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Pay Attention to Voice Search
2017-12-08, 07:59 PM,

♕ Pay Attention to Voice Search ♕
Note: This article isn't mine, credits are mentioned at the end of the thread.

Is voice search “the next big thing” in SEO? I doubt it. That said, the popularity of voice search IS growing insanely fast.
For example, check out these eyebrow-raising facts:

  • 40% of adults perform at least one voice search every day (source)
  • Voice searches performed in Google are up 35x since 2008 (source)
  • 20% of all searches on mobile are voice searches (source)

Knowing that, smart SEOs are starting to optimize some of their content for voice search.
Including me ?

How to Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search is still super duper early.

Even so, there are a few things we DO know about how voice search works… and how to optimize for it.

(1) First, your content needs to be on the first page.

Kinda obvious, but it’s worth pointing out.

(2) Next, it helps A LOT if your content appears in a Featured Snippet, like this:

[Image: p6KKdhAjSY_Tt_jZl4dl9g.png]

Google’s algorithm has already put together a convenient little snippet.

And from my testing, Google voice search (especially Google Home) tends to spit out the text inside of the Featured Snippet

(3) Finally, include a question (and answer) in your content.

The vast majority of voice searches are question based (“How do I do a pullup?” or “Who starred in Shawshank Redemption”?).
When that happens, Google usually picks a page that contains a) the question and b) the answer.
For example:

When I search for:

[Image: aD1Ox9jIRt_13XiyByBLxg.png]

And when I go to the actual page, I see that the content includes my question and a short answer

[Image: bJzVPK2BR6q5W39zUUj8nQ.png]

Just what Google’s voice search algorithm wants to see.
Source: https://backlinko.com/seo-this-year#chapter6

2017-12-08, 08:05 PM,
I was also feeling that voice search is very important nowadays, I'll follow this to optimize my website for voice search.
2017-12-08, 08:19 PM,
Interesting guide, I have not optimized my site for voice search but I think it is high time to do it now, thanks buddy.
2017-12-08, 08:24 PM,
Thank you for the detailed guide brother! Smile
2017-12-08, 08:40 PM,
You're welcome guys!
More to come.
2017-12-08, 09:33 PM,
Now that is interesting thanks! ;)
2017-12-09, 12:01 AM,
(2017-12-08, 08:05 PM)DanaCr Wrote: I was also feeling that voice search is very important nowadays, I'll follow this to optimize my website for voice search.

but I didn't think about it before
2017-12-09, 01:33 PM,
Very good guide mate, thank you. :)
2017-12-09, 07:51 PM,
Interesting share buddy, thanks for your contribution.
2017-12-11, 05:18 PM,
HQ guide buddy, I will implement this to my website. :)

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