New to all this!
2013-12-23, 08:19 AM,
Hey everyone so im looking for a way to make some cash online.

But i dont know where to start!

Looking for someone to help explain everything and get me started
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2013-12-23, 08:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-23, 08:28 AM by moneyboy2012.)
Heyy there,

Pay per Download[PPD] networks are companies that allow you to upload your content to their site, where they then lock the content for download, so that the downloader must fill out a survey in order to download the content. After this survey is filled out, you then receive a percentage of whatever the current survey advertising networks are paying, usually anywhere from $1-$20 depending on which country the downloader is from and which survey the downloader chooses to complete!

So i guess you understood what is ppd/cpa and how it works :)

Now how to earn money and have some success with PPD?

>To get success with PPD websites you have to think that why would people do a survey for your content.That is the key.
Is it so important for the people to get your content so that they would be ready for doing a survey??

This is the question which answers the success with PPD :)

the main part. HOW to earn money with this???
>>Upload a file to a PPD website.
>>They'll give a unique link to you.
>>Share that link to other people.
>>When anyone downloads your file,you'll get paid.

Now u know how these site works.
But what is the method?? What to share?? How to get downloads?? --i know these r the questions you have in your mind.

Now you should know some basic and important thing.
It is called "Niche".

>> Well "Niche" is equal to "IDEA". Yes that is the easiest explanation i can give :p
So to work with PPD industry,u have to find niches(ideas) to begin earning.

Following are some examples of niche:
4-Fake game trainers or keygens
5-Beta keys for latest games etc..................

Still difficult?

Let me give u an example for 1st niche above i.e. hacks or hack programs :)
I uploaded a video to youtube about a fake "Candy Crush Saga Hack"
For video visit: (Don't flag anyone please)

I think i did a good job making that video :p [like it plzz and add a good comment for me] :p
Now be serious again...

In description i provided my landing page link (i.e my blogger page).Click that link and you will be redirected to my Landing Page.There'll be a mediafire link in the download button.Now u may say where the heck is survey page?
Easy why don't you download it and see it on your own :)

Ok its like i have a fake application coded in Visual Basic and uploaded it in mediafire.What it does?
Simple! It asks for an activation key and redirects to survey page wen activated :)

If you completed a survey and downloaded that activation key file,i'll get paid.See it is as simple as that.

See i already shown you a method to earn money through youtube. :)

You need to learn following things to start off:
1) Visual Basic - Google it and download and learn - it is really very much easy.
2) Camtasia studio 8 - Used to create video by recording desktop and ur actions
3) Promotion - Lots of tutorials available here.

Hope it helped you :)

2013-12-23, 11:09 AM,
Hey rileypollard, welcome!

I'll try to keep this as brief and as educational as possible. Based of your post I'm guessing you're completely new to the world of Internet Marketing, because you said you don't know where to start. Not a problem, all of us we're new at one point. Hopefully this post will shed some light.

First off, I'd suggest you get your feet wet by doing a lot of reading/studying. I can't stress this enough. There are many Internet Marking forums online, this of course being one of them. I'd suggest signing up to some of the other popular ones too. When I first started learning the ropes, I spent many hours pre day reading, hopping from one thread to another trying to get a grasp of what the h*ll was going on. Interent Marketing is a huge subject. With tons of information to absorb. It took me months of reading/studying daily before all the things I was reading started to become clear.

If any of following words or phrases are unfamiliar, I'd suggest you get your start by reading as many different threads as it takes to get a grasp of what they means or what they pertain to.

SEO, CTR, Affiliate, Conversion, Squeeze Page, Black hat, White hat, Lead, Ad words,CPC, Niche, Long tail Keyword, Optimized, PPD, Cost per Action, Cost per Click, Impression, PPV, Keyword research, SERPs, Back link, Ad copy, Article Spinner. PPC

These were the first words to come to my head at random. There are MANY more you will pick up on along the way. What I am getting at is, you should start your journey by learning the basics of everything that is related to Internet Marketing. Before going swimming, you should take lessons. With that being said, This forum is mostly dedicated to the CPA/PPD side of things. Some people find this to be the easiest route to start, more specifically PPD. I've read many PPD journey's/journel's where the person has little or no experience then a few months later they are making $20 - $50 or a few over $100, PER DAY! I've also seen the opposite where people have tried and failed to profit with PPD over and over.

You can make a better decision on "How to start" by knowing what subjects intrest you and fit your skills the most. There are THOUSANDS of ways to profit. But you never will if you're not doing something that: #1) Is within you personal skill set, trust me there is something. and #2) Something that you are truly interest in doing for hours a day without a boss to keep you in check.

I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey.

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