PPI Journey VolkanOz - Zero to Hero
2015-08-17, 04:34 AM,
Who am i?
Hello, My name is Volkan, and i am from the Netherlands. And my origin is Turkish.
I joined this forum a long-time ago, but didn't posted any usefull things it was more questions that i had. My english isn't verry well, but i will try to explain what my goals are and hope you can understand what i mean. I love Internet Marketing, because its so easy from working home and nobody is telling you to do. And if i can really scale up, i have some good plans for in the future i want to buy a house in Turkey, and help my parents financial.

Lets start from the beginning i have spended a lot of money, to earn some dollars.. i have invested more than i have earned now.
I only paid for software more than 300 euros.
GSA,Scrapebox and more, i have almost everything i need to help me with my goals.
First i tried my luck with CPA, but i didnt get much traffic as i want so i failed hardtime there, so then i tried my luck on PPI.
And today I would like to start my journey to scale it up every time. Keep in mind, that this journey has been created just for my own motivation, but you can ask me everything you want and i will help and answer if i can.
Also i want to make some contacts, it doesnt mather if its from the Netherlands or US, or some other country, we can work together, to make some earnings!

Special note:
When i started with PPI, i was earning cents and i mean really cents. like 0,10$ to 0,50$ a day. But it was keeping me happy. Why? Because every cent you make everyday, is something and it motivates you to earn even more.

Now i earn like 3$ a day, sometimes when i have luck its 8$ a day.
The most i made with PPI, is 10$ for one day.

So what do i do to earn?
I have ranked my site with GSA for a low traffic keyword, its a game hack, but it gives me like 10 US visitors, and 60 different country visitors everyday.

My target is?
I don't have a special target, I would like that when this 2015 year will end to earn over 10$ per day.

Which are your methods?
My methods for the moment is just one.
Its PURE SEO, with GSA backlinks to my site, what is driving me traffic.
Also my website is at PAGE 1, for some keyword at position 5 or 6. That is mainly giving me traffic
I am not using any Youtube method for the moment because i failed hard with Youtube.

Earnings for this week.
Aug 16 1 1 91 24 1:3 $6.48
Aug 15 0 0 104 27 1:3 $3.98
Aug 14 0 0 79 16 1:4 $3.13
Aug 13 0 0 89 30 1:2 $4.93
Aug 12 0 0 88 26 1:3 $7.22
Aug 11 0 0 91 26 1:3 $4.96
Aug 10 0 0 101 35 1:2 $6.73
Aug 09 0 0 94 33 1:2 $7.29
Aug 08 0 0 79 29 1:2 $8.65
Aug 07 0 0 75 20 1:3 $2.84
Total: 1 1 893 266 1:3 $56.21
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2015-08-17, 05:35 AM,
Good luck with this journey fella, you got some sweet earnings already I can see so yeah :)

[Image: tumblr_lstcuikgt61qhtsbwo1_500.gif]
2015-08-17, 06:25 AM,
Hey mate, good luck with reaching your goal!

If you don't mind me asking, which PPI network are you using?

best regards

Need help with anything German related? Just PM me!

My tutorials so far:
3x Black/Whitehat Niches
How to add a countdown to your LP - will increase your conversions/CTR
2015-08-17, 03:37 PM,
subscribed and good luck, and yeah wich ppi network you use?
2015-08-17, 04:02 PM,
I use Perinstallcash, its a really good PPI network, believe me its better than other networks and has great rates. I tried them all Amonetize,Installrex.
2015-08-17, 04:19 PM,
Good luck OP. Use your Netherlander skills to get these $22 leads on cpagrip!
2015-08-17, 04:31 PM,
Your welcome Volkan Kardeş ;) Wish you happy earnings on PPI...
2015-08-17, 05:11 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-08-17, 05:12 PM by volkanoz.)
(2015-08-17, 04:19 PM)locmanis Wrote: Good luck OP. Use your Netherlander skills to get these $22 leads on cpagrip!

Thanks but its really hard for me, i know they give verry big leads, but you need much traffic and PPI is earning me more than CPA at this moment.

(2015-08-17, 04:31 PM)makerwind Wrote: Your welcome Volkan Kardeş ;) Wish you happy earnings on PPI...

Thankyou kardes, are you Turkish by the way?
2015-08-17, 06:07 PM,
Yes, i am living in Turkey
2015-08-17, 06:31 PM,
hello u have what i need and i have what u need so can we work together i have nice niches for seo but i dont have gsa.send me a pm

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