Passive Income While Sleeping
2013-12-08, 05:29 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-09, 03:43 AM by AniceGuy.)
Lets Earn Money Passively
Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day

Let's get started. I believe you have two question: How Much and How?
If not, get over it.

Earning rates are from side to side. Someone can earn few cents per day meanwhile
someone earns average person month salary. Actually no investments are required
but if you do that will only make things happening more quickly.

How? Well simply having computer and atleast half of brains. Time what you should
spent per day depends what you want to earn. If you want to get out really easy
under 30 seconds per day enough. Every seconds after that will increase your
earnings notably. (depends your account's type)

You can check my progress in Neobux from here

Link to register
www .

If you register under me, I will be thankful for you rest of my life.
If not then use

Complete Strategy To Build Your Neobux Account

Neobux uses PayPal / Payza / NETELLER thise payout options
Pick one of them and register account on there or if you have already then head to below
All payments from Neobux will be instantly, if technical problems doesn't occur.

After that you need email address which I assume you already have since you have PayPal / Payza / NETELLER
account. Neobux will not send you any email after you have received account verifaction email, which will be last
received email from Neobux.

Okay we are now good to go inside Neobux. You have two options how you will do this. First of them is you can
register account without referral and you will be after certain time to be someone's rented referrals.
Second of them is register using my link, if you do it I cannot say how thankful I will be.
www .
It's your call which option you will use. I don't judge.

Now you should look around and get to know where everything are. You might notice that you will earn
0.001 dollars per ad which you look. That isn't much but that is not the way how to be success. Example
my personally clicks per day is around 50, which is 5 cents per day. That isn't much but don't forfeit yet.
Your earnings variables are:
Your clicks + Referrals click + Ad prices + Minijobs
I can promise that you will earn more than 5 cents per day.

There is two strategies how you will "maximum" your earnings.
1. Rent referrals after referrals and extend them rent time short periods
2. Rent some refferals and extend them rent time long periods
In first option you will have huge amount of referrals which give you nice amount money per day,
but you need to pay more when extending their rent time, unless you invest huge amount money.
In second option you will have few referrals which you can easily to recycle if needed to get really
active clickers. And when you extend their rent time for longer period you will get discount from every
30 days you rent them.

What you need to do actually to get profit from Neobux

If you scroll little down you can see multiple post which are negative. But I can't say anything else than they didn't use their brains while clicking.

There isn't many steps what you need to do to get profit out.
1. Most important thing is that you click everyday those orange ads. (if you have referrals)
Althought if you don't have I don't see any reason why you should be in Neobux.
Time what you will spend while clicking everyday is from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.
+ if you are like me and doesn't have anything better to do, then you should click all ads
which are avaible + adprizes. You can also do mini jobs which are good money source if
you haven't invested money or if you want to get sure that they pays you.

I did it and I can say that they will pay you. But if you want to check it out. Make mini
jobs and you will have 2 dollars easily done in day or two.

If you have read all text above that only means, you like to see how somone can fail at english.

How to expand your empire?

If you read above you know that there is two ways to make profit. Now you need to choose
which one you will pick. Personally I'm renting as many referrals as I can, but that might not
be your thing. This will make you more work to do, if you don't do it wisely. Which many people have done, which I assume.

This it is

1. You should go to Payza or Paypal
2. Add funds atleast 20 dollars upto 200 dollars or more
3. Head to www . and register your account in Neobux
4. After that you should add those 20 dollars into your neobux which are instantly usable
5. Rent 100 referrals
6. Click atleast all orange ads. There is four of them every day
7. Rent after 7 days 100 more referrals
8. Do step 6. again and again
9. Now is your 14. day in Neobux and rent again 100 referrals
10. Next day is your 15. day so you are going to purchase golden which costs 90 dollars (this will double your earnings)
11. Click all those nine ads everyday. And rent 100 referrals every seventh day
12. Decide wll you go higher in your account upgrade or do you stay in golden (I will be golden until I will reach 2000 referrals)
13. Spent around 10 minutes per day and let the money come in your purse

If you follow those 13 steps you will be earning nice amount cash every day "passively".

Rented Referrals Averages:

Standart Account: x > 1,5
Golden Account: x > 1

Referrals average depends how many of them you have + how active they are

Remember there is anything else than stupid questions. Feel free and ask what ever you want
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Brentamus(2014-01-01 05:09 PM) fares72(2013-12-08 11:16 AM) 
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2013-12-08, 07:59 AM,
I started neobux last year and in my opinion in renting referrals is a waste of your money, I had 300 rented referrals and I never gained any profit because of the amount I had to spend on re renting them and changing them. Stick to getting your own active referrals much cheaper and safer! Good luck :)
2013-12-08, 08:00 AM,
neobux is the biggest waste of time ever
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nutnights(2013-12-08 11:39 AM) instasurveys(2013-12-08 10:37 AM) Quffs(2013-12-08 09:19 AM) 
2013-12-08, 09:57 AM,
I tried neobux about 2 years ago and yes it was totally waste of time and money. Rented refs will click for about a day or two but after that they will just click 1-2 ads.
2013-12-08, 11:21 AM,
Anice i will suggest you to continue clicking as it takes like half-an-hour to set everything and also start doing CPA for some more time that will increase ur earnings and also u'll know the potential of this :)
i know guys like reggen who earns very big but he had lots n lots of money to invest upfront

I personally used neobux and clixsense also invested some money but i earned like $100+ only in one year xD
2013-12-08, 11:39 AM,
I'd rather spent time to find niches and new strategies than to waste my time again on that F*CKING SITE! I've been with that site for 2 years and I can tell you it is such a waste.
2013-12-08, 02:43 PM,
I dont understand where that angry comes, but did you remember to use your brains while clicking ads in neobux?
2013-12-08, 03:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-08, 03:25 PM by Required.)
Dude I remeber I was with Onbux or Neobux and I chose Onbucks. Was making $30 a day pure profit, about to move to $80 a day. Then onbux scammed.. I would have been rich by now. The pennies add up.

Direct Referrals were key to max profit.

2013-12-08, 04:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-08, 04:09 PM by AniceGuy.)
(2013-12-08, 03:24 PM)Required Wrote: Dude I remeber I was with Onbux or Neobux and I chose Onbucks. Was making $30 a day pure profit, about to move to $80 a day. Then onbux scammed.. I would have been rich by now. The pennies add up.

Direct Referrals were key to max profit.

Ummm. Its true that most of PTC sites end up scam but Nebux has been here over 5 years.
And it is most used PTC site, 5,457,993 daily uniqu visitors. So I can say pretty sure that Neobux will not scam. I have received multiple payments from Neobux. And every of them has been instantly on my Payza account. I haven't have any problems with Neobux since I joined here.


And if you have time you can search Neobux from there and many other sites.

PS: If I would be like you I wouldn't do anything, since if one human lies to me, that doesn't mean I shouldn't trust anyone. Im just saying
2013-12-13, 02:54 AM,
this type of sites are scam,i used a year ago a site called ***bux dont remmeber full url, i invested like 10$ and when i requested payment,they ignored me,fuck them,doesnt worth to waste time and money on that

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