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OMGWTFISTHIS - CPA Elites interview
2013-08-28, 10:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 10:08 PM by DutchPride.)
[Image: yV5a7Ga.png]OMGWTFISTHIS Interview

What made you get into CPA/PPD?

Of course it was about the money, but I think I first saw it when I learned what Sharecash truly was, then I was still selling game currency back then and decided to take the next step and join Fileice, as it was fresh and new.

How long have you been doing internet marketing now?

I started out with Internet Marketing somewhere around July of 2011, it was the summer before I graduated high school so it was a good opportunity for me to start it out.

What’s the most you have earned in one day?

If I remember correctly, it was $961.40. Let's just say I played my cards right and I indeed saw the benefits from it. :p

Tell us something about you personal life, Do you have anyone special in your life?

I do, I actually just got engaged to my fiancée EXACTLY a month from the time I am doing this interview! (7/28/2013) It's great, she's the most amazing person in my life, my best friend!

What does your family think that you earn that much money online?

My brothers emphasize on this more than anybody, but they think I'm some illegal mastermind who hacks people. Not exactly the case. All in all they're proud for me, because it's honestly something I enjoy doing.

How did you find CPA Elites and what made you sign up?

I found CPA Elites via --- Forum discussions are not allowed. ---. I kept seeing all these signatures, and didn't know what it was about. I saw that it was being run by people who knew what they were doing in the Internet Marketing field, so I had to jump in here and see what it's all about.

Do you safe your money for later? Or are you already spending it all?

I try to as much as possible, especially since my earnings dropped very hard - but I'll be back, that's for sure. Unfortunately, I have an overwhelming amount of items in which I NEED to buy, but that's alright.

Your both long term and short term goals in the future?

For the short term goals, I hope to stabalize my earnings as much as possible. Basically, I want a backup website of my backup website. 3 levels of security, I suppose. Long term - I want as many cars as I can physically put into my garage. Being successful is something everybody should stride for.

What’s the reason behind your name? We all know that you got an second alias (mK+)

Well, for my name 'OMGWTFISTHIS', it was simply a name I created off the top of my head when I was signing up for one of those "sketchy" websites that could email blast me. I didn't want to be spammed, so I made something random. I guess it kind of stuck after that, more so because it stands out. My second alias, I use for --- Forum discussions are not allowed. --- '+mK'. It stands for Music Kills, it was this group of people I used to hang out with that created awesome music!

What are your lifetime earnings?

Since I started in July, of course I started off slow - but overall I've earned about $70,000 total. In this past year from this current date, I've earned close to $55,000. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

What kind of music do you like listening to?

I listen to pretty much everything. Deathcore, metalcore, rap, trap music, acoustic covers, acapella covers, dubstep, chillstep, you name it - pretty much anything.

Any final thoughts? Anything you would like to say?

I'd like to thank you for allowing me to be in this interview, I really appreciate it.

I guess the last thing that I'd like to say is that everybody should live their life as if it were the last day. You hear this all the time, but if you just listen to what they're saying and let it soak in, it can be very powerful. Try to help someone everyday, it will make you an overall better person. You will learn tons of things, trust me!

If you would like to be in an interview or you would like someone interviewed, then please PM me . If you have any questions you'd like to ask in future interviews, then post them below!

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
Before posting, make sure you are in the correct section.

I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

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2013-08-28, 10:21 PM,
He is a great person, I've talked to him sometimes on skype, he helped me a lot.
2013-08-28, 10:25 PM,
Also helped me a lot. Great guy ;)
2013-08-28, 10:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 10:48 PM by adidam.)
If I'm not wrong, I talked to him on Skype for almost 1 hour and to be very frank he is totally down to earth :) :)

I have met lots of big earner here and there on --- Forum discussions are not allowed. --- and all of them don't loose any chance to show you down. Trust me, This Guy earns so much but if you will talk to him. He talks so so so politely and respectfully that you will feel you are talking to your friend. :)

I was frightened last night and like OMGWTFISTHIS really boosted my morale and told me some methods.

It was really nice to meet and talk to him and I'm still shocked that I talked to him :P

P.S.: I'm not over reacting but this guy really deserves this much respect :)

Adidam | Skype: AdidamHere (without live)
2013-08-28, 11:02 PM,
Thank you for interviewing me! :D I needed a break from the robotic working habits I was running.

I appreciate it guys, I really do. I'm telling you...I get as much enjoyment helping you guys as much as you do getting information. Help someone and you'll see a definite 'boost' in your life.

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"I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb." -Thomas Edison
2013-08-28, 11:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 11:07 PM by GraveYard.)
nice :D I wait to somebody to take me an interview :))
is interesting to know things that are hiding behind a username.
2013-08-28, 11:09 PM,
(2013-08-28, 11:05 PM)Razec Wrote: nice :D I wait to somebody to take me an interview :))
is interesting to know things that are hiding behind a username.

Hahahah!! Show Your income but most important: SHARE SOMETHING UNIQUE like OMGWTFISTHIS :)

He shared a lot here and on FileIce Forums. :)

Adidam | Skype: AdidamHere (without live)
2013-08-28, 11:12 PM,
wonderful interview, thanks for taking out time and answering this questions. Good luck
2013-08-28, 11:17 PM,
I always enjoy interviews with good earners. Mostly about what friends and family think about it.
2013-08-28, 11:53 PM,
nice interview i might ask this guy for helpTongue

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