Rags to riches and back to rags :(
2013-08-28, 06:34 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-08, 03:52 AM by ssmltd.)
Updated with goals, achievements and earnings proof (I have done a last 18 day range for earnings, no need to post multiple pics, etc. I am averaging just over 4k now in a four week period)

£500 per month (ACHIEVED)
£1000 per month (ACHIEVED)
£2000 per month (ACHIEVED)
£3000 per month (ACHIEVED)
£4000 per month (ACHIEVED)

£5000 per month (working on it, maybe by december/january)
£10000 per month (I dunno when I will get here, but I sure as hell will try and I never doubt things, which is the most important part)

Some of my goals were achieved within the same month, etc.

[Image: 28wkww7.jpg]

Original post: Okay, so that sounds rather depressing, but it's true lol. I've always been interested in the internet and making money from it, since a young age back when I was 16 (I'm 28 now). I used to watch my Dad make hundreds per day from adsense in the early 2000's and I thought to myself ''Man I want to do that'' and that was how I learned that making money online was real.

Anyway, the years went by and I never really finished any project I started. Then in 2012 (I know a long time later eh lol) I got kinda lucky in the social media niche, selling the youtube views, etc. Literally the site made over 40k in around 4 months once it was ranking high, I honestly couldn't believe it, there I was going from earning a crappy £180 at most, to suddenly having thousands of pounds. I got a little bit careless though and definitely didn't plan for the future, which brings me to my current situation.

Only 6 months on I have no money left from the site, I didn't invest and I am back to square one needing to do something quick to get the rent money back in :)

Now of course, nothing is ever ''quick'' but I have spent years and years researching things, and I have quite a bit of knowledge but I don't seem to apply it properly sometimes, and I suppose that's why I have joined this site. Regardless of my failures I seem to be able to pick myself back up and become motivated again, which I am grateful to myself for, because it would be quite easy to give up I suppose.

The only trouble is, I get so confused at what it is I should do, I mean there's so many ideas on this forum alone and I can see that lots of them would work, but it's so hard to just choose ONE thing to start with and try. I don't want to really go down the social media route again as it really isn't worth it overall, likes disappearing etc, all that kind of stuff. I have bought a few domain names though and plan to attempt affiliate marketing and also making money through pay per download, etc. I really have no idea how it's going to go.

I'm determined and will carry on regardless, a part of me wants it to become successful like I experienced before, making lots of money fast, but I also accept that it's probably going to be a slower process. So, the journey begins again from now. I will build my niche sites, get the products sorted and try and make stuff happen. If I fail this time, I always tell myself that it's just a step closer to succeeding. So hopefully that's true haha.

Finally, I don't think I have much to say on a daily basis in this thread as it will be quite boring, but once (or if) I make some good progress then I shall update the thread when appropriate :)

Now it's time for me to get back to working hard, pulling all nighters and using the helpful knowledge of the forums fellow members to hopefully help me succeed again online.

Wish me luck, god damn all I want to recreate is a straight forward weekly wage again to start with, £200 a week would do me just fine :D
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2013-08-28, 06:45 AM,
We're on the same situation. Still failing but keeps fighting.
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Slenderrr(2013-08-29 08:01 AM) ssmltd(2013-08-28 06:55 AM) 

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2013-08-28, 06:50 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 06:54 AM by ssmltd.)
Yeah man haha. I have a job interview tomorrow for a call centre, which is crazy for me because I have been self employed for 5 years now, but it's got to the position of me having to get a real job and it worries me. You see, living with my gf we have to pay half of the bills etc, which is of course normal, but now my online and self employed income has suddenly vanished I need a job. Yet I am in my most motivated state of mind for a long time, but if I get the job then I know I sign away all of those hours I could put in to internet marketing, and of course I am scared to tell the gf that I really want to focus on making money online again. It's frustrating knowing that I will have to work 9 hours a day for someone else for £200 a week after tax, when I earned that before in a day sometimes. I would love to earn just £200 a week now for myself from home, because that feels like an achievement, whereas working for someone else feels restricting and poo :( lol

