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2013-09-19, 07:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-19, 07:19 PM by Stewmath.)
This is my working refer to view script im going to share with you.

The way it works is you get a referral link which you share with people on the social buttons or anywhere else you feel like. When the referral link is clicked it automatically unlocks the content.

This is my demo site if you want to take a look

Virus Total

Below is the direct zip file to download from my hosting
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Any questions feel free to post in here, the instructions are in there and its rather simple to install
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2013-09-19, 07:17 PM,
Pretty nice share man, thanks! keep it up !
2013-09-19, 07:31 PM,
Have you used this script yourself?
Somehow I think it is too incomprehensible. I feel like most people would not understand what to do, for example, how many people do you have to refer in order to unlock the page? Nevertheless, thanks for the share!
2013-09-19, 07:37 PM,
This demo page is one of mine, they only need to refer 1 visitor to the url to be unlocked. I bought this script a couple of years ago but it was not working when i bought it, so i had it fixed.

I know there is another referral script posted on here where it says need to refer a number of people, however that one has no design etc. Its pretty much just the code.

This one is working as far as im aware, and to change the niche is rather simple as you only need to change the header image.
2013-09-19, 09:02 PM,
If theres any php coders out there you could even use this design, and code in the other referral script on this forum, which is better i must admit.
2013-09-19, 11:47 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-20, 12:53 AM by anatho.)
thank you very much for this, this was exactly what I was looking for.
I already know the other script you are talking about, but never succeeded in using it .... also asked many people on other forums and fiverr and nobody could help me out ....
I will use yours now .... just one question, maybe it could be modified so that you have to refer more than one person?

EDIT: Just installed and uploaded it, but it seems not to work correctly. First, I posted my referral link on facebook, but it still does not unlock .....
Next thing is, the referral link it posts is not correct, better said it does not redirect to the right url

Found out I also had to make 2 changes in refer.php, however, still not working.

Problem is, the referral links still leads to the wrong address:

But it leads to

which of course does not exist, it directs to folder SHOCKING instead of SCRIPTTEST2, although my $site_url_check in config.php says SCRIPTTEST2 not SHOCKING
2013-09-20, 01:31 AM,
EDIT 2: Does not work at all, wasted 1 hour of time now .....
Why can it go to your shocking folder if I changed config.php to my scripttest2 folder?
also if I post the referral link on e.g. facebook it does not show any description or picture in the post?
I did not change anything from the site, so it should give your description and your picture, what it does not.
2013-09-20, 04:48 AM,
Now more than 110 views so someone must already have installed this script!
Please let me know how to get it working.
The given referral link does not work, it points to a non-existing folder although I have the right url in config.php
2013-09-20, 04:53 AM,
Take a look in the htaccess file, i think there might be a reference to shocking in there.

Im going to use this design and personally code in the other referral script into it, i must admit that one is better the way you can change how many referrals you need
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anatho(2013-09-20 05:14 AM) 
2013-09-20, 05:11 AM,
thanks for sharing script

Looking for way to rank on youtube

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