you know how to make money with.

Before it didnt work because I didnt have the money, time , or resources . but i do now which is why im back. plus I hear with the right investments and work put in you can make a good amount of $
2014-01-24, 06:40 AM,
alittle inspiration, i made my first 4k on ppd/cpa with a $20 dollar investment .. not everything needs a huge investment
2014-01-25, 09:05 AM,
bump... still need an answer to my questions if anyone could.
2014-01-25, 09:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-25, 09:55 AM by SiteTide.)
I wouldn't start with purchasing SEO Tools, because you will need private proxies, VPS, captcha solution (software or pay per captcha). Unless you can afford It, then go ahead. As for which tools? There are a lot of beasts out on the market right now.

A lot of people seem to suggest GSA SER, and I would suggest It as well, so long as you have the funds for extra resources that you will need, and time to learn.

As for CPA/PPD, go with CPA. Buy a custom content locker, so you can put the CPA Offers In your own content locking, downlaod locking, and link locking. You could use CPA's lockers straight from the networks, but I prefer a custom one. I guess It's really not needed.

Tips to finding niches? Go with the obvious niches to start out. Simply find deeper keywords In the big niches.

To make $50.00 a day, what Is required? Time above all. Yes money aids the process, but to be honest you could make that with just time to be spent learning and Implementing free methods.

I would Invest $0.00 In advertising, because I don't think you know what you're doing In that department.

Which network? Well, that's your decision.

If you were to go the way I did, here are some costs. At least, this Is what I purchased to start out.

GSA SER- $99.00
GSA Captcha Breaker- $119 (Discount)
Scrapebox- $59.00
Xrumer Standard- $650
VPS (Now a dedicated)- I started out on a small $59/m VPS.
50 Private Proxies- $87.50
250k DBC Captcha Solves a month - $347
Outlook/Hotmail Email Creator- Created myself, free.
Domains- I purchased 20 to start off with, about $220ish
Hosting- $80.00 a year

So my start up costs were about $1720.00. Not even going to get Into my recurring costs from then, or now. Mind you I was doing affiliate marketing before, and had the cash to spend, and had a pretty good Idea of how to work things.

You never said what your budget Is, so I can't really make anything "fit" for you. In the end, what you decide to purchase Is on you. You really shouldn't purchase ANYTHING until you a have a clear outline of your game plan. After that, look up what can help you In certain areas of your game plan to make things go faster/smoother.
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Conformity(2014-01-25 10:29 AM) 
2014-01-25, 09:43 AM,
You just have to test and find what works for you. Some things work for some people, some things don't. Right now a solid small amount of income though, until you figure out what works best for you is YouTube. Make landing page, make YouTube video, boost, earn.

As for the other things, I believe if you are doing white hat then Facebook could work nicely.

Your Future Isn't Programmed.
Learn All You Can, While You Can.
2014-01-25, 10:06 AM,
A noobish question here guys.... I'm kinda confused with that captcha, when this captcha will be used? why not type it manually?

101% noob here hahaha

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