"Nude Art Project" pt.2..MoNetiZatioN $
2013-09-26, 07:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-26, 08:36 AM by SwiffJustus.)
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2013-09-26, 08:26 AM,
Wow supercool method SwiffJustus, it gave me some ideas. I will be starting with this soon.
Thanks once again for the GOLD
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IamAllwin786(2015-02-28 06:18 PM) locmanis(2013-10-25 02:38 AM) SwiffJustus(2013-09-26 08:33 AM) 
2013-09-26, 08:35 AM,
Thanks a lot for the kind words Staff, Just trying to throw some things around
and see what we can piece together.
2013-09-26, 08:36 AM,
(2013-09-26, 07:57 AM)SwiffJustus Wrote: AND POUNCE HARD AND DEEP..."That's what she said"
sorry could,t Help it!-lol

I'm starting to love this guy lol! Nice one!
Great guide, as always! Thanks for sharing it with the community.
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SwiffJustus(2013-09-26 08:39 AM) 
2013-09-26, 08:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-26, 08:51 AM by SwiffJustus.)
lol..Sharing and receiving the Love is what keeps
the beakers in the Lab boiling Baby!(No Homo)
"not that There's anything wrong with That"^ <(Seinfeld and Costanza)
2013-09-26, 09:01 AM,
Thanks for the share man! I'm still a bit lost on where I can get the ilivid offers though or the free media player
2013-09-26, 09:21 AM,
(2013-09-26, 09:01 AM)chamacoe Wrote: Thanks for the share man! I'm still a bit lost on where I can get the ilivid offers though or the free media player

Lost but not alone..
Here is a Light to better see the path My Friend...

Most all Networks have these offers as they are Downloads!



Also Real Player and Xvid..



Just a Sample I don't endorse This Network..
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chamacoe(2013-09-26 10:18 AM) 
2013-09-26, 09:32 AM,
This is a new method, But all the ppd don't allow porn content.
2013-09-26, 10:01 AM,
(2013-09-26, 09:32 AM)donsenc Wrote: This is a new method, But all the ppd don't allow porn content.

Brother there is a BIG Difference between nude art and Porn.

Talk to your AM Explain that..
show him that Link and convince Them......I did...
You are a Internet Marketer....MARKET!
Don't have to Use PPD use a Cpa Network as they also have these Offers
and are more liberal with these things..and most can be explained and
molded into and acceptable Campaign when there's potential to Earn Nicely.
Use it with and adult affiliate network..
You could send them one of those Nude art videos from Youtube if
it makes you feel better- lol

Just post
" If downloaded player doesn't Start automatically contact me here"
Then send them one of those youtube art Videos ...

Tell them Don't worry about the Review as you have enough already..

Brother Listen, I know you've heard this 1000 times..
"Don't View these post with step for step Vision"..
Put on your Tweak and Twist Goggles and proceed
to Hammer and Chisel it into something workable..

Man it is Soooooo easy to find a reason something might not work..
Challenge yourself to find a bunch of reasons and ways that you will
make it work.....Even if it doesn't...
You will have still been on a journey of attempted discovery
and that is better than No Journey at all...ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

One thing I've Learned is Not taking the journey will Guarantee
100% chance of me not finding the Prize...100% OF THE TIME
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donsenc(2013-09-26 11:34 AM) chamacoe(2013-09-26 10:16 AM) 
2013-09-26, 10:21 AM,
Thanks man. Very nice information and train of thought. "Your an internet marketer, Market!".
I gotta say though I knew what you were doing through the click frenzy but I still kept going out of curiosity. Very nice eye opener.
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SwiffJustus(2013-09-26 10:27 AM) 

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