RIP MassPlanner
2017-05-18, 03:26 AM,
This just makes me wonder how long FollowLiker will last. That's what is holding me back at the moment from buying a subscription with them. I guess I'll sit, wait and watch a for a bit more before I decide.
2017-05-18, 09:07 AM,
(2017-05-18, 03:26 AM)exslate Wrote: This just makes me wonder how long FollowLiker will last. That's what is holding me back at the moment from buying a subscription with them. I guess I'll sit, wait and watch a for a bit more before I decide.

That's the problem since there's nothing stopping IG hitting everyone else too.
2017-05-19, 05:39 AM,
It was the best IG bot of all time, Hope they relaunch them soon.
2017-05-19, 06:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-05-19, 06:46 AM by SwiffJustus.)

First Off, I am by no means stating this is what happened in the Massplanner fiasco I am simply making an observation from having seen similar events having played out for which I am certain that the Outcome was that of which I am just speculating on Below... Which is at the very least personal conjecture on this particular Matter.

When building these types of services or software you dream that one day a payout offer to shut it down would be BY FAR more lucrative then if you were to keep it running, minus the headaches and overhead. You take the money, take a vacation, then come back and build something BIGGER,STRONGER & BETTER with the Buyout proceeds and repeat the process..Only with the payouts and payoffs increasing in stature... Happens everyday in big business with Buyouts,teardowns and restructuring. Instagram like so many other social media outfits is Ads driven and for that to be profitable the ads buyer must feel the environment is truly organic, genuine and fertile... These Bots and Services sully the whole premise of that, not to mention the mass spamming which effect those Big social sites bottom, Either they can fight it via security filters,patches and updates or these companies get massive enough to just buy you out and send you back to the drawing board with signed promises of never returning(At least not under that Trademark/Stamp or Brand).. Or The Companies get really Gigantic and Implement all of the measures above according to the seriousness of the Threat to its Deep pockets (Yall know the Players-YT-FB-IG-TWT etc..) Though it is sorta like Playing paying The terrorist Kidnappers...they, the terrorist, can and PROBABLY often do returns to fight another day..only this time the Budgets are bigger, the fights from both sides are fierce-er and the casualties( US, The Consumers of such Services from both Factors) are left dizzy and strewn about like some useless debris.... The key is to become more self reliant in certain areas, wont go into all the details but learning to construct, For yourself , some of the same services you become reliant on is a start..Some times you have to take some time off just to acquire a related and reliable skillset lessons the need to rely on The services of others... I could say a Bunch more but I think even through my Gibberish you kinda get what I'm laying out here..

You Guy's have a Productive evening

[Image: ransomware-expert-tips-featured.jpg]
2017-05-27, 07:40 AM,
Hope massplanner back again with new features, RIP.
2017-05-28, 07:31 AM,
I have read somewhere that massplanner still works now? Is it true?
2017-06-13, 09:48 AM,
Oh my, RIP massplanner.

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