Neal Caffrey's journey to $5,000/month content locking!
2015-11-02, 02:58 AM,
My journey to a stable $5,000 a month content locking!
And being financially free

All of my income will come from content locking/PPD. I'm more classy than the average PPD kids.... I don't follow the crowd.

You have to get creative, and that's what separates the losers from the winners.
You have to blaze your own trails, your own methods, and your own niches.

The Goal: A stable $5,000/month in income all coming from content locking valuable content.

About me:
I'm 18 years old, and I've been in this business for over 3 years. I'm not a noob. I've made $XX,XXX total so far. The problem was.... I never actually took this seriously. I got lazy, didn't work, didn't try pushing myself. I always treated this like a part time job or something to do on the weekends. And while I certainly made a lot... because of my attitude it made my earnings very unstable and I never realized my full potential. I've been a lurker here for a long time. And finally decided that it was time to give back to the community and motivate you and myself to greater heights.

I'd rather not state my real name. So you can all refer to me as my alias.... Neal.

Who's Neal?
The main character in "white collar" (TV show) . I encourage you to watch it. It's a great TV show, and is available on netflix.

What's your traffic sources/methods/niches?
I will not give out my traffic sources, niches, or methods. Sorry... I do a mix of things. I do not do paid traffic. I only use free methods to get my traffic so anyone can achieve my success without spending a dime.

Do you use fake niches, blackhat niches, grey hat niches, or whitehat niches?
This always makes me laugh... I provide content. Whatever that may be. I do not work in fake niches or attempt to scam my users. I always try to give the end user something for completing the survey. The best niches are the legitimate ones. Not always whitehat but the user always get the content from me. I consider my visitors as my customers and I believe that is the best attitude if you want to be in this business for years to come.

Why I will reach my goal:
Because I don't have an option... If you back yourself into a corner, its the best motivation to do the "impossible". It MUST work. I'm bent on achieving my goals and dreams. I'd like to travel the world. Who wants to be chained to a desk for most of their life? Not me... Life is too short to sell your time to a boss.

What if you exceed your goal?
If I exceed my goal too quickly and it is stable than I'll continue posting my stats, but rename the thread.

What network do you use?
I use CPAGrip as I have found them to be the most convenient networks, with all my payments being processed quickly, and never have any drama. I will primarily be using them for this journey, but I may end up testing other networks on occasion.

Can I PM you?
Absolutely! I'd love to hear from my readers. Feel free to PM. Please just understand that I won't share my specific traffic sources methods, or niches in any detail. I will however point you in the right direction depending on what you're working on. Please understand that I'm very busy so I may not be able to get through all of the PM's or spend too much time doing it. I'll dedicate an hour a day to responding to PM's.

Why should I follow this journey?
I know usually these threads are started and end in 1-2 months and the OP never to return. This thread is different. Even if I am failing, I will still post updates every day. I will NOT abandon my readers. I'm here to prove that you can make a stable, solid income from content locking, and I'll do my very best to prove that.

To people I've motivated:
Please let me know! I'd love to know if I changed someone's life because I motivated them in this thread to get out there and work hard.
So send me your story. And pictures!

The game plan:
Unfortunately I still have school. This is my senior year in high school. So I have to balance my academic work and IM at the same time. I will try to work every day. Even if its just for an hour. I also have to enjoy my life. So I'll treat this as a job not as an obsession. I'll be working at the library so I can stay focused and get things done. You guys are my motivation!

Keep me accountable guys and girls.

P.S Mods I wish I could post images in this thread. :(

Skype: NealCaffrey97
-Neal Caffrey

The work starts tomorrow. I'll post results here every day.
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2015-11-02, 03:08 AM,
First of all welcome to the Community, Second I'm really happy about the people that really give the users what they want I always wanted to move onto WH but couldn't because its too much hard for me, All of my projects are SEO currently and without one of them all others are BH and the remaining is GH but I really want to move to WH but don't know how to promote it it just looks really hard. BTW Good Luck on your journey hope to see you succeed soon.

Jw113133 is my skype maybe we can talk sometimes :)

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-11-02, 03:10 AM,
Nice goal mate :)

I'll be rooting for you all the way!

Let me know if there's anyway I can help you :)

My Skype: Money.Cashers


Even if you don't believe in yourself... I will. :)
2015-11-02, 05:25 AM,
Good luck with your journey! Following
2015-11-02, 06:18 PM,
Goodluck with your journey mate. Wish you all the best

[Image: signature.jpg]

2015-11-02, 07:37 PM,
Goodluck mate with your journey. You will reach the goal soon.
2015-11-02, 08:24 PM,
Good luck with your journey. Bookmarked your thread, I always learn from everyone.
2015-11-02, 11:57 PM,
Good luck with your journey, i just wonder why so many people here shy away from Amazon (my observation tho). I rarely see Amazon affiliate journey!.
2015-11-03, 07:49 AM,
Good story you have here and it seems you have the right mentality to succeed! Keep the thread updated and good luck!
Im gonna follow this thread.
2015-11-03, 03:43 PM,
Good Luck on your journey. I like the way you are focused on your goals.
Also I too would recommend White Collar :)

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