Paypal Limitation/Account Closure - Success Story
2014-03-13, 08:42 AM,
Paypal - How to beat the system and reverse limitations and account closures

Before you read this, make sure you can be bothered reading a long story and explanation with little satisfaction in reading.

This is a success story and if you require any assistance with your Paypal account let me know.

Hi CPAElites,

I'd first like to explain that I've only recently started up CPA on the 20th of Feb, I had never previously dealt with providing a virtual product or content legally (Used to sell game gold) and did not take into account the risks involved.

Originally I set up my niche with the ability to provide the product with a survey only. This worked but not as well as I wanted. So I used the CPALead Paypal ability and began receiving Payments of $29.00 each unlock. This peaked at around $400 a day. I was able to withdraw $1200 and Paypal were happy.

However, obviously with virtual items there is the ability for the item to be disputed and funds returned to the buyer regardless of your terms and conditions and if the product was provided. The seller has no protection. The biggest mistake I made was to activate this feature, regardless of the increased income, it reduced my CPA lead profit and put me at major risk. I'll explain why.

On the 11th of March I received notification that my account was receiving higher than the required 3% or lower dispute rate. I promptly began improving my contactable ability so customers and users are able to contact me instead of raising a dispute. In this email Paypal told me to refund any current disputes, regardless if I was in the right. Which I did. To protect my funds I started a transfer of around $1500 to my bank account. This immediately stopped and the payment reversed. My account was limited asking for information.

Please take note this was 27 minutes after my original email to advise me to reduce disputes. I contacted Paypal and provided the information required. on the 13th of March at 1AM Australian time I received notification my account was to be closed and my funds held for 180 days.

I was furious not only because this was not fraudulent, I had also sold items on ebay and had funds in the account from these transactions which I was unable to touch.

I do understand Paypal as a business have to protect themselves but as most business' opererate they have protection in place that will give the company ability to recover funds if the account is left negative. Such as a debt collecting agency. I have provided my passport, bank account, credit card, drivers license, business details, Australian Business Number, proof of address and more.

Paypal has all the information in their hands and have full knowledge of who I am and the risk should be low in regards to being able to recover lost funds due to charge backs.

On the 13th of March it was too late to call Australia, so I loaded up Skype and rang America. After about 45 minutes of hold time and 4 transfers ("we need to escalate this"), I was transferred to a man in America, probably around 25 years old.

I began explaining my issue and how I believe it isn't fair, I wasn't given the oppourtunity to reduce my complaint rate as advised by the email.

He began stating that the closure was permanent and there was nothing that could be done. I pressured over and over and he kept telling me as per the user agreement I am not able to recover the account and even if I speak to his supervisor the closure was final.

I had read a few forums regarding this and read multiple horror stories regarding customers being frozen and no one being reinstated. I expected the worse.

However I do not take no for an answer. I kept rebuttling each and ever reason the representative provided me. This call lasted for around 2 hours and $20 of Skype credit.

I realised the representative was not educated with rights and wrong and actually investigating the complaint. He read the screen and went off what he saw. He could see the account was closed. That's all he understood.

After the large phone call he eventually caved as I convinced him of my service, my ability and the little ability Paypal gave me to improve my service. I was not given a chance and I was thrown out of the system after my years of perfect service. All due to a change in the way I was receiving payments.

He agreed to remove the closure, however he did NOT agree to unlimit my account. He advised me to write everything we had discussed in an email and forward this through to his supervisors. He told me it may not work.

I realised at that point I had the ability to put my foot back in the door and make a stand.

I then sat for the next three hours writing a very extensive explanation of my disputes, product, and transactions. I also explained clearly all the information I had been given. It's a very well written document, with screenshots and PDF Format.

This morning I received a call from a manager.

They have opened my account and I have full access.

I have never been this happy with a resolution in my life.

Everyone has told me that Paypal win regardless and the account is gone. Even the escalations guy from America told me it's final. Obviously it's not final.

Good Game Paypal.
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