Poll: Is knowing Web Dev and Web Design an Absoulute Must to Make it Big with CPA and PPD?
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Yes! How have you even survived this far without them?
7 70.00%
No! Psh, dude, I've been breaking some big bank and I've never even downloaded Adobe PS or written a line of code!
3 30.00%
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[Poll] Is Knowledge of Web Design and Web Development a Prerequisite to CPA/PPD?
2013-11-17, 06:15 PM,
Hey there fellow Elites!

I'm sort of in a personal crisis of sorts that revolves around the topic of this post title. I've had many a minor success crafting PPD and CPA campaigns with absolutely no technical knowledge whatsoever. That means no PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, etc. I've mainly been relying on an unhealthy cocktail of CMS plugins and shifty Fiverr gigs in this regard.

Where graphics is concerned, I've mainly been cobbling together website logos, headers, and any other graphics myself using the most mediocre of tools: MS Paint (Yep, I'm pretty sure that some of our behemoths in design just fainted)... XD

The same goes for the videos I upload to my channels. Blaster Suite and Movie Maker, with some (very) minor Camtasia work on the side. I usually just hire testimonial gigs from micro-job sites like Fiverr and whatnot.

To date, I've managed to hit around $100 per day using these makeshift tools (not consistently, mind you). So here's the crux of this post:

In your opinions (especially you big earners out there! Yes, I'm talking to you!); Which would be the more worthwhile of the two? Focusing on up-scaling my current CPA/PPD activities through outsourcing and method tweaking, twisting, spinning, or what have you? Like maybe branching out and doing Social Media in addition to YT?


Taking the (considerable) amount of time to learn Web Design and Web Development from scratch.

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. But truth be told, I've never been much of an artist. Although I have remarks every now and again regarding this header or that, or how this logo needs to be blue not green, that's pretty much all I've ever had to say on the topic.

So? Which is it CPAElites? What are your personal experiences on the topic? Was Web Design and Web Development a wall that you had to surmount in order to reach your full potential? Or was it something else, something more related to the actual strategics behind PPD and CPA that finally got you your first big paycheck?

Sorry if this post has gotten out of hand, I just wanted to make sure all the pieces were on the table before anyone gave a final verdict. :D

I look forward to your input!
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2013-11-17, 06:19 PM,

Please quote me if you are replying to me so I would get a notification.
2013-11-17, 06:24 PM,
Yeah, I thought so as much. Some flaming because of the ridiculous length of this post is to be expected. I stand my ground though! For the sake of knowledge I will take any punishment you dish out. :P
2013-11-17, 06:32 PM,
Well I read the entire post... I think i deserve a prise...
Simply put he is making 100$/day with litle design knowladge and he is asking should he scale his 100$/day method or learn webdesign....
My answer is if you are already making 100$/ day just scale it up , you manage to do that with litlle design knoledge and no point in learning it at this time...
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ouzzy91(2013-11-17 06:57 PM) 
2013-11-17, 06:38 PM,
I agree with you ^, pepenoe
2013-11-17, 06:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-17, 06:40 PM by -qwerty-.)
If I were you, I would definitely try to learn some programming language. It's totally worth it.

If I say that CPA/PPD won't be here forever, I probably will be wrong, however, without any kind of knowledge, even with a little "update", such as YouTube banning your video, you're losing a lot of money. But once you learn programming, you can't lose your knowledge, it stays with you forever. You can make some good websites and sell them without getting banned or worrying about anything, everything you do will be legit. You can even find a job easily with programming knowledge, but with CPA/PPD I doubt you can do anything, except make money with black hat methods which won't be available for long. The sudden raise of people who do PPD/CPA ruins the industry, everyone started flagging each others and it's very unreliable method to upload videos on YouTube anymore.

So.. your best option would be to keep your CPA/PPD project going and earn some money and meanwhile learn any programming language, it will definitely help you a lot in the future.
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ouzzy91(2013-11-17 06:58 PM) 
2013-11-17, 06:48 PM,
Knowledge of web languages allows you to develop unique websites, which can increase your conversion rate by ~5%. This clearly isn't necessary to be successful in PPD/CPA, but if you're earning big can be the difference of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

If you learn to develop websites whilst earning from PPD/CPA you're benefiting on multiple fronts; HTML, CSS and PHP are transferable skills that pertain to absolutely everything to do with the internet in general. If, as someone mentioned above, PPD/CPA loses its viability in the future, you'll have skills to relate to other marketing techniques.
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ouzzy91(2013-11-17 06:58 PM) 

[Image: 5pYQo.png]
2013-11-17, 07:01 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-17, 07:01 PM by Diem.)
It will definitely help you make more money but it is definitely not needed.
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ouzzy91(2013-11-17 07:02 PM) 
2013-11-17, 07:02 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-17, 07:13 PM by ouzzy91.)
Thank you to everybody who's replied so far! So far, I've been getting affirmations that YES Web Development and Web Design are needed skills if you are going to be in this for the long haul.

Well, in addition to the original question, riddle me this then: Which comes first? Web Design? Or Web Development? Do you learn to make things "pretty" first and then make the underlying code functional? Or is it the other way around?

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