New CPA Elites Member - Hello
2016-10-05, 04:07 AM,

Just posting to say "Hi!" as new member to this forum Smile

I've only just stumbled upon this 'CPA Marketing' advertising model over the last few weeks, and read so much information I'm starting to feel Brain Fried !!!

I'm struggling to join up the dots on how to get from A to B? (i.e the Offer to the 'Client')

I have some relatively good knowledge of websites, and can code HTML/CSS, and can adapt/reuse JavaScript/PHP/ASP.NET (C#, VB), and setup Domains & Hosting, etc - but have never understood a way to use my skills to make any £££ (or $$$). My main pitfalls are; can code, but crap at creating aesthetic designs; and can write, but crap at creating engaging content.

Yesterday, I signed up and got accepted with a few CPA networks, and reviewed several offers available. I have also watched Hawk Eye's beginners tutorials, which have helped a lot (thank you).

So, I'm at the point where I have a choice of potential offers to promote, but don't know where to go next. I have a 'test' domain and hosting. I know I need to select a potential CPA niche offer (within the same market segment as my domain?), but don't know what to do with the 'Offer'.

Should I create a sub-domain to host a landing page to this offer (perhaps using a landing page template) - if so, I think I'm stuck on the methods on driving traffic to the landing page/template.

Other articles have suggested linking direct to the offer (without landing page) - but where am I linking from ? (social media?)

On other tutorials I have read about various techniques that include using tools & bots for generating 'followers' on various social media to gererate traffic - but still don't understand what building blocks (i.e the platform where/how the offer is hosted) that need to be put in place to get started.

Perhaps, someone may be kind enough to point me in the right direction for a good beginner 'how to', or suggest some good tuts/books.

Thank you for reading (and sorry for such a long into).

All the best, Jamez401
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2016-10-05, 11:50 PM,
Welcome to elites, I will suggest to do split testing.
For every user different thing work because of their niche.
You should start with a niche and plan accordingly.

2016-10-06, 03:44 AM,
Hello Verilog,

Thank you for your reply - earlier today I bought a tutorial (not sure if I can disclose my choice, in case it gets viewed a promoting).

From following the 45 min tutorial, it suggests selecting a niche to promote (such as a free to play game), and creating a basic wordpress site to provide some useful content such as game redeem/promotion codes, and then content locking the content using a 'network offer' to generate leads, etc. There is some further advice on how to generate traffic, but a little vague!

I feel that I have the necessary experience to put the structure in place (i.e. domain/hosting, and customising wordpress, etc) - but substantially lacking any knowledge/techniques on sourcing/generating the content for the 'wordpress site' to lock? , including consideration for driving traffic to the site!

Thank you for the tip on split testing - I understand the concept, but think this may be a little beyond my experience at the moment.

I still remember a 'concept' from a business course I did years ago about the 4 p's - which involves "finding the right PRODUCT, at the right PRICE, for the right PERSON, at the right PLACE (or something like that) - is this a good methodically to follow for IM?

Kind regards, James
2016-11-08, 09:44 PM,
Hello James,

I am Wilson and even i have started CPA marketing last week, it seems as if we both are walking along the same path. I have been approved by a network. Since things look very complicated, what i have decided, is just link it to the offer without landing page. Collect appropriate data, see how the system works. The reason being is that many services that offer landing page service has monthly billing cycle, i dont see a reason to increase the investment without having an idea of ROI. Since i am serious about this i have invested only in tracking software. first i intend to understand and then step by step monetize the traffic.

Even i am stuck with next stage that is after being accepted by the network, now i am working on how to place ad and which ad network is suitable for the offer with the geo location specified.

Kind Regards, Wilson
2016-11-09, 03:55 AM,
Hello Wilson,

Thank you for your reply.

I've kind of hit a road block with my initial idea !

From the 'guide' I bought it suggested to pick a game niche (i.e. clash of clans, or similar for example), then use a content locker to 'lock' access to a hack/cheat, but I found out it was hard to find a hack/cheat to promote, and now ultimately decided this particular method wasn't going to work.

I'm still yet to get inspiration (or an epiphany moment!) on the flow from having and an offer to promote to creating the traffic > site > offer > 'locked content', and populating the 'shop front' to display.

You mention you're working on how to place the ad, what kind of way have you read about ?

All the best, James
2016-11-09, 10:22 PM,
Welcome here man, enjoy your stay :)

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