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OpenYourMind's journey from 0 to 50$ a day - CPA & PPD
2013-07-12, 07:51 PM,
Hi guys, I`m new here so I just want to say hello for starters. Nice to see a community with all these passionate people exchanging ideas and common interests.

Short story:

I want to make a living out of this business called the internet. I`ve been reading hundreds of success stories of people making 50-100+ dollars a day so I`m going to give my best shot at it. 50 a day would be what I consider success, anything above that would be extraordinary (considering that the average salary in my country -Romania- is somewhere at 500$/mo). I have a part-time job, a great desire to learn and a hunger for accomplishing all the things that being poor kept me from doing.

Long story short:

My main traffic source will be Youtube, directing people to my own landing pages which will have content lockers installed on them or to CPA offers from the networks I`m signed up with.

What I am starting with:

Buget: 0$
Accounts: 15 PVA Youtube accounts that I`ve bought couple of months ago from a guy on fiverr. Just checked them and they are still working fine.
Some 10$ invested in credits on a video boosting website (don't know if I'm aloud to give names but it doesn't matter anyway)
Some u2bviews points gathered while letting the program run in the background
Experience: Medium knowledge of graphic design, html, php & javascript (just enough so I can modify some templates off the net to suit my needs)
Programs: Photoshop, notepad++, Adobe Premiere.

Goals and possible drawbacks:

- My main goal is to make enough/mo to move out of my parents apartment and be able to pay my own bills. Maybe even help them out with money as they have 9 to 5 jobs which are very poorly paid.
- I struggle with laziness a lot (go figure) which is a one of the motives why I`ve created this journal for. Keep me motivated, maybe get some opinions on my day to day actions and some constructive critique as well.

Cutting to the chase:

DAY 1:
  • Created & Uploaded 4 videos for my niches. I`m only uploading 2 videos/channel so if they`ll eventually get banned I won't lose all my work.
  • Created 2 landing pages for 2 of my videos which are not CPA only vids.
    Let me get into detail with this: I have 2 videos (for now) which are centered on CPA offers (e-mail submits to be exact) but are restricted to US leads alone. So, I`ve installed a GeoRedirect service on my landing pages so as leads that come from the US will be seeing the CPA offer with the e-mail submit while those that are not US will go on to my landing page where they'll face the content locker before they get access to whatever I`m promoting. (Good way to maximize your traffic potential). If you want to read more about Geo Redirection just hit it up on google and you'll find whatever you need in order to make it work for you.
  • Boosted all 4 of my videos with comments, likes, favs from u2bviews
  • Boosted all 4 of my videos with views
  • Pinged all 4 of my videos with two pinging services
  • Saved all the titles, descriptions and tags in some word files. Too lazy to think them over again if they get deleted so I might as well just copy/paste them if I plan to re-upload deleted videos.

Earnings for today: 0$

If you have any questions just post on the thread and I`ll answer ASAP. Cheers and best of luck to you all.
2013-07-12, 07:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-07-12, 07:55 PM by ThaRealGold.)
Goodluck with the journey! It's not about how much you can do in ONE day it's about being persistent all month!
Never stop adding !
2013-07-12, 07:57 PM,
(2013-07-12, 07:54 PM)ThaRealGold Wrote: Goodluck with the journey! It's not about how much you can do in ONE day it's about being persistent all month!
Never stop adding !

I hope I can find a balance for my work hours but I will definitely do something to better myself and my chances of reaching my goal, every day. Thank you ThaRealGold.
2013-07-13, 09:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-07-13, 09:09 PM by openyourmind.)
DAY 2:

Today was fine tuning day for my landing pages. Added some social buttons for the users to be able to share the pages with their friends (maybe it will attract some more leads, who knows...).
Also, I`ve created 2 more videos for 2 new niches, uploaded them and boosted with comments, likes and views. The network for boosting videos is experiencing trouble with their credits system so most of my vids are stuck with natural views for the moment.

I`m still wondering if it`s better to "dominate" a niche by uploading several videos on the same subject and possibly capturing more leads, or to expand my efforts on many niches like I`m doing know. Still need to test and compare.

Also, I`m reading that people are letting their videos settle for a few days before boosting them. Is this affecting ranking in any way?

Earnings still at 0$ so far.
Not disappointed by this, mostly motivated because I know good times are ahead :D. I`ll keep you posted with my progress.

Cheers! openyourmind.
2013-07-14, 07:03 AM,
Nice job! If you need any help with Landing Pages shoot me a PM and I will take a look!
2013-07-15, 10:53 AM,
Day 3 was the best day yet. I made some cash :D So happy about this!

So, yesterday I tinkered with some new niches and methods. I found some helpful tools and tutorials here on the forum and they are very promising. Even installed Visual Basic and got into creating keygenerators although I'm not very convinced about entering the gaming niche. I still need to find some twists I can add to this and maybe use it for some other purposes. (Thanks to Ignore for the VB tutorial).

At the end of the day I had 5.60
[Image: 0CMnoYX.png?1]

Hopefully today will be as good if not better than yesterday. I'll keep you posted.
2013-07-16, 02:45 PM,
Nice man, keep it up.

Baga tare. :)
2013-07-18, 02:30 PM,
I haven't updated the thread these 3 days because I have done mainly the same thing over this period and I figured I might as well put it in one single post.

(2013-07-16, 03:06 PM)Aleks Wrote: Thats great man still going :) never give up!
Thanks man, I won't. I have my mind set on this goal and I know that if I can reach it then the sky is the limit.

(2013-07-16, 02:45 PM)Bambo_Ocha Wrote: Nice man, keep it up.

Baga tare. :)
Will do bro, nice to see my ppl here :D Mersi frumos!

What I did these 3 days:

- I created a web of videos, about 6 of them, all on the same niche. Each video is containing a link to another video of mine so as to create a sense of familiarity and truthfulness.
- I started recording my own voice as a valid thing because people respond better to someone telling them what to do than some text or image that is unnatural and plain. The script I use for the vids contains phrases such as "as you might have seen in my other videos", "as all of you know already" etc. Although my channel has 2 videos and few subscribers. People respond to these kind of expressions which send away trust and validity. ("This guy is doing this stuff for a long time" why? ... because I said so in my video. People on the internet don't have time to think, especially when you promise them free stuff or some service that they won't get anywhere else)
- I`m seeing the CPA offers that I`m promoting are converting relatively well so I will try to get even higher conversions off them and even more clicks.
- I`m trying hard to optimize my videos, get them to look better than top ranked ones for my keywords, make them look legitimate and as official as possible.
- Designing vids for youtube is especially tricky. I spent a lot of time these days studying how the average top-ranked videos on my niche are looking and most of them have eye-candy graphics and "in your face" text. I guess users are now accustomed to seeing these type of graphics from channels with a lot of subscribers. I need to use this type of stuff with my own twist.


Day 4:
The day stopped at $2.80 lower than day 3 but still earned something.
[Image: 8V5m6s8.jpg?1]
Day 5:
I don't really like my EPC 0.12 seems quite low... $4.20 today.
[Image: Qi3aVM0.jpg?1]
Day 6:
The EPC is even lower but I guess I can't judge it after so few clicks. Day stopped at $4.20.
[Image: QunrWsd.jpg?1]
2013-07-21, 08:23 AM,
Nice stats bro , i have thesame problem with the EPC ana also the number of click :( , Good luck bro =)
2013-07-21, 09:21 AM,
Which network you are using looks like a CPA network

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