Problem getting Lazy
2015-02-26, 11:40 PM,
Hi guys,

I don't know why but i get very lazy a lot, the real problem is, it doesn't last for a day or few days, when i don't work on something which is IM related for few days it usually takes a month or even more to start working again. I still make decent amount of money when i don't work, but when i look back i get really pissed because i didn't work because i would make a lot more. When i don't work and im on PC, i just browse Facebook and internet overall doing absolutely anything and time passes quickly. Ii also made a schedule, to wake up and start working at 7/8am, but i just turn off the alarm and get back to sleep because nobody forces me to get up. :|

Do you guys have some tactic how to stay motivated and keep working without stopping? I usually work for 10 days then pause 30 and so on.. So, what's your motivation source?
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2015-02-26, 11:45 PM,
(2015-02-26, 11:40 PM)Katy Perry Wrote: So, what's your motivation source?

1. I do it the same way like the Google employees (used to?). 20 % of the working days has to be spent at private Internet related projects, so I'm looking forward to this 20 % at the normal working hours.

2. I just visit websites like to look out for larger cars. ;-)

This place is intentionally left blank.
2015-02-26, 11:50 PM,
The desire to be rich is my one and only motivation

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2015-02-27, 12:17 AM,
Think of all the freedom you will have if you keep on going, its all worth it.
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esmeralda(2015-02-27 12:18 AM) 

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2015-02-27, 01:06 AM,
I've got the same problem with the alarm and waking up. But i managed to quit Facebook and logging into it from my pc. All i do is login to the messenger app with my iphone and see if i have any message then i turn my wi-fi off... :D
PS Best solution would be to spend all of this money into something to invest and when you see u got no cash to spend u will work hard :P
2015-02-27, 01:27 AM,
It's not the amount of time you spend doing 'work' it's the quantity of work you do, if you know what I mean. If I put my head down and work I can do X in 1 hour, If I piss about and check facebook, skype etc that same task could take me 2 hours. A tactic what works well for me is getting all the jobs you hate doing out of the way when you first start working then it makes things a lot easier, if I leave things until last I don't like doing, I simply won't do them lol...

Work hard, Play Hard!
2015-02-28, 04:49 AM,
I wake up, drink coffee.
Work for 3-4 hours Its 12:00 at that point.
I take a break of 1 hour. Then I work 5-6 hours.
A total of 8-10 hours a day. After that I need to attend to some real life things.
No distractions, just my music and me and my work.

I like to check this sites. Still just dreams but maybe one day.
2015-03-01, 01:28 AM,
When i see money - I'm motivated .. when I don't see money I'm losing it :(
#True story.
2015-03-01, 01:31 AM,
Try finding something you like about IM besides the money. For me it was web development.
2015-03-04, 08:10 AM,
Use some tools like TeamViz to keep you in track, I usually the same as you

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