Ranking a Semi-Authority Multi Niche Site
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You've seen me with my previous case studies, I'm done testing! Let's start earning! Since this is SEO, I'm expecting my first dollar to come only within a month right now. Quite slow, but when it starts earning, it should be continuous right there and then. Earnings does not really matter that much to me right now since I have other sources which can feed me. I do however want to start earning with CPA asap to diversify my earnings.

Semi-Authority Multi Niche Site?
How? A minimum of 5 articles per niche!
Why? I want to rank for every long tail there is for that keyword!

Rank a Keyword as top #1 within a month.
Rank for hundreds of long tails.
5 articles per day.

Site Structure:
My On-Page SEO has always been tight and good, however this would be my first time building an Authority Multi-Niche Site. The difference between that and a simple affiliate page is the number of pages that is required. To facilitate better link juice passage in-between the pages, I will be using a semi-silo structure.

What is a Silo-Structure?
It's better explained with an image! The basic premise is to keep relevant pages together! Anecdotal evidence states that a well-siloed structure would lead to higher website rankings and a double listing for a single search term, bazinggaaaa!.

[Image: Website-4-layer.png]

If you would like to read more about Siloing, here's a very good reference:

Back Linking Process
Inspired by Jacob King's most recent posts, I am going for the middle of White Hat Link Building, Churn & Burn as well as Tiered Link Building.

How does Google Rank Webpages? Lots of Good Quality Links that are very powerful! Do you see where I'm going?

Lots of backlinks is self-explanatory.
Very Powerful can be explained by the Link Juice Passage of the TLB System.
How about Good Quality Links? Just what are exactly good quality links? Just like how Jacob mentioned it, it's PR containing websites. PR is being phased out by Google but it still is the closest thing we can associate with Good Quality as Google only promotes domains with quality standards into a higher PR.

So my plan is to build as much PR'ed backlinks as I can without limits, it doesn't matter if it is relevant or not. The contextuals among those links will have tiers below them that should power up those links to kingdom-come.

Next, I'll build pumper web 2.0 blogs per 2 closely related keywords (as tier 1) and just blast those properties with PR0+ backlinks. No tiers here, we want as much power as we can squeeze into these properties.

The final part would be introducing PBN links both public and of my own which should cause major jumps in the SERPs. I would however first need to diversify my backlink portfolio before introducing these high powered links.

Conversion Optimization
I'm guessing everyone is already doing this so I'll just spit it out. Social Locker, Friend Referral and then I'll try to give another freebie for an Email Capture at the end of the process.

Other things such as proofs, guarantees and call-to-action would be kept secret as this is my advantage while doing Affiliate Marketing.

How about YouTube or other sources of Traffic?

I'm really frustrated with YouTube, whenever I hit top one (which is about 2-5 days) both on Google and YouTube, my video gets flagged. It gets really frustrating quite fast. I'm looking for a reliable partner for it though, tried asking some of my friends but realized they were really lazy for this kind of stuff. For Facebook and Twitter, I guess the social locker would do. I still don't have plans into directly tapping into them.

Can I ask you something?
There have been a large number of people wanting to get some contact with me for their SEO Needs. Now, I'll help you in ways which I like. I just feel that making me your personal SEO Consultant/Ask Machine without some due reciprocity is quite unfair for me. If you'd like to ask anything about SEO, please post in this thread and I'll try to answer for the benefit of EVERYONE and not just one. If you have some sensitive data then censor it out.
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2014-04-01, 09:44 PM,
Great Case Study!! I'd keep a look into this!!
2014-04-01, 09:45 PM,
You're gonna do silo? Nice. Make it happen.
2014-04-01, 09:55 PM,
(2014-04-01, 09:44 PM)kazi Wrote: Great Case Study!! I'd keep a look into this!!

Thanks! Smile I hope everyone learns from this journal most especially me.

(2014-04-01, 09:45 PM)Pankage Wrote: You're gonna do silo? Nice. Make it happen.

Already done! Smile OBL is 0 for every page. The hierarchy of posts is coming along and links are being pointed to where they should. I forgot to mention however that I'm doing daisy chain silo on the deepest level as there would be too high of Keyword Density when I'm doing the classic silo structure, 11 sibling pages would lead to 5%+ keyword density for blue widget if doing the classic way. It fits in quite nicely also where you pass along the link juice from the easiest keyword to hardest for that particular niche.

The upper levels of the silo remains a classic silo.
2014-04-01, 09:59 PM,
I'll keep an eye on this, i'm still waiting for that churn&burn tutorial of yours ;D

Good luck!

2014-04-01, 11:26 PM,
Here's a quick mash-up of how a silo structure looks like.


Each page is relevant to the parent page (one step up the hierarchy), to its sibling (same level hierarchy) and its children (one step down the hierarchy). You'll also quickly see that as you go further down the hierarchy, the topics gets a lot more specific.

So what happens is that you're grouping together pages similar together to create relevancy. You're helping Google's crawler to identify and sort out the contents of your website, taking advantage of how Google crawls your website! So what happens when Google sees that you website is basically a treasure trove of information for practically every search term there is for that topic? Authority! Google sees that you are an expert in your topic! And what pages rank high? Authority pages!

So what are the benefits of your siloing your website? Basically, you are controlling the link juice flow of each page! You point them to pages that you want to rank for! Think of it like this, every lower page you have is feeding link juice to the upper connected page it is connected to and so on. A very relevant backlink within your website!

There are two ways of silo-ing a website. First is the classic way which I'll describe thoroughly.

The rules are for each page:
One link to the home page (via logo mostly, or the anchor text 'home')
One link to Parent Page.
Do not link to Aunt/Uncle Pages.
Link to Sibling (Same Level) Pages.
Link to Direct Children Pages.
Do not link to children pages of your siblings.
You are allowed to link to pages one step higher or lower than your level (aside from the homepage).

So what would happen with this kind of linking? You are only linking to the pages of your website which are the most relevant to the current page!

Next is Daisy Chain Silo-ing. This is not silo-ing per se but have acquired the name as you are basically controlling link flow and have a site structure.

It would be best explained by these two websites
2014-04-03, 11:11 AM,
Uploaded over 20 articles for the past few days. As well as made 4 videos which I sent backlinks to. Would be starting another 2 projects this evening.
2014-04-03, 05:46 PM,
Interesting using siloing, I will try this myself :)

[url=][High Quality] [/url]
2014-04-03, 05:55 PM,
When can i build backlinks to my site? It is new about 4 day old site.

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2014-04-03, 05:57 PM,
Thanks for this thread, bookmarked for future notice as want to make multi-niche site

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