Question to the High Earning people.
2013-06-02, 08:21 AM,
Bro I suggest if you are working 3hrs a day on PPD then i suggest that you spent 2hrs working with youtube and the rest 1 hr spent time on learning SEO and also implementing some backlinks to your site.
First make sure you do your on page SEO properly.Check out some cool ebooks about that and implement it properly.Then go for link building.I mean it might take atleast 1-2 months for you to learn SEO if you dedicate it about 1 hr per day.I hope you can do that along with working with Youtube

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2013-06-02, 09:08 AM,
First of all , you questions are right at this point. If you really want to learn SEO , you can use youtube. They really have some quality SEO trainers. I have learned many things from there. Also SEO takes time and you have to constantly monitor it. SEO results are amazing once you have ranked it for your keyword.

I am glad you asked this question, as it cleared many minds including me.
Also thanks to all the LE's who posted here to help us.
2013-06-04, 12:04 PM,
SEOing a website takes some time actually.
And building backlinks manually is the exact thing google wants these days.
If you just spam your links everywhere, you will be penalized by google.

whitehat SEO takes some time, but its worth its time. you never have to worry about google updated then.
Also, for PPD/CPA related websites, where there is not so much competition, you can rank your website for much less backlink than you think.
2013-06-04, 12:29 PM,
(2013-06-01, 08:36 PM)Remi Wrote: I have been setting up a new niche for about 2 hours and I took a break. So I was just sitting there and I was thinking if using only youtube at the beggining is the right thing to do. I purchased a domain with a general niche some days ago hoping to rank it but I failed really hard. Dunno what I hould do with it. The thing is that I know most stuff that others do. I have web developing and designing experience of 1,5 year, im also into other stuff too. Have been spending way too much time in front of the computer :)

Well the actual question is when did you guys stop using youtube and moved on to Website Ranking - SEO ?

I have been moving blindly with the whole Website - Wordpress thing. I just think that website ranking requires a significant amount of money to be spend for tools and stuff. I don't know anything about blackhat backlinking, and I certainly don't think that creating manual backlinks is worth it or actually gonna help.

When did you guys start focusing on website ranking, how much experience did you already have?

Did you have someone to help you start ? A mentor ? And im talking about someone that actually wanned to help you become successfull, or did you learn everything by your self?

I have made around 600$ total money in 1,5 month. Should I continue with youtube or move to more advanced stuff? And if so where should I turn to for help?

I'm my own mentor, of course there was help from some more experienced earners, but mainly, everything i know right now, i learned it by myself.

Not to brag about, but in 8 months, i made approximately $6.5k on autopilot, worked only the first month non-stop, then i kind of automated everything, except video uploading.

The only thing i spend my money online is Domains, and hosting (Annually), my point is, you don't need to spend your money to learn /do something, just keep on reading and trying new stuff.

I have a friend that ranks his sites manually, but it depends on the niche and the competition, and he is doing a great job but he knows what to do, where to do, and how to do.

If you want to learn blackhat seo, the best place is BlackHatWorld, and if you need TOOLS, the best place is Platform provides competing CPA content sections ad such. Do not post this on CPA Elites please. (Cracked).
2013-06-04, 01:33 PM,
tools can be downloaded for free ;p
just read a few SEO ebooks and you will know alot ;p

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