So it's a bit of a dilemma really, do I get the job and not put all the hours into internet marketing, or do I take the risk and spend the next 3 months really working hard each day online from home. I have done it once and the gf saw how good it was when it worked, but then the dreaded 'real world' phrase comes back into play and I really am torn lol. I know it's odd being open about personal life on a forum, but I don't get to vent it anywhere else, because my friends all have 'real' jobs anyway so they totally don't understand the online money making world. It's a frustrating time, but I sure hope I can turn it around and I will be sure to post here if I do :D haha
2013-08-28, 06:58 AM,
We're really on the same situation. FUCK :D
My friends have real jobs now, we graduated last 2012 and im still here trying to earn online. I will start to apply when august ends. I still have no job. +repped you for this.
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ssmltd(2013-08-28 07:05 AM) 

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2013-08-28, 07:03 AM,
Thanks :D

Yeah it's worrying isn't it. I mean I have seen that making money online works, I did it once but I was silly. I should have invested it into other things too, but I didn't. When you suddenly earn more money than you've had, it's easy to get excited (like I did) and completely waste the money on stupid things. I am sure many other people have done what I have in that sense haha.

I have learned my lesson though, and when I do something else successful online I definitely won't be buying takeaways every night and spending pointless money lol. My interview is in exactly 12 hours, oh well, I suppose I will have to go to it anyway unfortunately.

:( haha
2013-08-28, 07:18 AM,
BTW i have failed on interviews, no one wants to hire me. I dont know why. :'(

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2013-08-28, 07:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 07:29 AM by ssmltd.)
That's not good :( I've always passed interviews in the past, but that's when I have been motivated to get a job. You probably fail the interview because you come across too independent and hard to employ maybe. Which is a good thing :)

If you don't find a job, don't worry about it, at least know to yourself there's a few of us in this very same position, and it's up to us to change it around. Lock yourself away in a room, eat, sleep and work on the internet A LOT, and it will happen :)

EDIT: Do a little exercise too lol, obviously we don't want to develop health problems from not moving ALL day lol
2013-08-29, 03:59 PM,
I am 25 at the minute and I do not want to get a job at all.
Want to do the internet marketing thing and make some ££ with PPD. I can't work for a boss again, it is not my style and to be honest, most of the places around me the managers or area managers are little hitlers and I hate it lol!

Good luck earning online
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ssmltd(2013-08-29 07:06 PM) 
2013-08-29, 05:39 PM,
Goodluck with earning online mate! I really want to earn money online too but i am thinking of getting a job since i will graduate this coming semester hope i will succeed .
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ssmltd(2013-08-29 07:06 PM) 
2013-10-24, 07:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-10-24, 07:29 PM by ssmltd.)
Well, a quick update:

I quit the job after 3 days.... HATED it lol. So, I got my head down working on sites and the videos, my girlfriend was a bit annoyed that I had quit the job mind, but I carried on regardless, because once you've earned money online before, it's hard to go back to a normal job. So I just kept telling myself the hard work will pay off, and it has started to a little bit, thank god!

One of my sites has started earning around £50 profit per day from orders, and I have finally had my first earnings from sharecash, it's only a small amount but things seem to be picking back up for me. All I need to do now is scale up the amount of videos I have uploaded, and also get more visitors to my other site.

I can't give away the niche I am doing for the website but all I will say is that I have been through absolute financial hell for 4 weeks up until 2 weeks ago (and I mean NO MONEY at all! No food, nothing, things went BAD but I had faith in myself), since then after ranking my sites using gsa ranker and some other little techniques I have made just over £700 in profits from my efforts.

So the morale of the story: Don't give up guys! I swear to god that I was so depressed and pulling my hair out in desperation. I was literally reduced to tears on many nights because I was so frustrated at all the work I had done and yet still not seeing any money, not to mention feeling like an idiot and a failure to my girlfriend and my friends, who I am sure thought I was an idiot living in a dream world hoping to make money online again.

Well they ate their words, because I am back earning money online again.... Patience is key, and don't let frustration send you off course. I was so close to giving up again, until the day that first order came in.

It didn't help that there was also a server permissions error on my site too for over a week that I didn't know about which meant people couldn't add products to their cart on my site, I really did feel like giving up then because I couldn't understand how I wasn't getting orders when I was starting to get visits. Anyway, I fixed that issue and the day after in came the orders.

I am optimistic now about what I can achieve if I put my head down into work mode again for another month. I will update again soon, and I can show earnings from paypal, etc, which I will do at the end of the month.


Simon :)

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