Peacebreaker3 - CPA Elites interview
2013-12-09, 01:50 AM,

I have gotten the privilege of interviewing Peacebreaker3 for a while and talk a little about him.


Label: What motivated you or how did you start your PPD journey?

Peacebreaker3: Back in 2009 I talked to a friend about getting paid to receive spam-mail basically and I started using services like that, as well as paid per click sites and other stuff. Needless to say I failed to make more than a dollar or two per month. That was until I found Sharecash in late-2009 and earned a kickass $0.40 on my second day already - which was huge for me back then. Yeah, that is basically how it all started...

Label: How did you find cpaelites?

Peacebreaker3: A good friend of mine had a link to it in his skype-status and I decided to go and check it out. Back then I really wanted to get back to earning big and thought why not get in touch with more people doing the thing I do

Label: If you could say a couple of sentences about cpaelites and how it has helped you along your way what would it be?

Peacebreaker3: Well, I actually have to start off with a bad thing about it. I really disliked that it was advertised and popular on HF for a while, mainly because I have been there before and got flamed and called fake after posting tips for the general PPD+Youtube thing, which kinda ruined the HF people for me. The good thing for me personally is my journey of course. It really kinda forced me to finally start doing my thing going again and now its just nice to respond to questions and stuff like that. Other than that I am not THAT active, but I try to post my unpopular opinion about things here and there every now and then. I do read nearly every single thread, but most of the time I don't bother to write a reply. Overall CPAElites is a really great thing to keep myself and of course others motivated to keep it up!

Label: Everyone faces struggles through out there ppd/cpa journey. What did you face and how did you overcome it?

Peacebreaker3: You have to remember that I already had a 2 year experience in PPD before creating my journey on CPAElites. In the beginning it was hard to just start doing all this stuff again since I haven't been doing it for a whole year. I spent a lot of time to just try to set up as much stuff as possible in many different ways to find out what would work best, because things change a lot on the internet after a whole year and getting used to all the new stuff was really hard at first. Once I got over that it was all about getting some kind of routine, be motivated and keeping it up.

Label: So any tips or motivation you can give to the readers? That worked well for you and can help others?

Peacebreaker3: There are a few things I would say are very imporant. One thing being that if you just started then don't expect too much and just try and gain experience as you read through the forums and try to set up your first few things. Try to always improve and get better and better every time you set something new up. Also you shouldn't focus on certain things too much. Just go ahead and try it/do it. The worst thing that can happen is you wasting some time infront of your computer - and we all do that anyways by looking at weird pictures of memes or whatever - haha.

Label: What do you average a day earning? Also what do you spend your money on or with?

Peacebreaker3: As I am writting this I am sitting between $250 and $300 per day. I will try and double that very soon. :) To get the lastest Stats everybody is welcome to check out my journey! ;)
At the moment I just spend my money on just... living. Food, Rent, party, whatever it is. Its being paid by PPD money only. I do buy some small things every now and then, and long time ago I also bought my car, gaming laptop, phone and everything else I own with it. Even my drivers licence itself. :) Currently I am trying to save most of my money because I want to get paid a nice monthly amount of interests I get from the bank and try to at least pay my rent and other monthly costs with it so I don't have to worry about all that stuff in the future where I might not earn as much as I am right now!

Label: Any pics or anything you would like to show?

Peacebraker3: Well, since its all massfactured stuff people can just look it up and my flat is something private! ;)
That's my Desk for you:
- iPhone 5 (white)
- iPad 2 (white)
- Razer Deathstalker
- Razer Mamba
- Razer Vespula
- Razer Orca
- Cooler Master NotePal U3
- Auna MIC-900S

- BMW 523i E39 (metallic dark blue+doublesub in the back+lowered+new front with angel-eyes)
- Playstation 3 with a few games
- Some Bluerays
- Wii
- Samsung 3D LED TV 46"
- Lots of furniture

Label: Woah that must be great!

Peacebreaker3: Keep in mind that all this stuff might be expensive all together but doesn't even compare to the other expenses like Rent, Food and just general living and stuff like that.

Peacebreaker3: I didn't even realize I have so much crap up until now - lol.

Label: Lol must be nice, any last things you would like to say to the readers?

Peacebreaker3: I can't think of anything smart so I am just going to go with this:
Feel Free to hit me up on skype or take part on my journey. Also I am just some random dude on the internet, I had people calling me "sir" and stuff like that, keep that to yourself please and treat me like a normal person or friend even - I can work a lot better with that! That's it I guess - if you find any grammar or spelling mistakes - you can keep 'em! ;D

Label: Alright sir thanks for taking the time to do this interview

Peacebreaker: Haha, GTFO!
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2013-12-09, 02:26 AM,
Grate interview, but my question is why Peacebreaker doesn't have Legend status?...
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Silverdot(2013-12-12 01:09 PM) 
2013-12-09, 02:36 AM,
(2013-12-09, 02:26 AM)pepeneo Wrote: Grate interview, but my question is why Peacebreaker doesn't have Legend status?...

Legend status isnt needed for making money online.

But yes, thanks for the interview, nice to see that people is getting interviewed on a regular basis so we know who people are, and what they stand for lawl.
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today1991(2014-06-20 05:02 PM) 
2013-12-09, 02:44 AM,
am i famous yet? :3

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*Legendary*(2013-12-29 04:42 PM) jcdino789(2013-12-09 04:17 PM) gytautasra(2013-12-09 04:52 AM) rajuonline(2013-12-09 03:35 AM) 

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV? | Skype: peacebreaker3 |
2013-12-09, 02:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-09, 02:45 AM by doodoo.)
Nice interview Label ;)
Btw PB3 your name looks good with the Elites badge.

2013-12-09, 02:48 AM,
Nice interview! A nice guy and great motivator!

Still the most reliable PPD network!
[Image: kGkKmYZ.png]
2013-12-09, 03:23 AM,
Thanks, interviewing Peacebreaker3 was great!
2013-12-09, 03:36 AM,
thats nice interview. You guys rock.
2013-12-09, 04:54 AM,
PB3 is awesome! So good having such a handsome guy on this awesome forum!
2013-12-09, 05:01 AM,
These interviews keep me motivated at the moment, Thanks!

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