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Optimize Your CPA Campaigns (Guide)
2018-06-25, 02:17 PM,
Optimizing Campaigns – CPA Marketing For Beginners Guide

[Image: CPA-Marketing-For-Beginners-2.jpg]

Offers: Every campaigns performance is directly dependent on the offer. There are multiple offers on the same niche but all of them don’t perform the same. Some perform extremely well and some perform terribly poor. So, that is the reason I have made it the top most variable which will directly affect the performance of a campaign. Alongside, there can be different offer landing page for the same offer. So, split testing the offer landing page and cutting out the low performing ones can highly improve the performance of a campaign and can bring good ROI(return of investment).

Angles: The angle used in the landing page and banner or ads is the second most important variable which determines the success or failure of a campaign. An offer can be promoted in many ways or in other sense in different angles. Some angles will sky rocket the conversions and some angles will through the campaign in the pit hole. So, it’s always advised to split test among different angles to find out the most working on and optimize the campaign based on that.

Titles and images:- Once a working profitable angle is found, further optimization and tweaking can be done by making minor alteration in the title, headlines and image(if used). This small tweak can sometimes lead to 100-300% more ROI depending on the campaign.

Landing page speed: – This is one of the most vital metrics which can affect your campaign performance hugely. Landing page speed directly depends on the hosting(VPA or cloud preferred for faster speed) , uses of JavaScript’s(heavy and complex) and size of the file(specially images). Always try to have a landing page whose load time is 250ms or below. If it is not then try optimizing the landing page and reduce its load time. Faster loading landing pages always have greater conversion ratio. To check your landing page speed and analyze it try Pingdom, Gtmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights

Site’s uptime :- Site’s downtime can lead to a huge loss if it goes unnoticed. Nobody can monitor site’s uptime all day long. It’s impossible. But thanks to the free service which made life so easy. You can monitor your site’s downtime and get instant notification. Use Uptime Robot to check your site’s uptime and downtime free of cost.

Accurate tracking: – To analyze and optimize a campaign you need a very good tracker which provides almost accurate data. Data is everything and you are purchasing data to optimize your campaign for positive ROI. I have mentioned about different kind of tracker on my starting point page among which Voluum, CPV Lab and --- This service provider decided to spam CPAElites. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- provides almost accurate data. I have used all of the tracker I have mentioned and finally got stuck with Voluum as it provides near to accurate data and have all the options and features I need to analyze and optimize my campaigns.

A/B Testing: – I have mentioned all the metrics and variables to analyze and optimize the campaign. Lastly, don’t just sit ideal when you have optimized a campaign and making good profit from it. Try to do some more testing to see if you can increase the ROI a little more. Such kind of testing can be anything like testing offers among different networks, changing the color of the banner/landing page, tweaking the titles and CTA(call to action button), tweaking attention grabber headlines and so on. Any small changes can highly effect the performance of the existing campaigns.

Conclusion: – Always start with a fresh mind before starting a campaign. Make sure everything is in order before starting the campaign. Gather as much data as you can before optimizing and finally keep testing. The more you do, the more you will earn. As at the end of the day profit matters.

2018-06-25, 02:18 PM,
Good info.
Thanks for sharing
2018-06-25, 04:03 PM,
Thanks for the suggestion, Will follow it.
2018-06-25, 06:28 PM,
HQ guide mate! Thank you so much for sharing.
2018-06-29, 07:54 AM,
Good info .
Thanks for the share
2018-06-29, 01:31 PM,
Thanks for sharing this. Good stuff.
2018-07-22, 10:21 AM,
Sounds good, Thanks for your tips.
2018-08-10, 12:18 PM,
Good guide buddy :) Thank you for sharing it with us.
2018-08-11, 10:55 AM,
Thanks for this HQ sharing mate.

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