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Poll: Which has worked better in the description of your videos
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Download (ppd locked)
0 0%
Download (Mediafire)
4 36.36%
2 18.18%
Website and Download (PPD)
3 27.27%
Website and Download (Mediafire)
1 9.09%
1 9.09%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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Question about Link in YouTube
2014-01-02, 09:09 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-02, 09:10 AM by KIKO.)
Hello everyone
I was wondering which worked much better for you
In description for your YouTube niche video
which has worked better for you
1. Link to your download (ppd locked)
2. Link to your download (mediafire and then locked in the zip file)
3. Link to your website
4. Link to your website and download (ppd locked)
5. Link to your website and download (mediafire)
6. Other

boo ~ [Image: sig.jpg]
2014-01-02, 09:18 AM,
I have always had better conversion if I give them a mediafire link and then ppd after they download it.
2014-01-02, 09:20 AM,
I think it totally depends on your niches.

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[Image: bh-468x60-04-dy.png]
2014-01-02, 11:54 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-02, 11:54 AM by Ninja007.)
I can always recommend to show them a Landing Page with some Content about the Product which you are promoting. This will make them more interested, so when they see the Survey they will Complete it. On other way they didnt know really what they are Downloading.

Tip: If you have the ability to Add Images about your Product in your Download Mirror (Adworkmedia,Cpalead...) then do it! This will Increase the Leads alot.

My theory why it increase the Leads is simple, they have a Security (Image) about the File for which they are completing a Survey.
2014-01-02, 12:00 PM,
This is a subject that has been discussed many times, some will tell you that using a direct PPD link is fine, others will tell you the video will get taken down faster if you use spam related links inside the descriptions (including myself) if your video is boosted to heck and has crazy amounts of views / likes etc... and perhaps that it's an old video then the video will stay up for longer. I used YouTube for many years and found that using Mediafire was the way to go, my videos lasted up to 12 months using highly saturated niches.

The game changes a lot though and as time went on I did find my videos being taken down faster, it comes down to numbers and luck mostly. If someone flags your video using a bot and they load up 500-1,000 accounts then your video is going bye byes no matter what anyway! ontopic, based on the question I would suggest using filesharing links and never to direct link to a website that has surveys, not to use a network direct link either because chances are your video will be removed in no time.
2014-01-02, 12:18 PM,
x.X oh my god totally wasn't thinking there was a search button >_<
but thank you for the honest replies.
it was very informative and pretty much cleared everything I wanted to know now :)

boo ~ [Image: sig.jpg]
2014-01-03, 08:42 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-03, 08:42 PM by alexparris.)
most of ppl using 4
2014-01-03, 08:43 PM,
For me it was option 4, but it doesn't mean that it will work for you also.
2014-01-09, 02:09 PM,
option 4 and 5 works for me, i guess it all depends on how you really do it and what niche.

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