Quick Buck! Adult CPA- TIME TO GIVE BACK
2018-01-09, 10:42 PM,
Ok let's keep this post short and sweet.... For those of you that want to get into the adult scene, I'd suggest doing what I'm about to explain to you, as it's how I got started. BTW this is good if you have trouble selling photos to horny men.

NOTE: This is kinda, but not exactly e-whoring because you will not be getting paid directly from your target. Instead we will be using cpa content lockers of your choice.

Lets begin!

My earnings from this method: [Image: p8GoK]

NOTE: I'm not going in depth... pretty self explanatory!

Step1- Create fake KlK (if you have a photo pack of course)

Step2- Promote KlK username via free kik friend sites... LOOK FOR THEM ON YOUR OWN, AND POST TO ALLLLLLL OF THEM!! This will get you 100s if not some 1000s of horn dogs blowing your shit up!

Step3- Using text replacement or something like it, create YOUR VERY OWN appealing messages that you will send to the masses, making you some conversions! (Don't half ass this part, it's crucial)

Step4- Make a (free) single page wordpress site with "your" photos that should be for sale, but aren't.

Step5- Why aren't they for sale...? Easy! It's because you will link your content locker to the photos that you plan on sharing with your targets, in exchange for an app install, instead of selling them... Which could be anywhere from .20-1.00 a conversion.

NOTE: When men find out this is how you sell your photos, they will be enlightened and want to actually download the app.. remember they're paying you by downloading that app... Keeps them happy b/c they aren't actually spending any money, but you still profit! (WIN WIN) It's up to you if you want to actually share the photos or not, but it's suggested that you do!

step6- [Image: yeye.gif] EARN BIG! [Image: yeye.gif]

Conclusion- The reason I'm explaining this method to you so vaguely is because I hope to spark ideas in other members to come up with they're very own methods!! If you can figure out how to profit off yourself, you're doing it right and tbh you must learn how to create your own methods, or learn to rebuild other peoples methods. The key is originality! [Image: thumbsup.gif]
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2018-01-09, 10:44 PM,
2018-01-10, 01:39 AM,
Thanks for the share man!

Terrible obvious LQ posts to bypass PM restriction. Read the rules. All posts are removed, take a month of to learn the rules.
2018-01-10, 03:57 AM,
does kik work on PC?

[Image: banner2.jpg]
2018-01-10, 05:10 AM,
Interesting. Thanks for the share! Cool

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2018-01-10, 05:24 AM,
Can you PM me for KIK promoting sites, I really can't find lot of sites...
2018-01-11, 03:22 AM,
Yea man!! Just trying to give back some of what I know... There will be more to come in time
2018-01-11, 03:30 AM,
(2018-01-10, 01:39 AM)rubrub Wrote: Thanks for the share man!

You got it!
2018-01-11, 03:30 AM,
(2018-01-10, 05:24 AM)jomu Wrote: Can you PM me for KIK promoting sites, I really can't find lot of sites...

skype me @ Hkrr 7
2018-01-11, 03:32 AM,
(2018-01-10, 05:10 AM)DrKent Wrote: Interesting. Thanks for the share! Cool

My pleasure Dr

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